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  • Personally i love it, and yes it is a guilty pleasure and no i wouldn't openly admit that i love this to strangers but what the hell. Amazing plot lines, dialogue can be a bit cliche and icky and there is a serious penis warning but still. . unmissable.

    to start off, yes this is a show about both Gay men and women, yes you do see a bit of penis and yes the dialogue can be a bit cringe worthy and the acting can occasionally leave quite a bit to be wished for.

    But by no means write it off yet! Amazing imagination and vision from the creators, to tell the truth i couldn't stop watching, my eyes were glued to the screen - and not just because of all the fit actors - and when the episode had ended i was straight on the interwebs digging up as much information as i could.

    I love the plot lines and twist in this series i really do, the whole development with the different branches of tresum!! oh my i almost died from excitement. A tad of confusion and dismay and the beginning of the third season when i tried to figure out what had happened but it all eventually fell into place.
    Highly recommendable, just not while your parents are in the same room.
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