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AIRED ON 12/21/2007

Season 3 : Episode 5

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This program is set in a small coastal town in Southern California and focuses on a group of attractive characters in their twenties – most of them skaters, surfers, and college students -- who live in an apartment complex on the beach called the Hotel Dante. The good-looking young residents are gay, lesbian, bi and straight, at a point in their lives when they are full of hopes and dreams, but also coming up against the harsh realities of daily survival. The group of friends investigates mysterious happenings that took place long ago in their apartment complex.

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    • Personally i love it, and yes it is a guilty pleasure and no i wouldn't openly admit that i love this to strangers but what the hell. Amazing plot lines, dialogue can be a bit cliche and icky and there is a serious penis warning but still. . unmissable.moreless

      to start off, yes this is a show about both Gay men and women, yes you do see a bit of penis and yes the dialogue can be a bit cringe worthy and the acting can occasionally leave quite a bit to be wished for.

      But by no means write it off yet! Amazing imagination and vision from the creators, to tell the truth i couldn't stop watching, my eyes were glued to the screen - and not just because of all the fit actors - and when the episode had ended i was straight on the interwebs digging up as much information as i could.

      I love the plot lines and twist in this series i really do, the whole development with the different branches of tresum!! oh my i almost died from excitement. A tad of confusion and dismay and the beginning of the third season when i tried to figure out what had happened but it all eventually fell into place.

      Highly recommendable, just not while your parents are in the same room.moreless
    • Jenson Atwood the Break Out Star in Season 3

      Jenson Atwood was the break out star in Dante's Cove 3. His acting was as strong as Thea Gill and Tracy Scoggins.

      Mike Andrews's Truth was featured on Dante's Cove. Since that point, he has rolled out two videos in association with MalePerfection featuring models - Jakub Stepheno and Kory Gates. Not only are their bodies a big hit on You Tube but the remix has captivated the masses. Both videos combined have been watched 12,643 times on the site!

      Kory Gates -

      http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MhjsrLldcv4 (Or Search You Tube by Mike Andrews Kory Gates)

      Jakub Stephano -

      http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z3DxGhVvZQk (Or Search You Tube by Mike Andrews Jakub Stephano)moreless
    • Liked the show, some dissapointings things in the third season, all in all...good.

      The Dantes Cove is a weird show. It has "not-so-good" acting involved, but u really don`t mind it while watching. The plot is good, at least during the first two seasones. The third one is not bad but is missing the main love story and one of the main characters "she died in the meantime"!!! During the third season is also one sooo stupid line, they replaced an actor, and then somebody tells to her "u changed"...like no sh..!! All in all, the show is great if the season four combines the two main characters together. One of the thing that gave a good upper to the show is occasional sarcasam and jokes, esspecially from Grace and Ambrocious. And a useful tip would be to sent some of the cast to some acting lessions.All in all...good!moreless
    • Oh my...

      What can I say? I don't remember how I discovered this show, I just did it.

      The first season was like something new, something 'weirdly' funny that had come to my life.

      When I saw the first episode I thought: 'Wow, it's not a very good show but it has something so let's watch it...'

      If you had seen the show, you'll probably be thinking that the something I'm talking about is the nudity. WRONG ANSWER. I don't know, the plot was so curious because there had been 'magical' shows but non of them were as weird as this one. Don't get me wrong, I do like watching the show for its nudity for it's not my first reason. If I would like to see sex and nudity I'd rather be watching porn.

      The second season was like... 'What has happened??' They change everything!!! It really bothered me at first because it had killed the mystery theme on the show. The house of horrors air that this hotel had. But even though, the show got better scripts.

      The third season was a big disappointment. They suddenly killed a main character, change the places where they left the characters, bring back a character with another actress playing her role... I don't know, this season had a lot of mistakes that disappointed me a lot.

      I wonder if there's gonna be a fourth season... Because I think it ended quite well for another season but who knows what they would do...moreless
    • :)

      I haven't seen 3rd season yet but I just saw the first two and I loved it. I was sad when Queer as Folk ended and now I have its replacement. Only I wish they had more episodes each season. I love most of the characters but I like Kevin, Toby, Grace, Van, and Diana. I was so happy to see Thea Gill because I was a big fan of hers when she was on Queer as Folk. As an actress she will always be one of my favorites. The rest of the cast that I like are now also going to be among my favorites now. I hope this show stays on for awhile because it is a great show.moreless

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