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Danny Phantom

Season 1 Episode 6

What You Want

Aired Friday 12:00 AM Apr 30, 2004 on Nickelodeon
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Episode Summary

When wish-granting ghost Desiree gives Tucker ghost powers, Danny finds himself dealing with his friend's jealousy in the worst way possible: by having to fight him.

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  • Tucker wishes for and gains ghost powers but that's a problem

    Danny apparently shows off a little too much (not really realizing it) making Tucker a bit jealous. A new ghost is set free and grants wishes that often backfire. The ghost genie Desiree grants Tucker's desire for ghost powers but the big side effects makes Tuck reckless and aggressive. It seemed cool at first but Tucker starts becoming a monster and even a villain. Even more Danny has limited time to remove Tucker's ghost half before the wish cannot be undone. Danny manages to wish Desiree's defeat and trick Tucker Phantom into the Fenton Ghost Catcher. Danny and Tucker resolve the issue.

    As a side plot several characters are fighting off/coming down with colds.moreless
  • becarful what you wish for!!

    in this episode tucker gets powers like danny from some kind of jeeny and then instead of becoming a good guy tucker becomes a villan and wants to dystroy danny phantom this episode has a good storyline and its full of aaction danny phantom fans probelly wanted to see danny and tucker fight one day and this is the episode for it, i dident expect danny and tucker to fight in the first season but i was expecting them to fight in the second or third season of the show. there the 2 main charcters in the show and like every show the 2 main charcters need to fight so i like this episode and another thing i love the action in this episode its awsome so i give this episode a 10/10 good episodemoreless
  • holy wish

    tuker and danny are great friends ok but tuker is now so agry because he want power so a creepy spiritgive that power but he is now a moster and it so stronge so it it going to be defficult to stop him tanks that danny caht that ghost ''make wish'' because tuker will tarmsfome in a gaing ghost moster i like that beacuse i leer to be ware of the thing i want because it come true and you do not going to like that so be carefull in general i live the part athat sam was sick and she look like a creepy ald gandma jaja i love thatmoreless
  • Tucker gets ghost powers too!! AHHH!! And a new ghost comes to town, Desiree!

    Yeah, so Danny is getting kinda jealous of Tucker becuase Desiree is a new ghost and is granting wishes to everyone! Tucker wishes that he has ghost powers becuase he always gets the "short end of the stick" when it comes to Danny and his ghost fighting! Also, I thought it was very funny when they fought inside Paulina! hehe!! That was pretty funny! She looked really funny becuase she was yelling in two different voices, like she was having a conversation with herself!! Oh and I also like Danny's line, "Yeah, because crashing into the 29th floor of ANYTHING is bad!!" Wow, that was totally great!:Dmoreless
  • Tucker learns a valuable lesson about being careful what you wish for.

    This isn't my favorite episode, but it was still pretty good. In this episode, we learn about the close relationship between Danny and Tucker and how they had always shared everything; except Danny's ghost powers. Tucker is envious of Danny's ghost powers, so he wishes that he had them. His wish is granted by Dezerra, the wishing ghost, but his ghost powers are a lot different than Danny's, maybe even deadly. My favorite parts of this episode would have to be when Tucker is stuck watching a girl's movie while Danny is off fighting ghosts and when Tucker is using his powers for his benefit.moreless
Maria Canals

Maria Canals

Sayonara Pussycat

Guest Star

Peri Gilpin

Peri Gilpin


Guest Star

Grey DeLisle

Grey DeLisle

Toddler, Girl #1

Guest Star

Rob Paulsen

Rob Paulsen


Recurring Role

S. Scott Bullock

S. Scott Bullock

PA Announcer/Surfer Dude/Well Dressed Man

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (12)

    • When Danny asked Tucker how he got his ghost powers, Tucker says "Who knows? Who cares?" But when Danny and Tucker were arguing (Inside Paulina) Tucker said DesirEe gave him those powers.

    • Look Hard: When Danny is in the lab and he looks over at the Ghost Catcher, the ghostly glow on his foot is missing.

    • During the slow-motion scene with Danny dodging Tucker's attacks, Danny's ghostly glow was missing in the entire scene.

    • After the man by the fountain wished he had a million dollars and Desiree came to grant it,when they get a close up on Danny's face his hair is white before he goes ghost.

    • In the opener when Danny goes ghost his arms already have the gloves of his suit on.After the rings pass the only thing that changed was that the arms got a darker outline and and the black part of the suit was added on down to his elbow.

    • When Danny was next to the Fenton Portal, the cap on the Fenton Thermos was on, but after he looks at the Fenton Ghost Catcher, the camera focuses on Danny again and the cap is nowhere in sight.

    • There are many clones of the people at the movie theater when Danny scans around for Tucker at the "Dead Teacher IV" movie.

    • When all the football players stomp on Danny who is in the raven costume, there is a football player wearing a #4 jersey, but it was not Dash. Then when the camera focuses on Dash, he is wearing the #4 jersey.

    • When the four football players stomp all over Danny, his right eye is bruised, a tooth is missing, and he has a bruise on his face, but in the next scene where Danny appears in the Ravens costume, his bruises are gone and his tooth is back in place.

    • When Danny goes ghost in the cinema, his white ghostly glow is missing.

    • Desiree has one pink bracelet and one blue bracelet. However, when she was granting Tucker's wish in the movie theater, both of her bracelets were blue.

    • When Tucker's body changes, his pants and shirt are ripped, yet when Danny saves him by splitting the human and ghost halves, Tucker's clothes are undamaged.

  • QUOTES (17)

    • Desiree: No man may lay a hand on me unless I wish it!
      Danny: Ya How 'bout a fist?

    • Tucker: (Narrating) Tucker Foley. Digital journal: Saturday. They say be careful what you wish for. To that, I'd like to add a big fat 'duh,' especially when it comes to best friends, 'cause I couldn't wish for a better one. (Tucker and Danny sneeze simultaneously)
      Sam: (Bringing Danny & Tucker hot soup) Geez, do you guys have to share everything?
      Danny: You don't know the half of it.
      (Danny & Tucker smile at each other)

    • (After the football game; Tucker is hanging upside down in the mascot suit)
      Tucker: Oh, man. Every time Danny goes ghost, I get the short end of the stick.
      Jock #1: Hey, look guys, a raven piñata!
      Jock #2: Let's beat it until the candy comes out!
      (Takes out sticks; Tucker looks mortified)

    • Danny: (Sardonically, after being trod on by football team) Fill in for the mascot. It'll be fun. You'll meet cheerleaders...

    • Tucker: (After Danny tried to overshadow him) Don't ever do that again, get it?!
      Danny: Got it.
      Tucker: Good!

    • Danny: (After capturing Desiree in Fenton Thermos) If I weren't a "C" student, I would have thought of that five days ago.

    • Tucker: (In Paulina's body) I just wanted to let you know, I'm gonna start dating Tucker Foley now, he's much cooler than you are, so stop chasing me.
      Danny: Tucker, get out of there.
      Tucker: Why don't you make me!
      Danny: Fine, I will! (Overshadows Paulina) Tucker, you're turning the whole school upside down, how 'bout giving it a break?!
      Tucker: How 'bout getting off my back and letting me have a little fun?!
      Danny: Because your fun is kind of mean. Now get out of Paulina!
      Tucker: I was here first! You go!
      Danny: No, you!
      Tucker: You! Babazita's genie gave me these powers and I'll use 'em how I want! (Danny comes out of Paulina's body)
      Danny: Then maybe I should have a chat with this Babazita! (Flies off)
      Tucker: Fine! But you and I aren't friends anymore, Danny Fenton! (Leaves Paulina's body)
      Paulina: What? Huh? (To nobody in general) And I never was friends with you!

    • Tucker's: (Narrating) Some people have a lot, and some people don't. Me, I've got charm, good looks, and modesty! But everybody's got something.

    • Danny: (About Dash, who has turned into a monster) I think he's running on ghost power, I need your help.
      Tucker: To kick some ghost booty?
      Danny: Sort of.
      Tucker: I'm in!

    • (Water squirts in Lancer's face)
      Mr. Lancer: Moby Dick!
      (As a ghost, Tucker takes off his belt)
      Mr. Lancer: Gulliver's Travels! I'm losing my mind! (Pants slip down) And my pants!

    • Danny: (To guy in flying car) Hey, slow down, Jeff Gordon! You're going over the speed limit, and the height limit!

    • Danny: Catch me if you can, Sucker Phantom!
      Tucker: That's Tucker Phantom! TUCKER!

    • Paulina: (To Danny, as Sayonara Paulina) Hi, I'm Paulina. I'm cute, swell, and full of big-headed anime goodness.
      (Short pause)
      Danny: Bye-bye, Kitty!
      (Uses the Fenton Thermos to capture Sayonara Paulina)

    • Tucker: Oh, sure, phase the car through the building, you had to save the day, didn't you?
      Danny: Umm... yeah, because a car smashing through the twenty-eighth floor of anything is bad!
      Tucker: You're just jealous, 'cause there's somebody else to grab the spotlight!
      Surfer Guy: Yo, hallucinations, focus!
      Danny: When have I ever grabbed the spotlight?
      Tucker: How about right now, for instance!
      Surfer Guy: Aaaahhh!!! (Car crashes into a barn of hay; under a pile of hay) Cha, there's a chicken on my head.
      Danny: Tucker, please, this is stupid. You're my best friend. I'm not jealous, I'm concerned.
      Tucker: Well, don't be! This town's big enough for more than one ghost kid!
      Danny: Tucker, wait! (Tucker flies off at super-speed) Whoa. Can't fly that fast. Is he getting more powerful?

    • Sam: (Sneezes) I'm sick as a dog and I hate sports, why am I here?
      Tucker: Because Danny's here, and he's got the best seat in the house.

    • Danny: (About the Fenton Ghost Catcher) This one actually works, a little too well... I'm filing this under "must avoid".

    • Danny: You might just have a cold, you know. It doesn't have to be a ghost cold.
      Jack: (Muttering as he walks away) I remember when I was that naive.

  • NOTES (48)


    • Surfer Dude: Car
      The car that the surfer was driving was a Volkswagen Beetle.

    • Danny & Tucker: Fighting Scene
      The scene in the science classroom where Tucker shoots ecto-blasts at Danny followed by Danny dodging each of them in slow motion seems to be taken from The Matrix.

    • Tucker: (To Danny) Yeah, what's the dizzle, Fizzle?
      Tucker's language by using words like, "dizzle" and "fizzle" is a form of slang invented by Frankie Smith in his 1982 single, "The Duble-Dutch Bus." In the song, he placed "izs" in the middle of word (thus making the word, "phantom," "phanizstom") and used the word, "izzle" to replace the last letters of a word (thus making "Fenton," "Fizzle" and "deal," "dizzle"). This style of slang has been popularized by hip-hoppers and rappers, most notably Snoop Dogg, E-40, and Missy Elliot.

    • Mr. Lancer: Gulliver's Travels! I'm losing my mind! (Pants slip down) And my pants!
      Gulliver's Travels is a novel written in 1726 by Jonathan Swift. It is narrated by Lemuel Gulliver who tells about his travels to strange islands during a sea voyage. One island has very tiny inhabitants, another has gargantuan denizens, another has lodestone-worshipping citizens, another one is inhabited by spirits and ghosts, and another one's denizens are a race of horse-like humans. The feelings of Gulliver during his travels relate to Mr. Lancer's, mainly about how he is losing his mind. More Info

    • Sports Announcer: Holy Mark McGwire, look at those arms!
      Mark McGwire is a former first baseman in Major League Baseball who played from 1986 through 2001. He is considered one of the greatest pitchers and home-run hitters of all time. He is sometimes addressed as "the Babe Ruth of the 1990s." His nicknames were "Colossus," "Big Mac," and "The Reptile."

      (note...Mark McGwire was a first baseman not a pitcher.)

    • Dash: Appearance
      Dash's monstrous appearance looks very similar to The Incredible Hulk's. Dash had green skin, huge bulging muscles, a gruff tone in his voice, and an inability to think properly. Those all of reminiscent of The Hulk's.

    • Mr. Lancer: Moby Dick!
      Moby Dick is a novel written in 1851 by Herman Melville. It is narrated by a character named Ishmael, about a captain named Captain Ahab who has devoted his life to searching for Moby Dick, the whale that cost him a leg, and to kill him However, his vindictive obsession cost him his life in the end. Mr. Lancer saying "Moby Dick!" after being splashed with water from the water fountain gives a connection with the novel. In addition, the way how this episode was narrated in the first person relates to the first-person-narration in the novel. href=http://www.bookrags.com/notes/mob/SUM.htm>More Info

    • Danny: Hey, slow down, Jeff Gordon! You're going over the speed limit, and the height limit!
      This is a reference to famous NASCAR racer, Jeff Gordon.

    • Sayonara Pussycat: Name & Appearance
      The name and appearance of Sayonara Pussycat are both obviously spoofs of Hello Kitty.