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  • Season 2 Episode 17: Reality Trip

  • Look Closely: after Danny sucks Freakshow into the Fenton Thermos and he runs to save his friends & family. He presses the Gem Of Life (the red gem) but the effect that shoots out is the Gem of Form (the yellow pool)

  • When Danny pushes the emergency button and the house attacks everything using ecto-energy, it only targets him when he is in his ghost form. However, most other Fenton devices (such as the Boo-merang in "The Ultimate Enemy" or the Fenton Finder in "Mystery Meat") target him even in human form.

  • Whenever someone finds a gem in one of the hidden places, they always scream because the gem burns them. But when Sam, Tucker, and Danny touch the gems, this doesn't happen.

  • Freakshow: Au contrair. That's French for... I'll bet this hurts.

    In actuality, "au contrair" is French for "on the contrary."

  • There is no space for the power source gem shown on the Gauntlet in the title screen, only the three reality gems.

  • When Freakshow is wearing his earrings, they are shown to be orange. Yet when he puts one into the Reality Gauntlet as its power source, it is red throughout the episode.

  • At the beginning of the episode, one of the Guys in White states that Lydia is no longer under Freakshow's control. However, in "Control Freaks," it was hinted that she never was to begin with.

  • It seems too much of a coincidence that Freakshow's earring be the power source for the Reality Gauntlet, meaning that it may have been a power source for more than just the gauntlet.

  • Throughout the entire show, Danny & his friends are freshmen in high school, but this episode begins on the last day of school & continues through the beginning of summer. So when they return to school in future episodes, shouldn't they be sophmores?

  • During the opener when Danny transforms into Danny Phantom, both of the white transform rings travel up his body, rather than one going down & the other going up.

  • When Danny, Sam, and Tucker were at the transformed Goth-a-Palooza, Sam actually tore up some of the teddy bears, does this mean she just murdered someone? Those bears are all really Goths, as in flesh-and-blood humans.

  • At the end of this episode, Paulina and Dash look like a couple, but at the end of the pendant episode when Paulina turned into a dragon, she looks annoyed with him.

  • Now that Danny knows his parents will accept the fact that he's half-ghost, why did he erase their memories about it? Wouldn't be better for him to let them know it?

  • When Danny is hanging onto the outside of the space shuttle, he rips a huge hole in the side. He shouldn't have been able to do that; space shuttles have many layers of metal and other forms of insulation to protect it during the flight throught the atmosphere into space, and the flight back to Earth. You can see the metal is extremely thin, and Danny is able to dig his fingers into it. THAT is also not possible.

  • At the end, Freakshow uses the Gem of Life to change the world into his twisted version. Shouldn't he have used the Gem of Form, or the Gem of Fantasy?

  • When Sam folds up the page in the Reality Gaunlet book, and then covers up some of the lettering; it's supposed to just be "Freakshow". But what's shown is some of the "D" in Frederich is shown, and the "en" in Showenhower isn't covered up. So really, it says "Freakshowen".

  • This is the third episode in which Jack is seen without his trademark jumpsuit, the other two being The Fenton Menace and Masters of all Time. This time, however, it was simply because he was in the shower.

  • At the end, Danny says that no one will remember he is half ghost except for Sam, Tucker and Jazz. But what about Vlad?

  • Danny doesn't have a ghostly glow right after he, Sam, and Tucker come out from the boulder. Also, he doesn't have it when there is a close-up on his feet when he's landing the spaceship.

  • Look Hard: When Sam and Tucker are looking at Freakshow's book for the first time at the Humpty Dumpty concert, the diagram of the reality gauntlet showed the Gem of Life and the power source on opposite ends. However, when they show Danny the book, they're back in their original positions.

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