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  • A celebrity who went from "Being-on-the-cable-chick" to "Mucking-out-the-stables-chick".

    Darcy's Wild Life is one out of (too many too count) favorite TV shows. And, yes, I did come up with the summary, you see it above, myself. Do you like it? I sure do, because it is catchy. Cable and stables. okay, it ALMOST ryhmes if it wasn't for the plural part of the word stables. but what ever. Darcy's Wild Life is a show that's REALLY about a famous celebrity's daughter who had to go with her mother to the middle of no where because her mom wanted to study the wild life there. But as it turns out, they are staying there for as long as they can.

    :) :D :) :D :P :| :P :| :) :D :) :D
  • Darcy's life is spun around when her movie star mom decides they should lead a normal life and brings her to a rural city.

    Darcy's mom is a movie star. Her mom being famous, Darcy's constantly in the spot light too... partying and having fun, etc. Her mom then decides one day that Darcy's life isn't that of a normal teenage girl's, so she decides that they should move into the country, to a small, rural town and own a ranch. Darcy's played by Sarah Paxton, and in the beginning, Darcy seems like a snotty, bratty, stuck up Malibu movie star's daughter, but in the second or first episode she proves she's not as shallow as she seems, and her and the veternary where Darcy works's veternarian's daughter, Lindsay became best friends along with their other friends Eli and Cathy. Lindsay's little brother constantly is lurking and listening to conversation and putting his input.
  • Darcy\'s was living the life. Until her movie star mom decides to move to the country. Now Darcy has to go from a life of glitz and glamour to a...well...wild life!

    This a hilarious show! It\'s great for kids and adults too. My mom while sometimes even watch it with me! Even though it can be a little ridiculous at time and sometimes can be kind of silly, but it is a very good show! Darcy is so hilarious! It\'s fun to see how, in the beginning, Darcy can\'t fit in Bailey ( the town she now lives in ) , but in the 2nd series she really seems like a true member of the town of Bailey! If you\'ve never seen this show before, then, next time it\'s on, you definitely need to give it a try!
  • Meh. Need i say more?

    Er, yeah. I kind of have to to make this post go up. Okay, so, this show is a complete waste of time. I mean it! The acting is terrible in it, completely 'blah'. Sara Paxton does not do a good job in this at all either. The story lines are medicore, not really interesting. The thing with that little kid they do a part on in the thing, (Dylan i think?) Is a rip-off of Lizzie McGuire in my opinon, i can't stand lizzie mcguire, but you get my drift, they even use the same sound effects! This show is trash.
  • Boring

    I really dont like this show. My little sister likes it but we are complete opposites. I think that it needs to be updated a little. Darcys hair is sooooooo 80s. I they need a little better acting. Its also a little boring too. the only episode I thought was ok the one when darcy gave a dog chocolate. Who would move from fame to live on a farm and take care of animals? I would but I accually LOVE animals and am not scared and not obbsesd with my new boots or mini skirt. Animals tied first with my family in my life.
  • To be a teenager in this day in age is hard enough yet alone trying to bring up our kids now. Home and Away gives that sense of confidence to be able to cope and understand what can and could happen to any kids or adults in real life.

    To be a teenager in this day in age is hard enough yet alone trying to bring up our kids now. Home and Away gives that sense of confidence to be able to cope and understand what can and could happen to any kids or adults in real life. I myself have had a few experiences like anyone else and too have this show in my life it is like a blessing.
  • An interesting show that teaches about animals while enetertaining younger viewers.

    Wow. Darcy's wildlife is a great show that is hilarious, and I always learn something. It cleverly balances comedy and dram. Most kids would be bored to tears watching a show about animals, but Darcy's Wildlife is a great way to teach kids about animals, but also lets them know that animals can get hurt sometimes. I always like Darcy's Wildlife, but recently started enjoying it a lot more. I give Sara Paxton a 10! Brava! Brava!
  • Another Good Idea ruined by awful acting....

    This show is a shame to tv. The acting is AWFUL. My sock puppet could do better. Sarah Paxton is a VERY BAD actress. The storylines are sort of corny but their ok. A lot of the parts are boring parts leading up to a good part that only lasts 2 minutes. If you like well-acted, funny shows that relate to your real life, this is not the show for you.
  • Glamor girl is relocated to the country by her mother and is down at first, but learns to adapt and enjoy her life more than she ever has before.

    It is not a bad show but it is not the kind you would watch religiously. There are some good moments, but it is not worth sitting through the show and watching all the boring parts to see the good parts. There are some good themes and valuable life lessons, but the acting is unconvincing and it is obviously acting. The only good actor on the show is very talented, but plays a secondary character. Andrew chalmers is incredible as Jack Adams, and is ironically the youngest actor on the show. Jack's adventures are always fun to watch but Darcy's story isn't very entertaining, although it does teach us to appreciate the great outdoors where the air is fresh and the life is exciting.
  • This show takes place on a farm. Darcy\\\'s mom\\\'s an amazing hollywood actress, but she wants to get out of this glam life and have a simple life. Darcy doesn\\\'t like that fact and Darcy is having troubles fitting in with her co-workers and friends.

    This show as amazing meaning to it! Great morals to the episodes. It almost reminds me of The Simple Life! I loved that show also! Sara Paxton\\\'s really awesome! The show has relatable points teens can.. well.. relate to! Sara Paxton is a doll to me! The show deserves 2 big thumbs up!
  • This could be compared to Green Acers. In a nutshell, Darcey goes from movie stars and malls to horses and barns. She moves from malibu to a small country town, and it's quite a switch, but it provides for a fuuny show!

    This is a great show for tweens/teens, about a girl who goes from going to holywood parties to claening out stables. Darcey Fields moves from malibu to a country town, where things are A LOT different! She has no idea how people live around here, but she makes friends, and has some funny adventures! I like this show, because i can realte to the stories, and it's fun to watch! I think this shouldn't really be classified as a childrens show, but more of a teen show. Although i wouldn't recommend it for 17 year olds... I love this show, and i watch it every time it comes one! I hope it stays on for a long time!!
  • Hollywood Girl Gone Wild!

    When I first heard about 'Darcy's Wild Life' and the plot of the show, I was afraid Darcy would turn out to be a stereotypical dumb blonde. But when I watched the show, it turned out I was only fifty percent wrong and yet at the same time, fifty percent right. It really annoys me whenever Darcy starts calling make-up and fashion magazines 'our friends' (while I myself do check out fashion magazines, I don't really make it my top priority) but when Darcy learns her lesson at the end of the episode, she becomes likeable again.
    Lindsay, Darcy's best friend, seems to be the most likeable character on the show. She's smart and knows that you don't need fame to be happy. She's usaully there to at least try to bring Darcy down-to-earth.
    Kathi, Darcy's other best friend, just doesn't really seem like a strong enough character to me. Sure, she may be amusing in a few episodes, but her character could have been written a little better.
    Jack is Lindsay's little brother and it's always amusing to see him try to scam Mrs. Fields into going back into show business. In a way, it builds up Mrs. Fields' character because she always sees right through his schemes and outsmarts him.
    And finally, Eli would have to be the second most likeable character on the show. His clumsy accidents always make me laugh out loud and he's there to teach the Fields (and the audience) some facts about animals.

    'Darcy's Wild Life' is a decent show that you should check out maybe once in a while.
  • its okay!

    When there is nothing else to watch i watch this it is really cool and fun to watch! I couldn't it is my fave but yeah! It should be for teens and not for kids! Eli is not hot! he is ugly! So ugly! So yeah there is my point!
  • Big City girl goes to small town

    I love this show!!! lol Its sooooo good!! Man wow!.

    ANd for all u die hard fans if ur keepin up on where Eli(Kerry Michael Sexena) is, Hes at my school!!! I was talkin to him today...hes a really nice guy and he was eatin lunch today with me and my friends...great guy!

    AmAzInG ShOW
  • I can't beleive all of these people are writing bad reviews about this show....IT'S A GREAT SHOW!It's great, entertaining ,Eli(Kerry Michael Saxena)is really hot, not totally predictable and should be thanked because people can watch Darcy's wild life ins

    I can't beleive all of these people are writing bad reviews about this show....IT'S A GREAT SHOW!Firstly, i know it is really similar to the simple life but thank god darcys wild life replaced it! All they did on the simple was say that's hot and sneak out of the houses and go to night clubs, it's totally predictable! Secondly, Eli(Kerry michael Saxena) is HOTTER than any guy u will see on the simple life, and that's a good enough reason to watch the show,trust me!!!!!!!!!!!! Thirdly, sure, the story lines are a little rough around the edges but they r entertaining not predictable snorefests......LIKE THE SIMPLE LIFE!!!!!!!
  • I like this show, Eli is a total hottie and its somewhat funny. but as said before, it should be for teens instead of kids.

    Like I said, i like this show...It has good actors & actresses. I dont think its any thing like The simple life. Darcy\'s Wild Life isnt about ditses trying to find a job. Read what its about on the summary they made. is it 50 words yet ..... *yawn* im tired
  • What a copycat! All this show is, is a lame ripoff of The Simple Life. And how good was The Simple Life to begin with?

    In this show, a girl named Darcy Fields goes from being a rich famous star, to a worker at some lame farm in the middle of nowhere. Sound firmilliar? Well that's because that's EXACTLY what The Simpl Life is about. But this show is even MORE annoying then T.S.L. First of all, this girl is SO STUPID! Example? Ok, she trys to get a guy she likes to like her back by pretending to know how to ride a bull. So she gets her GUY friend to dress up ike her and do it. M hm. This ends with her being thrown into the bulls water station. Another person I found that preticullarly got on my nerves, was one of the local boys there, Jack. All he wants to do is exploit Darcy and her mother. In other words; juinor paparatzzi. All he does is buzz around annoying people. If you know what's good for you, than stay away from Darc-ay.
  • The show is actually kind of cool...Keep it on. I don't think the acting is bad, it's just made for little kids to even understand.

    The show is actually kind of cool...Keep it on.
    Even though I would much rather see the show being more of a teen show than a kid's show, it's still cool. I don't think the acting is bad, it's just made for even little kids to understand. I like Sara Paxton...she's cool.

    Airs: Saturdays at 4:00-4:30pm PT.
  • Take it off the air!

    A new show about a girl who's mother was very successful in the movie and film-making industry and her mother moves to a country further away from her career, bringing her family along with her. What a lame storyline! Who'd wanna watch a show like this! It doesn't even explain the whole story. I admit the theme song is a bit catchy but everything else about the show is bad. Trust me when I say you're just wasting your time.