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Darcy's Wild Life
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AIRED ON 3/18/2006

Season 2 : Episode 20

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When Darcy's mom, the gorgeous and eccentric British actress Victoria Fields, wants to get away from the endless whirl of premieres, parties, and after-parties in search of "simple values and simple pleasures," farm life isn't exactly what Darcy had in mind. It's a far cry from the plush life and Darcy's culture shock runs deep. Still, like her mom, Darcy has a good heart and opens it up to her new world. Over time, she learns to enjoy this new life, drawing on her natural pluck, persistence, and a positive attitude. Darcy's coming-of-age experience also teaches her some valuable life lessons about accepting others.

Encouraged by her mother to develop a work ethic and make some extra money, Darcy gets a job at a local vet's office/pet supply store. There, with some down-to-earth new pals, she learns about various wildlife that doesn't grow in Hollywood and even more about herself.

 Life may be simple, but it's never dull. Darcy finds herself in a series of hair-raising schemes - co-starring in a commercial with a rowdy chimp and throwing the party of the year, only to have it crashed by 200 baby chicks! Her new friends include Lindsay, a smart, straight-shooting small-town girl, and Kathi, a country girl who yearns for show-biz glamour. Darcy gets help from the local hottie, Eli, a clever, but klutzy, ranch hand who gets himself into a series of hilarious mishaps. Lindsay's handsome father, Dr. Adams, is the local vet, although an absent-minded one. And Lindsay's younger brother, Jack, is quite taken with his celebrity neighbors, finding it a perfect opportunity to promote his "future Hollywood agent" schemes.

In each episode, Darcy draws closer to her new life on the ranch, as she cares for sick animals - an anorexic snake, an ailing horse, a spitting llama - and opens her eyes to the meaning of friendship and teamwork.moreless