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  • Season 3 Episode 11: D-Stabilized

  • Valerie has been hunting ghosts a long while now, but she was surprised when Vlad phases through the pins she used to stick him to the wall. She should know by now that ghosts can phase through things-especially since Danny helped her phase earlier in the same episode.

  • When Dani reforms after turning into a pile of goo, she jumps out of the tray. However, the tray still has more goo in it. All the goo was what of Dani had already dissolved, so it should have been empty.

  • How did Valerie know about Vlad's ghost name? Danny and Danielle never mentioned it, but both of them addressed Vlad by his first name for the entire episode.

  • Vlad's cat, Maddie, is either different from the one in Infinite Realms but with the same name, or has gained a lot of weight.

  • Apperantly, Valerie works for Vlad and has been since been since Flirting with Disaster (he's got a call button just to summon her), however, he makes a note about her new outfit and does again as Vlad, meaning it's the first time he's seen it. How can that be since she's been working for him?

  • Season 3 Episode 10: Claw of the Wild

  • When Walker put Danny in the fenton thermos, Sam got him out in no time. But in the episode "Secret Weapons" Tucker said it took SIX hours to get Danny out.

  • When Walker is telling Danny about how he captured a few of his friends, a short clip is shown of Paulina being grabbed in the woods. But she wasn't captured until later, when Teslaff's search party was captured as a group.

  • In "Prisoner of Love" Walker is unable to touch Danny as long as he's human, but when Walker's minions grab Sam, they are able to hold onto her. They shouldn't have been able to, because she's a human.

  • In Reign Storm, the kid with the red afro was named Nathan. Yet throughout this entire episode, everyone refers to him as Lester.

  • Season 3 Episode 9: Frightmare

  • Look Hard: During the flashback of Nocturne sending Danny into the Ghost Zone, his goatee is black, & does not reach the bottom of his chin.

  • After Danny sucks the Fright Knight into his thermos, he puts his thermos onto a sash and flies back towards the school. After he phases through the wall, neither the thermos or the sash is with him anymore.

  • When Danny entered Sam's dream and overshadowed Dash, he was still in ghost form. That way, he couldn't have transformed Dash into "Dash Phantom", because if he had transformed while in Dash's body, it would've had to be back into a human.

  • The surveillance cameras indicate Jack and Maddie were put to sleep at the refrigerator and in the lab, but when Danny went to check on them, they were in bed.

  • When Danny first checked up on Jazz, she was in her bed, but when Danny, Sam, and Tucker come back to wake her up, she is asleep on her desk.

  • Fentonworks has security cameras all over the place, yet Maddie and Jack don't know Danny is half ghost. How is this possible?

  • Season 3 Episode 8: Boxed Up Fury

  • Jack is a ghost hunter and thinks ghosts are evil. Despite this, he offers Pandora smores. This must mean that he doesn't think all ghosts are evil.

  • In mythology, Pandora's box didn't contain any physical items, only the sins of mankind: greed, vanity, slander, envy, and pining.

  • Tucker eats one of the sandwiches. But the sandwich has lettuce in it. Tucker shouldn't be eating it, since he eats meat and hates vegetables.

  • Notice when Danny is protecting himself, Sam, and Tucker from the fire blast that his eyes are green like usual. Then watch as it cuts to the dragon using all of it heads for the fire blast and cuts back into Danny. Notice that Danny's eyes are not green but the icy blue of his ice powers.

  • When the Box Ghost has 'The Shoe-box of doom' the green skull on the top vanishes just before he zooms off and appears on the bottom of the box instead.

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