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Season 2 Episode 4

I Don't

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Mar 09, 1998 on MTV - Music Television
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Episode Summary

The Morgendorffers are invited to the wedding of Helen's niece, and Helen insists that her daughters be bridesmaids. At the wedding, Helen keeps getting angry over issues she has with her sister, Rita, whom she despises. Daria, meanwhile, meets her other aunt, the cynical Amy, with whom she has quite a few things in common.moreless

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    Tracy Grandstaff

    Tracy Grandstaff

    Daria Morgendorffer

    Wendy Hoopes

    Wendy Hoopes

    Jane Lane, Helen Morgendorffer, Quinn Morgendorffer

    Julian Rebolledo

    Julian Rebolledo

    Jake Morgendorffer

    Marc Thompson

    Marc Thompson

    Kevin Thompson, Anthony DeMartino, Timothy O'Neill, Charles "Upchuck" Ruttheimer, Jamie White

    Jessica Cydnee Jackson

    Jessica Cydnee Jackson

    Jodie Landon

    John Lynn

    John Lynn

    Sick, Sad World Announcer (Male)

    Rita Pietropinto

    Rita Pietropinto

    Voice of Aunt Amy Barksdale

    Guest Star

    Barbara Soehner

    Barbara Soehner

    Aunt Rita Barksdale

    Guest Star

    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (5)

      • When Helen is on the phone with Rita, she marks on the pad during the wide shot of her with Jake and Daria. On the closeup of Helen, the pad is blank again, yet on the next closeup, the mark reappears.

      • At the auditorium during the bridal expo, there is the sound of applause but no one in the audience is actually clapping.

      • Brian was arguing with Erin, Rita, et al when Amy and Daria leave, so how did he arrive at the bowling alley before them?

      • The cops at the end are the same one who crashed Brittany's party in "The Invitation"

      • Jake asks Helen if she wants some coffee and wedding cake but she clearly has cake right in front of her.

    • QUOTES (17)

      • (giving her car to the valet)
        Amy: I don't mind a few dents. But change the radio station and you're a dead man.

      • Helen: Jake, we're here to see my family, not to have fun.

      • Daria: We are now entering Hell. Please keep your hands and elbows inside the car.

      • Jake: So, how'd you meet Rita?
        Paul: Well, you know, we both love the sea. I have a sailboat...
        Jake: And she's a little dinghy!

      • Daria: So, it turns out you can go through training and be up there working on the Space Station in under three months. Now I'm just waiting for my Tang.

      • Lerman: (mumble mumble)
        Daria: Mmm-hmm...What did you say?
        Lerman: Just a little pointless chit-chat. Forget it.

      • Daria: A Bridal Expo? That's a good message to send high school students.
        Jodie: It's a fund-raiser for extracurricular activities.
        Jane: I wonder what kind of extracurricular activities would lead to a wedding...

      • Seamstress: Nature didn't see fit to give you much in the way of hips, did she, dearie?
        Daria: I think I'm going to be ill. Is that a problem for you?

      • Daria: I don't think you thought this through: what are you going to do with the hostages when you're at the airport?
        Jane I'm taking them with me. We are talking about party plane. All the way to Libia.

      • Amy: I hate myself in a formal dress. And everyone else too.

      • Mack: When you hear yourself talk, does it make sense to you?
        Kevin: Sometimes.

      • Amy: Let's see...you're in college now, or something?
        Daria: Still high school, unfortunately.
        Amy: I have some vague memories of high school; but these days you all carry weapons, right?
        Daria: Well, not to formal occasions like this.
        Amy: That's where you kids make your mistake.

      • Jane: (fake Southern accent) Oh, Scarlet, you grow lovelier by the day.
        Daria: I will kill you. And bury you in this dress.

      • Daria: I'm an exotic dancer. You know, at a club. I take off my clothes and dance for strange men.
        Bridesmaid: Really?
        Lerman: She's quite good.
        Bridesmaid: You've seen her!?

      • Lerman: (to Brian) I'm sorry. What did you say you do again? I thought I heard "intelligence", but that can't be right.

      • Paul: Who's Roger?
        Quinn: He fell onto a cow.
        Paul: Ick!
        Daria: And he was one of the lucky ones.

      • Daria: Is life always taudry, stupid, and humiliating? Or is it just a phase?
        Amy: Just a phase. I'm hoping to grow out of it any day now.

    • NOTES (3)

      • Music
        -Ani DiFranco - "Wishin' & Hopin'" (original closing credits)
        -Dusty Springfield - "Wishin' & Hopin'" (revised closing credits)
        -Jay Z - "Sunshine" (Daria & Jane go to bridal store)
        -Blur - "Country House" (driving to wedding)
        -Concrete Blonde - "Bloodletting" ("redrum!")
        -Fat - "Numb" (bridal show)
        -Finely Quave - "Sunday Shining" (Kevin & Mack being mistaken for gay couple)
        -The Cramps - "Bikini Girls W/ Machine Guns" (Aunt Amy's car)
        -Crystal Method - "Get Busy Child" (bridal show)
        -Pond - "Spokes" (Brittany & Kevin fighting)
        -Tina Turner - "Private Dancer" (Daria & Lerman)
        -Sade - "Hang On to Your Love" (Quinn & minister)
        -AZ Yet - "Last Night" (Quinn & minister)
        -Urge Overkill - "The Break" (Jodie & Mack)
        -Blur - "The Universal" (Daria's "stories")
        -The Cherry Poppin' Daddies - "Brown Derby Jump" (Rita & Helen fighting)
        -Sade - "Your Love is King" (Quinn & minister)
        -Lyle Lovett - "She's No Lady, She's My Wife" (Daria's "stories")
        -Tony Bennett - "Stepping Out With My Baby" (Rita & Helen make up)
        -Celine Dion - "My Heart Will Go On" (original end of wedding)
        -Neil Diamond - "If There Were No Dream" (revised end of wedding)

      • In the original airing, Celine Dion's "My Heart Will Go On" (from the 1997 film Titanic) was playing during the final scene at the reception, but was removed from subsequent airings.

      • On MTV, this was epidose was voted "Best Fight".

    • ALLUSIONS (4)

      • Seal

        At the wedding, Daria pretends to know Seal, British musical artist, best known for songs like "Crazy" and "Kiss From a Rose".

      • America's Most Wanted

        "America's Least Wanted" is a play on America's Most Wanted, the long-running Fox TV show, hosted by John Walsh, that is dedicated to profiling and capturing dangerous criminals.

      • Jane: Oh, Scarlett, you grow lovelier by the day!

        This is a line from the 1939 Academy Award-winning film Gone With the Wind (based on the Margaret Mitchell novel), which starred Clark Gable and Vivian Leigh as star-crossed lovers set against the backdrop of the American Civil War.

      • Daria: Redrum. Redrum.

        As the Morgendorfer's car approaches the lavish, mountain-top hotel where the wedding is to take place, the scene is almost exact to that in The Shining. Daria's joke of "Redrum, redrum" is taken from this movie, imitating Danny, the young boy in The Shining.