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Danny Phantom

Season 3 Episode 6

Urban Jungle

Aired Friday 12:00 AM Oct 09, 2006 on Nickelodeon
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Episode Summary

The building boom in Amity Park upsets Undergrowth, the ghost of all things plant-like and vegetative. The green-thinking ghost takes over the town, turning everyone into plants themselves. All except Sam, that is, whom he makes his Earth-loving queen. Unfortunately, Undergrowth brainwashes Sam and uses her to attack Danny! Danny, meanwhile, has been battling a nasty case of the chills that leaves him too weak to fight. Escaping from Undergrowth in the Ghost Zone, Danny turns to his cold-loving friend, Frostbite,who explains that Danny is developing a new power. Now, Danny must learn to master his new freezing skill so that he can make his way back to Amity Park and pull the town out of Undergrowth’s leafy clutches.moreless

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  • An interesting concept but was too rushed and crammed

    An episode about Danny gaining a truly cool new power, fighting a new villain, and meeting some allies sounds like a sure fire winner except it was executed properly. First of all this episode should've been aired after Infinite Realms and Eye for an Eye because in those episodes Danny, his friends, and the audience are properly introduced to the Far Frozen his allies and Vlad becomes mayors giving this episode/special some major/unneeded plotholes. It's one thing to miss the previous episodes but in this case you can't really blame the viewers in this case. In trying to add more drama to the plot it felt more awkward and even forced. Even more there was an environmental message given to the episode with was another major deviation in all of the series. I mean seriously that is something best left for Captain Planet and the Planeteers. Danny Phantom was never really meant to be an educational show and if you're going to put something like that in the show be more subtle not so straight forward because it just really sounded preachy. Even the part of Undergrowth making Sam his queen and second command was a weird idea too. Other than these issues this could've been one of the better episodes but fell short.moreless
  • Urban jungle review

    @Carycomic & blackspaded

    Fuck you 2! You ***s! This episode kicks ass!You rated it too low because you're stupid and don't know what you're talking about, So go die!

    Again another good my only problem with it is the dress Sam was wearing SHE'S 14 YEARS OLD!

  • The only third season ep aired, as yet.

    And, even worse, aired out of order! Ever since the night this debuted, I've been watching every re-run of every other episode telecast by Nickelodeon. But, not one of them featured a Yeti-like ghost with powers similar to Mr. Freeze. So, I checked back here. And, sure enough; the episode that should have preceded this one is still in TV limbo. As a result, I enjoyed this episode less-than-half as much as I usually do any other. That, in turn, makes me wonder if the entire show is on hiatus! For the less-videoholic, "hiatus" is a showbiz euphemism favored by TV networks with regard to series they're indecisive about renewing. Yes! The unaired episodes have plot summaries. But, so did the unaired episodes of the CBS series "Threshold." And, no one got to see those prior to its cancellation! People, like myself, had to buy the entire DVD collection for that. In short, Mr. Hartman, there's only way you're going to prove my theory wrong. Telecast those unaired episodes, ASAP. And, please do so in the proper order.moreless
  • Another day, another ghost battle, and another excuse to not even have a real storyline…

    Now I’m going to be relatively brief here; I don’t like to rant on when I don’t like an episode, so I’ll just state the overbearing bad and the odd good and then get out of your hair.

    Were you wondering what I meant by my summary above? Looking over the episode I noticed just how little substance there was to this plot. Undergrowth’s one-time appearance was basically just a grande-sized ghost battle with a random quirk thrown in here and there. Once the novelty of a megalomaniacal plant ghost wore off, it actually got pretty boring. There was no real tension over the outcome, which even some of the simplest cartoons can accomplish. All it took was a few words from Frostbite and it became clear that Undergrowth was helpless. Speaking of the furry friend, I guess I’m one of the few people who got to see ‘Infinite Realms’ before this, and thus, got some additional background on his character, but it didn’t help to change my opinion of him. Once I got over his cool ice-covered skeleton arm, his personality, however cheery and optimistic, became rather boring. He was almost like a happier version of Clockwork, and although I love the idea of Danny having his own band of ghostly allies, I like to have a little more variety in their mental make-up. Okay, now I don’t usually pick on the show itself in a review; I try to aim more for each individual episode, but has anyone else gotten annoyed by Danny’s incessant monologuing? I bring it up because it seems to have increased over the past season, and really, it’s not necessary. What’s wrong with a little mystery as to what Danny’s thinking? It kinda deepens his character for us. I would say that this would’ve been better as a two-parter, but then unless the writers had added a substantial amount of plot , there wouldn’t have been anything else to write about.

    And now the good: Number One: Undergrowth. I have to admit that he did look sweet, and the regenerating gimmick was very well executed; it seemed very fluid and indeed plant-like. Also, it’s not an unknown fact that I love Mark Hamill! He provided a creepy yet intelligent voice for the villain vegetable, and there were a few parts where he sounded an awful like a certain homicidal clown from a certain Batman cartoon… (see ‘Batman: The Animated Series’, if you have no idea what I’m talking about.)

    Number Two: Sam. The ‘Poison Ivy’ look and later, the evil witch look were pulled off very well by her and I can’t deny that I didn’t love the soulless quality of her voice in those moments. Grey DeLisle does sometimes annoy me with her mass crowd of background voices, but when she hits a solid character, she hits it hard!

    And Number Three: The two touching DS moments. “I always thought you ruled, Sam, just…not like this.”

    It was great how he almost got through to her there in front of the Portal (it IS where the whole series began), and it showed how much she really means to him. Though anyone who’s seen ‘Frightmare’ or the commercial for ‘Phantom Planet’ knows that ‘meaning’ is in reality a whole lot stronger than he’s let on…

    “I’m just glad you’re okay…”

    And yet another romantic moment interrupted by Tucker; if he wasn’t such a loyal friend I would feed him to a vat of badgers…just because that sounds like a fun thing to do. Overall, I’m sure there could’ve been much better ways to introduce Danny’s new power, in way that might’ve, you know, possibly had a story to it. Wow, this was longer-winded than I thought!moreless
  • though this episode is creepy, and i kind of liked it...

    AHHH,Undergrowth, the most powerful ghost Danny's ever faced,brainwashes Sam to be a crazy plant queen!!!! i hated the episode because of that, but i loved it because lots of action and Danny got a new power, ice! i know this episode confused lots of people because this was when we thought it was over and it airede before Infinite Realms, so everyone was like " Who the crap is Frostbite, and how does Danny know him? " This is the first time we see Danny's chest,and i know fan girls didn't need to see his drawers but they did get to see a superhero almost naked! um ... ok, that was weird ...moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (8)

    • When you see Undergrowth taking over the people of Amity park, he takes control over Danny's mom but when he tries to control Danny's father it will not work on the neck where all of the others worked. It tries it on his head, but still did not work, finally it goes to the ear which works. But when they are walking you notice that the vine is not in the ear of Jack but on the neck like all others.

    • When Danny is in the de-icing chamber, he is only seen wearing underwear, but he is still in his ghost form. So it should not be possible for his black and white suit to be removed.

    • In the beginning where Danny, Sam, and Tucker are walking and they see the developers/construction workers tearing down trees when Sam says "So thrilled to live in the twenty-first century" (right when she starts saying "twenty-first") you can see that the sleeve of Danny's coat wasn't colored red for a small second.

    • While Danny said the line "Danny Phantom bows to no plant!", the ghostly glow around his head disappeared during the line.

    • Apparently, Danny has met Frostbite already. But we don't know how they met. That's because their first meeting took place in "Infinite Realms", which takes place before this episode but aired after it in some places.

    • Apparently, Vlad is now mayor of Amity Park. This had to have happened in another season 3 episode. He is encouraging the modernization and development of Amity Park.

    • In "Double Cross My Heart," it showed Danny had chest hair but in "Urban Jungle" it showed that he didn't.

    • In "Parental Bonding" it showed Danny wore boxers but in "Urban Jungle" it showed him wearing briefs.

  • QUOTES (37)

    • Danny: At least they can't reach me up here. No such thing as flying plants.
      Undergrowth: I am everywhere!

    • (Danny hands Sam an ice crystal)
      Sam: What's this for?
      Danny: I'm...glad you're...okay.

    • Frostbite: Lesson one: stop shivering.
      Danny: I ca....I ca...ca.ca...can't.
      Frostbite: This is because the cold is contained within you and ever since you acquired your ghost abilities you have only been letting it out in small amounts.
      Danny: Like when?
      Frostbite: Every time you sense a ghost is nearby.
      Danny: My ghost sense. Its been apart of this freeze power all along?
      Frostbite: Now you must learn to let it out all at once. Now then concentrate, let the energy build until it has no where to go but out.
      Danny: Okay here it goes....(yells). Hey..huh...wow it worked. I feel normal again no more cold feeling. Wait to go Frostbi.....(looks at Frostbite, who has been accidentally frozen)...uh can I get some hot chocolate over here.

    • Danny: (struggling) No good. These vines are like steel cables... with sap!

    • Sam: (Being controlled by Undergrowth) You must take root! Become one with the growth!

    • Undergrowth: (After Danny is buried in the plants) You have done well, daughter. You shall have the honor of feeding him to the children when he is ripe!
      Sam: (Grinning evilly)Yes, father.

    • (Tucker comes up with a lawnmower with the sign "mow lawn for $5,000 dollars)
      Danny: You're charging five thousand dollars to mow someone's lawn?
      Tucker: I just need one lawn and we'll be rolling in the green stuff.
      Sam: Why do I feel I've done that already?
      (A small rumbling is heard and next to Sam, growing out from the ground is Undergrowth, in a weed-like form)
      Undergrowth: I AM REGENERATING! I will take over- (Screams once he sees Tucker's lawnmower, which successfully runs him over)
      Tucker: That one was on the house. (Everyone laughs)

    • Danny: Why are there so many of your people watching us?
      Frostbite: Ha! It is not every moon that my people get an opportunity to see their leader train one as legendary as you, o great one.
      Danny: You mean they're hoping I'll mess up, huh?
      Frostbite: Indeed. These people live in a frozen wasteland, they take their comedy where they can get it.

    • Sam: (controlled by Undergrowth) Flesh walkers, your bodies are needed for work!

    • Undergrowth: I am everywhere!

    • Jack: Get your filthy roots off my town, you horticultural terror! (to Maddie) Thanks for writing down the word "horticulture," sweetface.
      Maddie: I din't want you to mispronounce it in the battle cry, sweetie. First impressions are very important.
      Jack:And you married me anyway!

    • Danny: Sorry, I don't have much of a green thumb! (blasts Undergrowth) And now, neither do you!

    • Danny: Yeah, I know. Besides Sam, there's nothing wrong with a little p-p-p-pr-rogress.
      Tucker: Yeah, Vlad's new beautification campaign is really progrssive.
      (Tucker looks up and picture pans to billboard with Vlad mowing down a tree with the words, "Mayor Vlad says: Who cares about nature? The future is concrete!")

    • Maddie: Remember, first impressions are always the best.
      Jack: But you married me anyway.

    • Frostbite: Precisely. Though new to you it may be, rest assured it is an ability very familiar to my people. (creates a snowball and ice crystal during line) We are quite well trained in its use. (creates an ice sculpture of Danny) Of coarse,there are more practical uses for it as well. (turns ice crystal into an ice sword) Gah! (cuts the ice sculpture of Danny in half with the sword)
      Danny: Teach me. Uh, when my clothes are ready.

    • (Danny wakes up, floating in a "de-icing" chamber. Frostbite notices he is awake, and greets him)
      Frostbite: Ha Ha. Good morning, sleeping beauty.
      Danny: Frostbite! Hey, wait a minute. Where am I? Where are my clothes?

    • Danny: (Learning about his new ice power) How is this possible?
      Frostbite: You become invisible, pass through solid objects, and emit beams of energy from your hands, and you ask 'How is this possible'?
      Danny: You mean, this is a new ghost power?

    • (Sam's Venus Flytrap, DeMilo, eats another bug)
      Tucker: Awesome, a veggie that hates veggies as much as I do!

    • Sam: (now back to normal after Undergrowth is defeated) Why does my mouth taste like I've had 9000 shots of wheat-grass... without the wheat?
      Tucker: And I had a nightmare that I was trapped in a giant salad bar? (Shiver in terror) Garbonzo beans.

    • Tucker: Brrrrrr, man. I heard ghosts sending chills up your spine but this is too weird.
      Danny: I bet I'm coming down with a bug.

    • carnivorous plant eats fly)
      Sam: Take it easy, Demilo! That's your third fly this morning and you know you're watching your cholesterol. (walks over to another plant) Hmmm, I'm feeling international today. (picks a fruit off a tree) Thanks, Sunny. (picks grapes off of vine) Merci, Pierre. (picks beans off of a bean sprout) Gokurosama moyashi, Yoshi.

    • Jack: (being attacked by the mind vine) Ahhh...Hm? I don't see what the big deal is? (the mind vine tries again) Nope. Nope. Still feel fine. (the mind vine enters his ear) Oh! Here we go! Mmmmm, chlorophyll.

    • Tucker: Bow down?! I can't even wiggle my fingers!

    • Danny: Bundle up, it's about to get chilly.

    • (Sam appears in front of Tucker and Danny and is dressed in green)
      Tucker: Green's a good color on you.

    • Danny: What if I can't beat him? If I can never go home again? Maybe I could just stay here with you?
      Other guys: (Covered in injuries) No!
      Frostbite: Fear is natural, Danny Phantom. Charging into battle despite the fear is what makes someone a hero. A hero must always believe that he may win, and your new abilities just may help. Remember, you control the power. It does not control you.
      (He reaches out to shake Danny's hand)
      Danny: Thanks... (He shakes Frostbite's hand, and accidentally freezes it). Oops, sorry. (Waves to the others) Bye everyone.
      Other guys: AHHHHHHHHHHH! (They run away)

    • (Danny and Frostbite in the ice stadium)
      Danny: Why is there some many of your people watching us?
      Frostbite: Ha! It is not every moon my people get an opportunity to see their leader train one as legendary as you oh great one.
      Danny: You mean they're hoping I'll mess up huh?
      Frostbite: Indeed. These people live in a frozen wasteland. They take their comedy were they can get it.

    • (after Undergrowth is beaten)
      Danny: As a dully-deputized protector of Amity Park, it is my sincere hope that you've enjoyed your butt-kicking experience!

    • Danny: Watch out, the weatherman predicted a cold snap.

    • Sam: They need me. I am their new mother.
      Danny: What? You won't even babysit your cousins!

    • Tucker: I never eat my vegetables, why is it fair that they get to eat me?

    • Danny: Danny Phantom bows to no plant!

    • Sam: (controlled) Stay, Danny. Stay and rule with me.
      Danny: I always thought you ruled, Sam. Just...not like this. I'll be back, and I'll save you, and everyone. I promise!

    • (Danny uses his freezing power to create a diamond and gives it to Sam)
      Sam: Whoa, what's this for?
      Danny: I'm just glad that you're okay.
      (Both gazing at each other)

    • Danny: Here it goes.
      (Practices his powers)

    • Tucker: (After seeing Undergrowth) Anybody got a weed wacker?

    • Danny: Sam?
      Sam: (possessed by Undergrowth) Join us, Danny. The growth is family.
      Dannny: I already got a family, and I'm still working the bugs out.

  • NOTES (30)

  • ALLUSIONS (11)

    • The Real Ghostbusters: "A Ghost Grows In Brooklyn"

      The plot of this episode is very similar to The Real Ghostbusters episode "A Ghost Grows In Brooklyn." Both center around a sentient ghost plant growing to enormous and destroying the heroes' city as it grows and its vines spread. Danny defeats it in a very similar way, too: just as Egon remembered something Janine told him earlier about the dangers of overwatering plants and drowned the plant's roots in water, causing all the vines to wither and die, Danny remembers what Sam told him earlier about how "cold air is bad for the plants" and douses all the roots in ice, causing all the vines to wither and die.

    • Undergrowth & Sam: (Another Nick show)
      Undergrowth and Sam in this episode reminiscent of Ozai and Azula in Avatar: The Last Airbender, another Nick show. The "father figures" were both voiced by Mark Hamill and the "daughters" were both voiced by Grey DeLisle.

    • Urban Jungle:
      Another term for a city

    • Undergrowth: (Uses the humans for plant food)
      The way Undergrowth puts the people into pods to eventually use them as an energy source for his children is almost exactly what the Machines did with the humans in The Matrix.

    • Danny vs Undergrowth: Scene
      The way Undergrowth grew back when Danny attacked him is almost identical to the way the swamp creature did in the Avatar: The Last Airbender episode "The Swamp."

    • Plant Queen Sam: Appearance
      Sam's wardrobe looks exactly like Malificent's wardrobe, the evil witch from the Disney movie Sleeping Beauty.

    • Danny: Holy Hibiscus!
      This is reference to the old "Batman" TV series, in which Robin was known for making topical exclamations that began with the word "holy."

    • DeMilo, Sam's Venus Flytrap: Name
      This is a reference to the famous (armless) Greek statue, the Venus Di Milo. While it's believed to depict Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love and beauty, Venus is the mythological character's Roman counterpart.

    • Undergrowth: Appearance
      Undergrowth looks like Man-Thing, an anti-hero from the Marvel comic with the same title.

    • Danny in The De-Icing Chamber: Reference
      This is very similar to Luke Skywalker in one of the Bacta Tanks in Echo Base in the beginning of Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back. Coincidentally, Mark Hamill, who played Luke, plays Undergrowth.

    • Sam: (Plant like form)
      In her first plant-like form, Sam resembles the villainess Poison Ivy, from Batman. Coincidentally Mark Hamill, the voice of Undergrowth, played the voice of Joker in Batman: The Animated Series.