Season 5 Episode 1

Fizz Ed

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Feb 19, 2001 on MTV - Music Television

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  • Do you like soda? "Yes. But that's not the point!" Lawndale High has a money problem. The 'quick-fix' answer is Ultra Cola. But for the first time Daria is concerned about the school.


    This is one of the few episodes when Daria is an unlikely hero. Most of the time she's the typical high school brain/outcast. She's not liked by others and tends to keep to herself. A typical teenager with very little intrest for her school.

    Out of all of the episodes, this is one which stands out. Fans and viewers alike are treated to an interesting side of Daria. Even though she's a very educated and has a sense of morale, it's not enough for her ongoing loosing battle.

    No one wants to help her win the fight because they have thier own reasons. Eventually the problem with Ultra Cola gets worse and our unlikely hero failed. It's not the ending anyone wants.

    By the end, it seems ironica she didn't have to fight the good fight. Some contract changes are made and everything goes back to normal at Lawndale High. However the reason why Daria decides to take the role of 'hero' is quite interesting.
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