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  • Season 2 Episode 15: Kindred Spirits

  • Look Hard: When Vlad's last clone revealed it's form, it looked like a green vapor version of Danny and one of it's eyes fell out and dissolved. Just before the clone melted, it looked exactly like Danny and it still had two eyes.

  • If Vlad didn't have Danny's mid-morph gene, how was he able to give Dani the ability to transform from human to ghost?

  • When Danny was searching for Danielle, he said she was twelve. She never told him her age, so how did he know this?
    Possible Explanation: Either Danielle told him between scenes, or Danny guessed.

  • Since Dani is Danny's clone, she is actually his sister, not his cousin, because she has his DNA which is a combination of Jack & Maddie's DNA.

  • Technically, Vlad should have gotten Danny's mid-morph DNA because Danny was mid-morph the whole time he was in the holding chamber being shocked.

  • After Danny feeds Danielle, she leaves a rather huge mess all over his bed. After he pulls her away to speak with his parents, she runs back into the room. Right when the bed reappears, the mess has magically disappeared.

  • When Danielle first appears on Danny's bed, she has a suitcase next to her, despite this, what's inside it is never stated and the suitcase is never seen or mentioned later.

  • In the cafeteria, right before Dani pops in and spills food all over Sam and Tucker, to the bottom right of the screen is the food, already spilled.

  • When Danny uses the ghostly wail, when the Maddie program tells Vlad everything is shuting down, the ghostly wail is gone, then in the next scene it's back.

  • Lancer calls the Fentons to report on all three kids. Don't Tucker and Sam have their own parents Lancer could call?

  • After Danielle is introduced, the outline on Danny and Danielle's hair in Ghost Mode switches from black to gray throughout the episode.

  • The first time Danny is in the containment chamber, the computerized Maddie turns a pressure knob to 6 but when you see it again, its on 7.

  • When Sam and Tucker run up to Danny that look like they had been hurt, but they were nowhere near the fight with the bedsheet ghost.

  • When Danny was in the containment chamber for the second time, there's a close up on his face. During the close up, Danny has a ghostly glow even though he's in human mode.

  • When Danielle transforms for the first time, the collar of her suit is plain black. However, when Danny says "And I have a lot of questions", the collar of her suit it white.

  • In an earlier episode, "Beauty Marked" Danny and Tucker drove the Specter Speeder into the ghost zone and it broke down there. At the end of the episode, Danny just flew Sam and Tucker back, and there was no sign of him bringing the Specter Speeder back through the portal. In this episode, however, the Specter Speeder was back in the Fenton's lab, and it didn't look damaged at all.

  • When the Booo-merang falls in front of Danny and Danielle in Vlad's lab, Danielle is missing her lipstick.

  • Why was Lancer angry at Sam and Tucker for not being in the cafeteria, when they were throwing out the trash? They had to throw out the mess.

  • The shades of black and gray On Dani's uniform alternately switch sides.

  • Season 2 Episode 14: Masters of All Time

  • Vlad's hair, in the messed up future, shouldn't be white, since he was never had the accident in the first ghost portal. Jack's, however, should be, although his hair was still the same as it was in the past.

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