Season 1 Episode 2


Aired Monday 10:00 PM Mar 03, 1997 on MTV - Music Television
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Episode Summary

On their first day at Lawndale High, Daria and Quinn have to take a mandatory psychological exam, where perky, popular Quinn passes with flying colors, while sarcastic loner Daria is forced to enroll in a self-esteem course, where she meets the equally sarcastic Jane. Meanwhile, Quinn goes to great lengths to prevent people from knowing she's related to Daria, since she thinks that it will ruin her popularity.moreless

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Tracy Grandstaff

Tracy Grandstaff

Daria Morgendorffer

Wendy Hoopes

Wendy Hoopes

Jane Lane, Helen Morgendorffer, Quinn Morgendorffer

Julian Rebolledo

Julian Rebolledo

Jake Morgendorffer

Marc Thompson

Marc Thompson

Kevin Thompson, Anthony DeMartino, Timothy O'Neill, Charles "Upchuck" Ruttheimer, Jamie White

Nora Laudani

Nora Laudani

Ms. Angela Li

Steven Huppert

Steven Huppert


Ashley Albert

Ashley Albert

Tiffany Blum-Deckler

Recurring Role

Jessica Zaino

Jessica Zaino

Mrs. Manson/Stacy Rowe

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (11)

    • When the principal is talking on stage, Mr. O'Neill should be visible, sitting right next to Jane. He and his chair is only seen when the camera focuses in on Daria, Jane, and O'Neill.

    • When the Morgendorfers are at Pizza Forest listening to the goofy animal singers, when you see the backs of the family, Mrs. Morgendorfer's blouse changes from red in the front to magenta in the back.

    • In the opening scene, Jake's seat belt is missing when he says, "That's not what I meant."

    • The glasses of the boy in the self-esteem class keeps changing colors from clear to black.

    • The poster of the duck behind Mrs. Manson is blank when she says, "Very good, Quinn."

    • When Quinn was talking to the boy next to the lockers, there's a shot of them standing on the right side next to the door, then there's a shot of them on the left side of the lockers, then there's a shot of them by the door again.

    • The Rubik's Cube on Mrs. Manson's desk has two orange middle squares. There can only be one middle square of each color in a normal cube.

    • When Jane and Daria are walking down the hallway towards Quinn, there is a shot of a girl standing next to a locker on the right side of a cross-hallway. In the next shot, where Jane and Daria pass the cross-hallway, the same girl is shown walking past them from the other side of the cross-hallway.

    • When Daria and Jane are taking the test, the bridge of Daria's glasses is missing.

    • When Jane and Daria are walking past Quinn in the hallway, the sign behind them on the door says "Self Esteem Class 3:30." But in the next scene when Daria and Jane are at the self esteem class, the clock above the door says 10:00.

    • When Quinn leaves the kitchen, the cupboards in the center of the room only come up to her knees (instead of to her hips as in later episodes).

  • QUOTES (16)

    • Jane: Usually when I have this dream I'm wearing pink taffeta.

    • Helen: What did your self-esteem teacher say?
      Daria: He says I should think back to circumstances that brought me happiness as a child, and replicate them. But I supposed Quinn's here to stay...
      Quinn: What's that supposed to mean?

    • Jane: I like having low self-esteem. It makes me feel special.

    • Helen: (to Daria) We tell you over and over again that you're wonderful, and you just don't get it. What's wrong with you?!

    • Helen: (on the phone) Listen, is this going to require any parent/teacher conferences or anything? And if so, is this the sort of thing my assistant can handle?

    • (Quinn's response on the psychological test)
      Quinn: They've been going out for awhile, and he's upset because other people keep asking her out, and she's saying she can't help it if she's attractive and popular, and besides, nobody ever said they were going steady. And if he does want to go steady, he's got to do a lot better than movie-burger-backseat, movie-burger-backseat, because there are plenty of guys with bigger backseats, waiting to take her someplace nice.

    • Jake: What about you, Daria? How was your first day?
      Daria: Well, my history teacher hates me because I know all the answers, but there are some interesting idiots in my class.
      Jake: That's great!

    • Mrs. Manson: Now, Dora, let's see if you can make up a story as vivid as your sister's.
      Daria: It's Daria.
      Mrs. Manson: I'm sorry...Daria. What do you see in the picture, Dara?
      Daria: Um...a herd of beautiful wild ponies running free across the plains.
      Mrs. Manson: Uh, there aren't any ponies. It's two people.
      Daria: Last time I took one of these tests they told me they were clouds. They said they could be whatever I wanted.
      Mrs. Manson: That's a different test, dear. In this test, they're people and you tell me what they're discussing.
      Daria: Oh...I see. All right, then. It's a guy and a girl and they're discussing...a herd of beautiful wild ponies running free across the plains.

    • Boy: So... like, what do you like to do after school?
      Quinn: Oh, nothing special. Go to the movies... or, like, a theme park... or out for a really fancy meal now and then... or maybe go to a concert, if, like, I know somebody's got good seats and is renting a limo and stuff.
      Jane: You hear that? He hasn't got a prayer.

    • (Quinn exits the car, and is immediately noticed by the other students)
      Stacy: Hi! You're cool. What's your name?
      Quinn: Quinn Morgendorffer.
      Sandi: Cool name.
      Boy: Will you go out with me?
      Daria: (to Jake) I'll try to help her through this difficult period of adjustment. (Daria exits car)

    • Jake: So how's the old self esteem coming, kiddo?
      Daria: My self esteem teacher says that being addressed all my life with childish epithets like "kiddo" is probably a key source of my problem.
      Jake: (Really scared and worried) Really?
      Daria: No.

    • Daria: I dont get it Jane, you've got the entire course memorized, how come you can't pass the test to get out?
      Jane: I can pass the test, but I like having low self-esteem. Makes me feel special.

    • Daria: You know all the answers to the questions on the release test, don't you?
      Jane: I've got them in my notebook.
      Daria: Why don't we just take the test tomorrow and get out the class once and for all?
      Jane: How would I spend my afternoons?
      Daria: UFO conventions.
      Jane: Now you're talking!

    • Mr. O'Neill: What's a daydream that you'd like to see come true?
      Daria: Well, I guess I'd like my whole family to do something together.
      Mr. O'Neill: Excellent!
      Daria: Something that'll really make them suffer.

    • Mr. DeMartino: Daria, can you concisely and unemotionally sum up for us the doctrine of Manifest Destiny?
      Daria: Manifest Destiny was a slogan popular in the 1840s. It was used by people who claimed it was God's will for the U.S. to expand all the way to the Pacific Ocean. (pause) These people did not include many Mexicans.

    • Daria: I don't have low self-esteem. It's a mistake.
      Jake: I'll say!
      Daria: I have low esteem for everyone else.

  • NOTES (8)

    • Running Gag: Quinn telling people that Daria is her cousin.

    • Music
      -Splendora - "You're Standing on My Neck" (opening & closing credits)
      -Dishwalla - "Charlie Brown's Parents" (in the car)
      -Tracy Bonham - "Sharks Can't Sleep" (walking into school)
      -Nerf Herder - "Van Halen" (taking psychological test)
      -Fiona Apple - "Shadowboxer" (after history class)
      -The Offspring - "I Choose" (Daria and Jane walking home)
      -The Mavericks - "Blue Moon" -NY Loose - "Spit" (while watching SSW)

    • Helen's reference to Highland (and Daria's quip about uranium in its drinking water) would be the only direct reference to Daria's tenure on Beavis and Butt-head to ever be made in the series.

    • Artie appears later in "The Lawndale File" and "A Tree Grows in Lawndale," Corey appears occasionally as a background character

    • This episode is the first to feature the "she's my cousin" running gag.

    • Anthony DeMartino, Daria's history teacher, asks Daria, to explain what Manifest Desinty is. This later becomes important when Quinn has a similar experince in the first movie, "Daria - Is it Fall Yet?."

    • When Daria is in the psychologist's room taking the test, the test Daria refers to that she took before is shown in the flashback from the episode 'Boxing Daria.' This includes what Daria said about the horses running through a field.

    • Music
      -Dishwalla - "Charlie Brown's Parents"
      -3 Doors Down - "Kryptonite"
      -Tracy Bonham - "Sharks Can't Sleep"
      -Nerf Herder - "Van Halen"
      -Fiona Apple - "Shadowboxer"
      -The Offspring - "I Choose"
      -The Mavericks - "Blue Moon"
      -NY Loose - "Spit"


    • Chuck E. Cheese
      Pizza Forest is a parody of Chuck E. Cheese. Both are a sit down, pizza style, restraunt with games and singing robotic animals.

    • Oddities
      One of the boys in the self-esteem class is wearing a T-shirt with a picture of the title character from "The Head," a series of stories from MTV's animated series Oddities.