Season 5 Episode 1

Fizz Ed

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Feb 19, 2001 on MTV - Music Television
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Facing a lack of funds, Principal Li accepts a generous sum of money from a soda company, in exchange for letting them promote and advertise their product on campus. Daria has a problem with the fact that the school is being used in this manner, however, everybody--the school superintendent included-feels she has no right to complain since the arrangement is bringing the school the money it needs. Unfortunately, Ms. Li fails to meet the profit quota the soda company requires, and is forced to increase promotion of the product, to the point of including it in athletic uniforms and lesson plans. Ultimately the effort to amend the situation proves too much for her, and the soda company is forced to pull out of the deal (though it still leaves its logo in several strategically placed areas).moreless

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  • Do you like soda? "Yes. But that's not the point!" Lawndale High has a money problem. The 'quick-fix' answer is Ultra Cola. But for the first time Daria is concerned about the school.moreless


    This is one of the few episodes when Daria is an unlikely hero. Most of the time she's the typical high school brain/outcast. She's not liked by others and tends to keep to herself. A typical teenager with very little intrest for her school.

    Out of all of the episodes, this is one which stands out. Fans and viewers alike are treated to an interesting side of Daria. Even though she's a very educated and has a sense of morale, it's not enough for her ongoing loosing battle.

    No one wants to help her win the fight because they have thier own reasons. Eventually the problem with Ultra Cola gets worse and our unlikely hero failed. It's not the ending anyone wants.

    By the end, it seems ironica she didn't have to fight the good fight. Some contract changes are made and everything goes back to normal at Lawndale High. However the reason why Daria decides to take the role of 'hero' is quite interesting.moreless
Amir Williams

Amir Williams

Michael Jordan "Mack" Mackenzie

Tracy Grandstaff

Tracy Grandstaff

Daria Morgendorffer

Wendy Hoopes

Wendy Hoopes

Jane Lane, Helen Morgendorffer, Quinn Morgendorffer

Julian Rebolledo

Julian Rebolledo

Jake Morgendorffer

Marc Thompson

Marc Thompson

Kevin Thompson, Anthony DeMartino, Timothy O'Neill, Jamie White

Janie Mertz

Janie Mertz

Sandi Griffin, Brittany Taylor

Geoffrey Arend

Geoffrey Arend

Leonard Lamm

Guest Star

Kiki Barrera

Kiki Barrera

Superintendent Cartwright

Guest Star

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • In the scene where Ms. Li is taken away in the ambulance, the ambulance changes from a panel van to a cutaway van

    • Ms. Li schedules the school meeting for Super Bowl Sunday. However, the Lawndale Lions are playing a game later in the episode. High school football is generally in the fall, and is over well before Super Bowl Sunday

  • QUOTES (7)

    • Jane: You owe me hugely for making me miss the biggest football game of the year.
      Daria: You hate football.
      Jane: Hey! Don't try any of your twisty-turny mind games on me, Morgendorffer.

    • Lawndale Cheerleaders: (cheering) Win, Lions, win! Fight, Lions, fight! Drink Ultra Cola till your pants feel tight!

    • Daria: Do you think I complain a lot?
      Tom: What are you bitching about now?

    • Brittany: (admiring the new soda machines) It's so easy to get a drink!
      Jane: And hypoglycemia.

    • Ms. Li: (trying to hack open a vending machine with an axe) Open up, you lousy machine! Give up the tasty soda in your bowels!

    • (Brittany comes running up in a soda can costume with only her head and legs sticking out)
      Brittany: (crying louldy) I hate this stupid uniform! You can't build a pyramid in this--everyone just keeps rolling off!

    • Daria: You're planning to make soda companies bid against each other for the right to market their products in Lawndale High?
      Mr. Lamm: That's right. All you kids have to do is what you'd do anyway: drink soda.
      Daria: Does that mean that everywhere I turn I'll run into a vending machine?
      Mr. Lamm: Well, there wouldn't be much value to the contract if the product weren't easily available. (chuckles)
      Daria: And what else?
      Mr. Lamm: Nothing but a few small discreet advertising posters in the halls. Nothing in questionable taste. And, if we're lucky, an exciting new high-tech scoreboard for athletic events, boys' and girls'.
      Daria: So the school will, in effect, be endorsing the soda? Is that really the school's role, to become a shill?
      Mr. Lamm: Miss... do you drink soda?
      Daria: Huh? Of course.
      Mr. Lamm: So?
      Daria: This isn't about whether I like soda. It's about whether a public high school should be using its status as a place of authority to serve as one more marketing tentacle of corporate America. With the taxpayers subsidizing it.
      Mr. Lamm: Surely you give your friends enough credit to know when they're being taught and when they're being sold to?
      Daria: I give them enough credit to figure out about three seconds after those machines arrive that they can't trust this institution. The few who still do.

  • NOTES (3)

    • The soda company that gets the contract for the school is Ultra Cola.

    • This is the only episode that features the superintendent.

    • Music
      -Vitamin C - "Money" (closing credits)
      -Scarface - "It Ain't Part II" (Lawndale Herald headlines)
      -Naughty By Nature (featuring 3LW) - "Feels So Good" (Lamm's sales pitch in Ms. Li's office)
      -The Offspring - "Original Prankster" (school review meeting)
      -Wyclef Jean (featuring Mary J. Blige) - "911" (Daria & Jane walking home & 1st commercial bumper)
      -Sade - "By Your Side" (Superintendent's office)
      -Sade - "Lovers Rock" (Daria waiting for Superintendent)
      -Finger Eleven - "Drag You Down" (Ultra Cola-decorated school bus drives by)
      -Queens of the Stone Age - "The Lost Art of Keeping a Secret" (2nd commercial bumper)
      - "University of Iowa Fight Song" (football game)
      -Crazy Town - "Darkside" (Ms. Li's freakout)


    • "I love the smell of cola in the morning" - a play on the line uttered by Robert Duvall "I love the smell of napalm in the morning!" in the 1979 film Apocalypse Now.