Season 3 Episode 1


Aired Monday 10:00 PM Feb 17, 1999 on MTV - Music Television



  • Trivia

    • Quinn's pager, which was last seen in "Esteemsters" (#101), makes its final appearance in the series.

    • The football players' dance from "If the Town Blew Away" is reminiscent of the Oompa Loompa's dance in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.

    • While Jake is driving on the highway, singing, the buildings on either side of the highway loop. You can see the same buildings repeat several times for each shot.

    • The part in Ms. Li's hair switches sides when she turns her head.

    • In "The Invitation," Kevin said that Joey, Jeffy and Jamie were on the football team, but here they participated in the pep rally as audience members, not as part of the team

    • The team jerseys are slightly different from Kevin's jersey.

    • When Kevin knocks the peg out of the door, it changes positions on the floor.

    • During the split-screen shot of Helen and Quinn singing "I Can't Leave Yet," the tops hanging by Quinn's head are off-white, but are green in every other scene.

    • The water tank shack on the roof of Lawndale High was not present in previous shots of the roof.

    • Near the end of "Gah, Gah, Damn It!" Jake says he's approaching his turnoff. He runs off the road, but there is no actual turnoff.

    • Helen's checklist and hurricane book disappear in some camera angles.

    • The torn knee on Trent's pants switches sides when he's drinking cocoa

    • Trent's duck phone didn't quack in "Arts 'N Crass."

    • The couch in the Morgendorffer living room is missing when Jake and Trent first enter, then reappears moments later.

    • In earlier shots of the kitchen, the calendar by the phone is blank, but during "Manly" it displays the month of May.

    • Jake's mug and the spilled cocoa disappear while he's singing "Manly."

    • Jane and Daria's backpacks disappear in the third act.

    • The colors on the rainbow change places between the rooftop scene after the hurricane and the final shot.

    • The leggings on Jane's legs disappear at the point where Quinn sings "So you've found my sis at last" (during the reprise of "Morning in the 'Burbs").

    • Helen's day planner and other items disappear from her desk while she is singing "I Can't Leave Yet."

    • When Brittany swings her arms while singing "They Must Be Worried," Daria's shirt switches colors.

    • Tiffany says that Sandi's shirt "makes her highlights pop," but Sandi's hair doesn't have any highlights.

    • The rainbow that appears when the storm passes has only five colors, when it should have seven (blue and indigo are missing).

    • When Brittany stops making out with Kevin and turns to greet Daria and Jane, both hers and Kevin's hair and clothes are disheveled. In the next shot, their hair and clothes are back to normal.

  • Quotes

    • Brittany: There really is a school spirit. Spooky.

    • Answering Machine: Hello, you've reached the Morgendorffers. No one's home right now, but if you leave a message we'll be sure to return your call. Bye!
      Jake: What do you mean no one's home right now? Daria! Quinn! Please get home and answer the damn phone!

    • Daria: Great. Now, not only are we gonna die, but the headline is gonna be: "Quarterback and Others Perish"...

    • Trent: (answering the phone) Hello? No, Daria's not here. You want the Morgendorffers.
      Jake: Gah! Aah! I am the Morgendorffers!
      (Helen takes the phone from Jake)
      Helen: Calm down, Jake! Hello? Trent? You haven't seen the girls?...Are your parents there?...Are they in town at all?...Have you done anything to prepare for this hurricane?...Yes, hurricane! Trent, I want you to come over and wait for the girls here. You'll be safer...Then put some on! And get over here now, young man! (hangs up) Doesn't anybody in this town wear pants anymore?

    • Daria: (singing) I always knew that I would die in Nowheresville.
      Jane: (singing) But I didn't think I'd die there quite so soon.

    • Jake: It's this sitting here doing nothing! My little girl's lost in the middle of a hurricane! I should be out there looking for her!
      Helen: Jake, I'm sure Daria had the good sense to find shelter. There's no point in putting yourself in danger, acting like an idiot with a Superman complex.
      Jake: Damn it, Helen! This is no time for your girlie crap!

    • Daria: My parents are probably starting to worry.
      Jane: I know mine would be, if they were in town.
      Daria: What about Trent? I'll bet he's upset.
      Jane: I'll bet he's snoring.

    • (Jake runs into the room)
      Jake: Helen, Quinn! (notices Daria is missing) Daria?
      Helen: Oh, no! I was hoping she was with you.
      Jake: You mean she's out there? In that maelstrom?! Oh, God, no!
      Helen: It's not actually raining yet, Jake.

    • Daria: I guess we're going to have to take our chances out there.
      Kevin: Okay, ready? I'm going to open the door.
      Jane: Like before?
      (Kevin repeatedly pulls on door)
      Daria: Just like before.

    • (Kevin crashes through door head-first)
      Brittany: Did he hurt himself?
      Daria: Not anywhere either of you would notice.

    • Jake: C'mon, Trent! Your daughter and my sister are out there.
      Trent: That doesn't sound right.

    • Jake: Gah! I can't take it anymore!
      Trent: Whoa. No more cocoa for you, man.

    • Quinn: I saw this TV movie about this really cute family of teens who got stranded during a hurricane. When they got nervous, they'd drink cocoa.
      Helen: Now, sweetie, there's nothing to worry about. (Door slams) Looters!

    • Sandi: Let's get out of here while there's still time to walk. Running for your life is so geeky.
      Tiffany: Oh, no. Wind... hair.

    • Kevin: I thought Ms. Li was just covering up!
      Brittany: Yeah, she was messing with our minds.
      Jane: Why doesn't that add up for me?

    • Jamie: Are we all going to die?
      Ms. Li: Not on school property!

    • Brittany: Oh, my gosh! Look at the Jell-O!
      Daria: It's jiggling.
      Jane: Worried about the competition?

    • Jane: You know, being a postapocalyptic town is going to be cool. Other towns will be scared of us.
      Daria: I'm sure they already are.

  • Notes

    • Trent's flash into drag during "Manly" is actually one of his alter-egos from the second season's credits.

    • Musical Numbers
      -"Morning in the 'Burbs"
      -"If the Town Blew Away"
      -"I Can't Leave Yet"
      -"Gah, Gah Damn it!"
      -"They Must Be Worried"
      -"The Big Wet Rainstorm's Over"
      -"Morning in the 'Burbs" (reprise)
      -"Manly" (Sven Faller demo version)

    • This episode is the first time we see the exterior of Jodie's house, which was first seen in the Landon family portrait in The Daria Database.

    • In this episode, we find out that the car Jake drives is a Lexus sedan.

    • The aforementioned flying milk sign ends up on the street in front of the Morgendorffer house in the finale.

    • Going by its production number, this episode was supposed to air as the last episode of the first half of the season, or the first episode of the second half. However, MTV decided to air it as the season premiere, bumping all subsequent episodes down one slot on the schedule.

    • "We are the champions, my friends" is a line from the chorus of Queen's "We Are the Champions."

    • The weatherman on the television in the kitchen appears to be a parody of Al Roker, the weatherman from NBC's The Today Show.

    • The milk sign that blows past the school at the end of the second act is probably a homage to the "flying cow" scene in the 1996 film Twister.

    • During Kevin's "conspiracy rant," the six-note "whistling" theme from the TV series The X-Files can be heard.

    • Theresa, the Cashman's saleslady, is the same "Theresa in Junior 5" mentioned in "Monster" (#206), and seen in several previous and subsequent episodes.

  • Allusions

    • Jake: It's off to work I go!

      This is a line from the song "Heigh Ho" from the 1937 Disney classic film, Snow White and the Seven Dwarves.

    • The Muppet Movie

      The finale of the episode with the whole cast on camera with a rainbow behind them is an homage to the 1979 film, The Muppet Movie, which also ends with a long pull-out shot revealing every single Muppet ever made up to that point, and a rainbow streaming in from a hole in the ceiling.

    • Speed Racer

      The background plate used at the very begining of Jake's song, "Gah, Gah, Dammit," (speed-lines whipping behind the profile of Jake's car) is taken from the intro of the classic Japanese cartoon show Speed Racer.

    • The Brady Bunch

      When Daria, Jake, Helen, and Quinn are each in their own box at breakfast time, this alludes to the introduction to The Brady Bunch, a popular '70s sitcom about a two parents that get remarried with their six children adjusting to life with each other.