Season 3 Episode 4

Depth Takes a Holiday

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Mar 10, 1999 on MTV - Music Television



  • Trivia

    • Later in the episode Jane quotes, "meet Holiday Island's number one harpsichord player electric and acoustic." The instrument Washington is holding is not the harpsichord. A harpsichord's keys are the reverse of a piano with long black keys and short white keys.

    • In the original airing of this episode, in the scene where Cupid and St. Patrick's Day first encounter Daria, Cupid's mouth doesn't move when he says, "My turn!" This mistake was fixed in subsequent airings.

    • It's Guy Fawke's Night - the English can only invent half holidays

    • If you notice that Holiday Island High School is very similar in looks to Highland High School. Note Daria even exclaims "Oh, no!" when she sees it.

    • With regards to the Kidney Pie Stall, there is infact no such thing as a kidney pie, the closest is a Steak & Kidney Pie. Presumably they meant that.

    • In The Daria Diaries, the headboard of Jake and Helen's bed contained a bookshelf. Here, it's a plain wooden headboard.

    • Daria's keyboard and the notes on her desk disappear and reappear.

  • Quotes

    • Cupid:(Barry White voice) Just love and be loved.
      Leperchaun: Would you stop with the idiotic voice. It doesn't even sound like Elvis.

    • (Cupid is holding St. Patrick's Day while hovering outside Daria's window)
      Quinn: (from her room) Daria, who are you talking to?
      Daria: Uh...my imaginary friend?
      Quinn: (from her room) Oookay...
      St. Patrick's Day: The girl mustn't know about us!
      Daria: Right, because you can't be seen by other mortals.
      St. Patrick's Day: No! It'd be having to talk to the little twit that'd drive us crazy!
      Cupid: You know, you're getting kind of heavy...
      St. Patrick's Day: Shut up, you bloody...IDIOT!
      (Cupid drops St. Patricks Day with a loud thud)
      Quinn: (from her room) What was that?!
      Daria: Uh...my imaginary friend fell down.
      Quinn: God, Daria, even your imaginary friends are embarrassing!

    • Jane: This is just like a high school.
      Daria: You know, I get the feeling we'll be saying that all our lives.
      St. Patrick's Day: It only seems like high school. Actually, it's much worse.
      Jane: That's what we'll be saying all our lives.

    • St. Patrick's Day: Some friends of ours have come to Lawndale and we're hoping you can talk them into going home with us.
      Kevin: No problem. I can talk anybody into anything.
      Brittany: Yeah. He does it to me all the time.

    • St. Patrick's Day: Easy for you to relax. You haven't been oppressed for four centuries.
      Cupid: Oh, yeah? Anybody ever make you fly around in a diaper?

    • Daria: See, Cupid shot Mom and Dad full of love so I'd help him get these guys back to Holiday Island.
      Quinn: Are you taking some kind of experimental depression medicine?

    • Quinn: It's no fair making a popular person compete with a new baby.
      Sandi: Really. They're so cute when they smile at you. "Hello, precious."
      Quinn: Sandi!
      Sandi: Oh, sorry.

    • St. Patrick's Day: I'm warning you! This is going to screw up the natural order.
      Jane: That's Daria's life mission.

    • Guy Fawke's Day: Shut your gob, you little green--
      St. Patrick's Day: Sod off, you British wanker!
      Cupid: Soccer riot!

    • Halloween: For one thing, you have to be happy all the time.
      Christmas: Have you ever been forced to spread love and joy 24 hours a day?
      Daria: I believe on that one I can go with a definite "no."

    • Trent: Come on, man, Daria's cool.
      Halloween: She doesn't act like she's cool.
      Jane: Sure she's cool. Come on, Daria, do something cool.
      Daria: Um, anyone for pizza? My treat.
      Halloween: This chick is cool.

    • Jake: We're alone! Blissfully...
      Helen Alone.
      (they start making out just as Quinn walks into the room)
      Quinn Dad, can I have a... ewww! I need a shower. (leaves quickly)

    • St. Patrick's Day: Not another step, lassie.
      Daria: All right, I'll sign.
      Cupid: What?
      Daria: Your petition for an alternative lifestyles parade. Where's the pen?

    • Jane: The more debased [the holidays] become, the less reason to celebrate them, and the less reason for my family to get together, until presto! I'm finally alone on Thanksgiving with a TV dinner.
      Daria: Sometimes I wonder if you're too cynical, even for me.

  • Notes

    • "Jane's Theme" is a song by Herbie Hancock, a jazz musician.

    • Music
      -The Posies - "Will You Ever Ease Your Mind" (closing credits)
      -Jay Z - "Can I Get A" (Daria & Jane at Pizza King)
      -The Lighting Seeds - "Pure" (Fashion Club meeting)
      -Pulp - "Like a Friend" (Daria meeting Cupid & St. Patrick's Day)
      -Cake - "Never There" (Daria & Jane at Jane's house)
      -Mariah Carey - "Vision of Love" (Jake & Helen love scenes)
      -Fastball - "Fire Escape" (Quinn walking into Daria's room)
      -Gomez - "78 Stone Wobble" (Quinn leaving Sandi's house)
      -George Michael - "Outside" (arrive at mall)
      -Lauryn Hill - "Ex-Factor" (Helen & Jake going for a walk)
      -Fatboy Slim - "Gangsta Trippin'" (Jeffy's car music)
      -Planet P Project - "Why Me?" (arrive at Holiday Island)
      -Zebrahead - "Get Back" (Daria has a plan)

    • Thanks to the use of British slang words like "bollocks" and "wankers," this episode was heavily edited in Great Britain to remove the offensive terms. As such, many fans report that the scenes with Guy Fawkes Day were choppy to the point of resembling a movie trailer.

    • The Lawndale Mall may or may not be the mall that The Daria Diaries calls "Cranberry Commons." If it's not, then the Lawndale area has three large malls: the Lawndale Mall, Cranberry Commons, and the Mall of the Millennium (even though, technically, it's 100 miles away).

    • There is a strip mall called the Mega-Mega Mall next to the school, as seen through the window when Cupid and St. Patrick's Day are talking. This mall might be the possible location of the students' favorite hangout, the Pizza King.

    • Daria has a computer on her desk. It's generic-looking, but based on The Daria Database, she most likely has some model of Apple Macintosh.

    • A clear view of Daria's desk and bookshelves is given for the first time.

    • We see the view from Daria's bedroom window for the first time, and learn the exact location of her bedroom (towards the rear of the house, opposite from Quinn's room).

  • Allusions

    • Zelda Fitzgerald

      Zelda Fitzgerald was a flapper in the 1920s. She did things like go swimming in flesh-colored swimsuits (so people would think she swam in the nude), danced on tables, and dove into fountains. She was also a writer, and did her best to blur the line between fantasy and reality. She was also diagnosed with schizophrenia and spent a good portion of her life in mental institutions. "And I don't want to be famous and fated--all I want is to be very young always and very irresponsible and to feel that my life is my own--to live and be happy and die in my own way to please myself "

    • It's a Wonderful Life

      St. Patrick's Day's comment to Daria, "You really had a wonderful life," is a reference to the classic holiday film, It's a Wonderful Life, directed by Frank Capra, and starred Jimmy Stewart. Stewart's character, George Bailey, thinks that the lives of his friends and family would have been better if he'd never been born, so his guardian angel shows him what life would be like for everyone without him, eventually leading to the line, "You really had a wonderful life."

    • Cupid: Soccer riot!

      Cupid calling the fight between Guy Fawke's Day and St. Patrick's Day a soccer riot is a reference to their respective countries (England and Ireland, respectively) having a fierce rivalry between their soccer teams. Both countries are famous for riots breaking out during and after soccer games, much in the same way Canada is known for riots during their hockey games.

    • Sid Vicious

      The image and mannerisms of Guy Fawkes Day is based on British rocker Sid Vicious of The Sex Pistols.

    • Sick Sad World Announcer: The savior went down to Georgia!

      This quote is a pun on the song "The Devil Went Down to Georgia" by the Charlie Daniels Band.

    • A Christmas Carol

      The episode's final line "God bless us, every one!" is also the final line in Charles Dickens' famous novel A Christmas Carol.

    • Title Pun: Depth Takes a Holiday

      "Death Takes a Holiday" is the title of a play and a 1934 French movie. (It was recently remade as Meet Joe Black starring Brad Pitt.)

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