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  • Personally i love it, and yes it is a guilty pleasure and no i wouldn't openly admit that i love this to strangers but what the hell. Amazing plot lines, dialogue can be a bit cliche and icky and there is a serious penis warning but still. . unmissable.

    to start off, yes this is a show about both Gay men and women, yes you do see a bit of penis and yes the dialogue can be a bit cringe worthy and the acting can occasionally leave quite a bit to be wished for.

    But by no means write it off yet! Amazing imagination and vision from the creators, to tell the truth i couldn't stop watching, my eyes were glued to the screen - and not just because of all the fit actors - and when the episode had ended i was straight on the interwebs digging up as much information as i could.

    I love the plot lines and twist in this series i really do, the whole development with the different branches of tresum!! oh my i almost died from excitement. A tad of confusion and dismay and the beginning of the third season when i tried to figure out what had happened but it all eventually fell into place.
    Highly recommendable, just not while your parents are in the same room.
  • Jenson Atwood the Break Out Star in Season 3

    Jenson Atwood was the break out star in Dante's Cove 3. His acting was as strong as Thea Gill and Tracy Scoggins.

    Mike Andrews's Truth was featured on Dante's Cove. Since that point, he has rolled out two videos in association with MalePerfection featuring models - Jakub Stepheno and Kory Gates. Not only are their bodies a big hit on You Tube but the remix has captivated the masses. Both videos combined have been watched 12,643 times on the site!

    Kory Gates -

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MhjsrLldcv4 (Or Search You Tube by Mike Andrews Kory Gates)

    Jakub Stephano -

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z3DxGhVvZQk (Or Search You Tube by Mike Andrews Jakub Stephano)
  • Liked the show, some dissapointings things in the third season, all in all...good.

    The Dantes Cove is a weird show. It has "not-so-good" acting involved, but u really don`t mind it while watching. The plot is good, at least during the first two seasones. The third one is not bad but is missing the main love story and one of the main characters "she died in the meantime"!!! During the third season is also one sooo stupid line, they replaced an actor, and then somebody tells to her "u changed"...like no sh..!! All in all, the show is great if the season four combines the two main characters together. One of the thing that gave a good upper to the show is occasional sarcasam and jokes, esspecially from Grace and Ambrocious. And a useful tip would be to sent some of the cast to some acting lessions.All in all...good!
  • Oh my...

    What can I say? I don't remember how I discovered this show, I just did it.
    The first season was like something new, something 'weirdly' funny that had come to my life.
    When I saw the first episode I thought: 'Wow, it's not a very good show but it has something so let's watch it...'
    If you had seen the show, you'll probably be thinking that the something I'm talking about is the nudity. WRONG ANSWER. I don't know, the plot was so curious because there had been 'magical' shows but non of them were as weird as this one. Don't get me wrong, I do like watching the show for its nudity for it's not my first reason. If I would like to see sex and nudity I'd rather be watching porn.
    The second season was like... 'What has happened??' They change everything!!! It really bothered me at first because it had killed the mystery theme on the show. The house of horrors air that this hotel had. But even though, the show got better scripts.
    The third season was a big disappointment. They suddenly killed a main character, change the places where they left the characters, bring back a character with another actress playing her role... I don't know, this season had a lot of mistakes that disappointed me a lot.
    I wonder if there's gonna be a fourth season... Because I think it ended quite well for another season but who knows what they would do...
  • :)

    I haven't seen 3rd season yet but I just saw the first two and I loved it. I was sad when Queer as Folk ended and now I have its replacement. Only I wish they had more episodes each season. I love most of the characters but I like Kevin, Toby, Grace, Van, and Diana. I was so happy to see Thea Gill because I was a big fan of hers when she was on Queer as Folk. As an actress she will always be one of my favorites. The rest of the cast that I like are now also going to be among my favorites now. I hope this show stays on for awhile because it is a great show.
  • Gothic Sensibility meets Queer Culture on the same page.

    This is one of those films, for anyone who loved "Interview with a Vampire" by Anne Rice. What would happen if there is a series, simular to "Dark Shadows" meets "Melrose Place ?"

    Chi Chi La Rue, who directs really good erotic films - could study what the Director of this series has done. This would of most likely be another Armistead Maupin theme screenplay... if he liked reading Clive Barker and Steven King novels.

    It's very difficult to not spoil this film.

    The Characters, Grace and Ambrose start a chain of events, where the Male Lover is Unfaithful, and the Mistress puts a curse. That is the Backstory... The Modern Day has the Mansion by the Cove, turn into a kind of Youth Hostle, Loft.

    The Director, did an excellent job with the set designs on location. The Music Soundtrack, is something you've got to listen to... and the outfits ranging from Victorian to a really trashy2trendy carnvival at the beach.

    Did I mention the blood n' gore themes ? no shortage of that. You'll get a bit frightened and unbalanced, by the end of the first dvd disc.
  • This soap is about abunch of very pretty people living in beach side town called Dante's Cove. Where of course very strange things happen or would happen but the creators were to busy trying to put as many sex scenes as they could.

    I didn't go in expecting much from this show. The plot was flimsy and the acting was some of the worst I'v seen. The dramatic moments and I use that trem loosely are laughly bad. In fact the whole show is a soft core porn in disguise. But all in all if you go in with no expctions you will have a pretty good time plus their are very pretty people population Dante's Cove.
  • Nice and flirty! wicked!

    I think Dante's cove is the next best gay soap/ drama to be air apart from Queer as Folks. The story line was alright but only because the characters are hot, including the woman
    that makes the show more sexy and watchable. The story line is a little quite bored and not too straight forward abit, so, i urge the director should increase more hot sexy scene and increase more flirting dirty scene to keep the viewer and henace more interesting to watch. more sex scene, its a R18 rated anyway, so why not invest heavier to create a more valuable dvd to collect. shame its not air in the UK, and i have to get it from the internet!
  • You know when you are going on a tropical vacation, you decide to pick up some trashy mindless novel to bide the tanning time? Imagine someone decided to bring that novel to life, for whatever reason. Voila! Dante's Cove.

    Wow. Hard to know where to begin with this travesty. Let's start from the beginning. Where has Tracy Scoggins been? She's still holding up quite nicely. The end. That is all the good stuff I have to stay! The acting on this thing is abyssmal! We're talking Noah's Arc bad. We're talking Models Inc bad. We're talking just one single solitary notch above soft porn bad. Speaking of soft porn... I can't believe we started with not one, not two, but three love scenes with Adam and Toby! I honestly was beginning to think gay porn was accidently edited into to the television show and someone decided it was "interesting!" Then comes one impossibly stupid scene after another. Adam takes heat from his step-dad (who seems to have done some toe-pointing of his own). Step-dad backhands the taste out of Adam's mouth, and Adam goes all Love Is A Battlefied. Adam could have stomped the snot out of step-dad if he tried. Then we get to Dante's Cove, a place for boys who like boys, who dig girls, who dig boys, who like girls, etc. Adam shows up and Toby's pal has to introduce Adam to EVERYBODY at the joint -- en coitus or otherwise! Wha-? Then comes the part where Ambrosius gets Adam in the basement, and gets Adam to slice his wrist. Adam emerges, dripping and spacey, and encounters Van (who must have been cast for her breasts) who decides to follow the blood trail back IN TO the house, where she knows he came from in the first place? What was she hoping to find? An angry knife? My DVD somehow malfunctioned, so I could not get past the scenario-chewing scene of Ambrosius Gone Wild in the streets of Dante's Cove... and I was glad.
  • Fantastic... This show has everything you can hope for in a soap(even though its a gay soap)... the drama is gripping and the suspense after each epi is overwhelming... A must for any Soap lover!!!

    When I first heard about this new show i was very skeptical, it was a gay based soap, i thought that it would be a 3rd rate, poorly written, badly acted show... but i was Completely wrong... From the first time i watched it i could tell this was would be something interesting, the plot is magnificently drawn, to the point of where it pulls you to want more while at the same time making you pull back to just get it all in, This show is a very creative(actually brilliant) production, it trully does put a spin on your average soap but all the while adding wonder and hope for what real shows could be.
  • So Kevin and Toby are in love and Kevin wakes up Ambrosius. Now he wants Kevin for himself and will stop at nothing to get him. Meanwhile Grace is adament in stopping Ambrosius from ever finding love.

    So this show seems a little weird and it is. This show deserves a 1. It is horribly acted and horibbly written but fro some reason I like it. Mainly because Kevin(Gregory Michael) and Toby (Charlie David) are really hot. The story makes no sense and the characters are not well thought out. The whole religion of Trisum is dumb. It makes no sense and seems like the creator was high when he thought of it. All of the supporting cast is boring and and unimportant. it first episode was pretty much a softore porn and the 2nd episode had a little more story to it. I use a little because they could have done more. I will continue to watch just because the guys are so cute but the story is lacking.
  • Utterly cheeseball

    The current trend toward increasing acceptance of gays and lesbians on television is, in my opinion, a very good thing... except when it produces cheesey nonsense like Dante's Cove. The plot is hopelessly contrived and poorly organized. The cast is either completely over the top, or else as wooden as a two by four. While they are, uniformly, very pretty to look at (Charlie David as "Toby" is probably the best looking), they all suffer from lousy material. There isn't much more to this show than not-very-good soft core pornography. You'd do better to rent a Greenwood-Cooper film, or go watch "Queer As Folk."
  • You could tell right from the start that tonight’s episode was going to be a good one. In the previous cliff-hanger we were left with a fatal car crash, not knowing anything else about the accident besides the fact that it happened.

    You could tell right from the start that tonight’s episode was going to be a good one. In the previous cliff-hanger we were left with a fatal car crash, not knowing anything else about the accident besides the fact that it happened. Tonight’s story opens with Alf in a dark hospital waiting room. In the background two nurses are talking. One says "he hasn't said a word since he found out". The other replies: "Some people need time... she's only been dead for 2 hours".
  • Not sure about the story/plot - but the viewing is certainly exceptional! :)

    Not sure about the story/plot - but the viewing is certainly exceptional! :)

    I havent had the opportunity to watch the first episode from start to finish, and have the second episode waiting for me as well.

    But from first 'flick thru' it certainly looks to be full of some very nice eye candy!

    If it turns out that the plot/acting is something to be desired, at the very least it will be a good bit of soft(ish) porn :)

  • Keith moves out of his abusive home situation and in with his boyfriend Toby at the Hotel Dante, then becomes entangled in a supernatural tug-of-war between two one-hundred-and-eighty-year-old practicioners of forbidden arts.

    This show goes boldly where others have trodden before, but with more panache and a better plotline.

    First, an important note - while the show would not be patently offensive to a large number of people, if you object to nudity (especially male) then you should not watch. The show is geared primarily toward the gay male set, and if that makes you uncomfortable, please pass for other pastures.

    Now, if these things don't bother you, have a seat and watch! "Dante's Cove" is, at its heart, a gothic-horror piece set primarily in the little town of "Dante's Cove", more specifically in the "Hotel Dante", a kind of inn/apartment house for the local, trendy, alternative-lifestyle set. The show is engaging on many levels - the sets and outdoor locations provide a good range of locales for the characters to investigate, ranging from the picturesque to the downright creepy, and the characters are relatively fleshed out (you have the "straight friend" who resents the new love interests, the guy who'll sleep with anyone, the artist friend, and others.) The characters run the gamut from outgoing to downright hostile, and do a good job of having real motivation behind their actions. By the end of the second episode (my provider seems to be running the series as a three-parter; they are combining episodes into longer shows) I actually find myself caring what happens with many of the characters.

    One other thing I should mention is that this series has a pretty substantial amount of sex in it. So far, there has been a mid-weight lesbian scene, a (very) short straight scene, and a remarkable number of gay scenes, one of which features perhaps 45 seconds of full-frontal nudity of a man who was obviously enjoying himself at the time. Two of our main characters are boyfriends, and the writers and director wanted to make sure we get the point. They are portrayed as having a very healthy and loving sex-life (refreshing, really, compared to the way gay relationships are normally treated in media) and while much of what's on-screen wouldn't get a raised eyebrow on a cable channel after 10:00pm if it were between a guy and a girl, it pays to remember that it's not - it's two guys.

    The acting is a bit uneven - while the show commands a cast ranging from a "Babylon 5" alumna to a web-porn personality, several of the actors on the show could use a bit more schooling. Emotional range is uneven, while in fairness I must point out that the actors aren't always helped by the dialog, some of which is so bad one has to wonder if there weren't a better way to get a few important plot points across. It's not porn-quality slop by a longshot, but neither is it getting the Emmy for "Best Night-Time Drama."

    However, after all is said and done, I find the show strangly affecting. Perhaps it's finally seeing gay men who are not spending all their time out cruising, shooting (or snorting) up, and being helplessly miserable. These characters are in some ways conflicted, no doubt, and there's a lot of unhappiness to go around, but it's all plot driven - it's not there to show the masses how messed up gay people are; it's there to show how messed up these particular characters are because of the plot, not their lifestyle. At its core, the show is about what happens to a group of people who live together in a marvelously old "hotel", many of whom happen to be gay. It's not about "watch the queen react to THIS unusual situation", and I, for one, am glad to see it. This is TV about me - or about a me who could have been. I could see myself or someone like me having a plotline in this show, and ultimately, isn't that why we watch? To find some reflection of our own humanity, and see how it reacts to strange situations? To see ourselves?

    So, in short: I give "Dante's Cove" high marks for its rich Gothic setting (shot primarily in some lovely location in the Caribbean) and engaging, if unevenly-developed storyline. The characters are sufficiently developed to be likable, and the love AND sex scenes are tastefully, but steamily, done.

    I'll ding a few points for the emotional range displayed by a few members of the cast. While I like them (both as characters and actors), they need a bit more work. I'll also ding a touch for some of the worst dialog I've heard in a "real" movie - though thankfully, it's just in a few places and is primarily confined to the first episode.

    All in all, I feel comfortable recommending this show, and have done so to a number of my friends that I think would like it.
  • One of the best shows on gay TV??? Huh?

    Okay, it's pretty sad when gay guys can't even do camp right. Pretty sad indeed. What the hell happened? I downloaded the "original" script from a casting website. It was nothing like what I saw!! Too bad they didn't make this show at the WB or Fox. Oh well.
  • One of the best shows on gay TV.

    I have to give props to director Sam Irvin for such a great show and such a wonderful cast. Sam gives us a show that no other director can seem to get right, being gay isn’t what the show is about, it is a love story, a drama and a bit campy at times but a great show that you can’t wait for the next episode to come on air. I have watched the first episode 3 times already and I catch something new every time. I hope that there will be more movies that being gay is not the point, we are past that we need more shows like Dante’s Cove.
  • This show is a blow (no pun intended) to the stereotypical creative gay gene people out & about the entertainment industry. If this is the best we can do, we should hang our heads in shame.

    For the first time in my life, I am embarassed to be gay. The \"actors\" (which by calling them that is an insult to real actors)are beyond terrible! If there is a story,someone help me, I sure can\'t find one. Even the sex scenes are awful. You know youre in trouble when you cant even look forward to a sex scene.The whole experience of watching this show becomes so truly painful , the only thing you can do is laugh. And that you will do, hard!!!!!!