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AIRED ON 3/18/2006

Season 2 : Episode 20

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When Darcy's mom, the gorgeous and eccentric British actress Victoria Fields, wants to get away from the endless whirl of premieres, parties, and after-parties in search of "simple values and simple pleasures," farm life isn't exactly what Darcy had in mind. It's a far cry from the plush life and Darcy's culture shock runs deep. Still, like her mom, Darcy has a good heart and opens it up to her new world. Over time, she learns to enjoy this new life, drawing on her natural pluck, persistence, and a positive attitude. Darcy's coming-of-age experience also teaches her some valuable life lessons about accepting others.

Encouraged by her mother to develop a work ethic and make some extra money, Darcy gets a job at a local vet's office/pet supply store. There, with some down-to-earth new pals, she learns about various wildlife that doesn't grow in Hollywood and even more about herself.

 Life may be simple, but it's never dull. Darcy finds herself in a series of hair-raising schemes - co-starring in a commercial with a rowdy chimp and throwing the party of the year, only to have it crashed by 200 baby chicks! Her new friends include Lindsay, a smart, straight-shooting small-town girl, and Kathi, a country girl who yearns for show-biz glamour. Darcy gets help from the local hottie, Eli, a clever, but klutzy, ranch hand who gets himself into a series of hilarious mishaps. Lindsay's handsome father, Dr. Adams, is the local vet, although an absent-minded one. And Lindsay's younger brother, Jack, is quite taken with his celebrity neighbors, finding it a perfect opportunity to promote his "future Hollywood agent" schemes.

In each episode, Darcy draws closer to her new life on the ranch, as she cares for sick animals - an anorexic snake, an ailing horse, a spitting llama - and opens her eyes to the meaning of friendship and teamwork.moreless
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  • A celebrity who went from "Being-on-the-cable-chick" to "Mucking-out-the-stables-chick".

    Darcy's Wild Life is one out of (too many too count) favorite TV shows. And, yes, I did come up with the summary, you see it above, myself. Do you like it? I sure do, because it is catchy. Cable and stables. okay, it ALMOST ryhmes if it wasn't for the plural part of the word stables. but what ever. Darcy's Wild Life is a show that's REALLY about a famous celebrity's daughter who had to go with her mother to the middle of no where because her mom wanted to study the wild life there. But as it turns out, they are staying there for as long as they can.

    :) :D :) :D :P :| :P :| :) :D :) :Dmoreless
  • Darcy's life is spun around when her movie star mom decides they should lead a normal life and brings her to a rural city.

    Darcy's mom is a movie star. Her mom being famous, Darcy's constantly in the spot light too... partying and having fun, etc. Her mom then decides one day that Darcy's life isn't that of a normal teenage girl's, so she decides that they should move into the country, to a small, rural town and own a ranch. Darcy's played by Sarah Paxton, and in the beginning, Darcy seems like a snotty, bratty, stuck up Malibu movie star's daughter, but in the second or first episode she proves she's not as shallow as she seems, and her and the veternary where Darcy works's veternarian's daughter, Lindsay became best friends along with their other friends Eli and Cathy. Lindsay's little brother constantly is lurking and listening to conversation and putting his input.moreless
  • Darcy\'s was living the life. Until her movie star mom decides to move to the country. Now Darcy has to go from a life of glitz and glamour to a...well...wild life!moreless

    This a hilarious show! It\'s great for kids and adults too. My mom while sometimes even watch it with me! Even though it can be a little ridiculous at time and sometimes can be kind of silly, but it is a very good show! Darcy is so hilarious! It\'s fun to see how, in the beginning, Darcy can\'t fit in Bailey ( the town she now lives in ) , but in the 2nd series she really seems like a true member of the town of Bailey! If you\'ve never seen this show before, then, next time it\'s on, you definitely need to give it a try!moreless
  • Meh. Need i say more?

    Er, yeah. I kind of have to to make this post go up. Okay, so, this show is a complete waste of time. I mean it! The acting is terrible in it, completely 'blah'. Sara Paxton does not do a good job in this at all either. The story lines are medicore, not really interesting. The thing with that little kid they do a part on in the thing, (Dylan i think?) Is a rip-off of Lizzie McGuire in my opinon, i can't stand lizzie mcguire, but you get my drift, they even use the same sound effects! This show is trash.moreless
  • Boring

    I really dont like this show. My little sister likes it but we are complete opposites. I think that it needs to be updated a little. Darcys hair is sooooooo 80s. I they need a little better acting. Its also a little boring too. the only episode I thought was ok the one when darcy gave a dog chocolate. Who would move from fame to live on a farm and take care of animals? I would but I accually LOVE animals and am not scared and not obbsesd with my new boots or mini skirt. Animals tied first with my family in my life.moreless