Season 1 Episode 4

College Bored

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Mar 17, 1997 on MTV - Music Television

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  • Colllege experience is so overrated

    This Daria episode shows me that, "If my S.A.T. Prep course is going to be like this, then this should be fun (sike)." this one could've been funnier if they showed everyone when they went on the college trip, not just the morgendorffers. Those dream sequences were alright too. I can't imagine that Britney and her boyfriend will ever get into college, let alone be popular. the funny thing is, I just realized Quinn's name resembles queen. If I go to college, I'm hoping my parents don't try to "fit in" with what's going on on campus. If Jane had a bigger part in this one, then I would have scored it even bigger, bcuz daria and jane are hilarious.
  • The Mogendorffer parents and children alike go to college...

    After visiting friends, Helen and Jake decide to enroll Daria and Quinn in a college-prep course, before then being sent off to explore and view a college of their choice.

    The whole family heads to Middleton, and throughout the episode we get to learn a little more about Helen and Jake during their "wilder days". Thinking he's still young, Jake spends a lot of time trying to be "hip" casually chatting and acting cool around the students. Needless to say, it doesnt work. Similarly Helen tries to pass herself off as Quinn's sister remembering what male students were like back in her day. Again things go wrong, and it's not long before their asking her for her underpants.

    Althought the episode centres largely around Daria and Quinn and their future, it's the scenes involving the two Morgendorffer parents that impress the most. Daria and Quinn are still given plenty of oppurtunity to amuse however, with both daughters getting into their own "mini adventure".

    The other highlight is undoubtedly the dream sequence that takes place inside the student minds during the prep class. All think of what college will be like, all hoping for the best and dreaming of what they want to happen. As a result Britney becomes a model, Jane an artist, and Daria a teacher. It doesnt really fit into the plot much per se but it is one of the better scenes, and helps break up the episode a little.

    A good episode that's worth watching, but nothing too relevent to the show as a whole.