Season 5 Episode 15

Is It College Yet?

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Jan 21, 2002 on MTV - Music Television
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Episode Summary

Is It College Yet?
In this second Daria TV movie, the gang graduates from Lawndale High. The movie follows their last weeks of school right through graduation, then shows the future plans of the characters.

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Amir Williams

Amir Williams

Michael Jordan "Mack" Mackenzie

Tracy Grandstaff

Tracy Grandstaff

Daria Morgendorffer

Wendy Hoopes

Wendy Hoopes

Jane Lane, Helen Morgendorffer, Quinn Morgendorffer

Julian Rebolledo

Julian Rebolledo

Jake Morgendorffer

Marc Thompson

Marc Thompson

Kevin Thompson, Anthony DeMartino, Timothy O'Neill, Jamie White

Jessica Cydnee Jackson

Jessica Cydnee Jackson

Jodie Landon

Jessica Hardin

Jessica Hardin


Guest Star

Becca Lish

Becca Lish

Lisa Goldwin

Guest Star

Rand Bridges

Rand Bridges

Professor Bill Woods

Guest Star

Laurine Towler

Laurine Towler

Michele Landon

Recurring Role

Amanda Fox

Amanda Fox

Katherine "Kay" Sloane

Recurring Role

Bart Fasbender

Bart Fasbender

Andrew Landon

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • (listed on Mr. DeMartino's chalkboard
      Summer Jobs to Build Character:
      -Prison Guard
      -Well Digger
      -Kennel Cleaner
      -Asphalt Mixer

    • Quinn says that the job at the resturant is her first job, even though she had a brief job at a pet store in "It Happened One Nut."

  • QUOTES (38)

    • Daria: Yes, Virginia, there really is such a thing as noblesse oblige.

    • Mack: I was wondering if I could talk to you about Jodie...
      Mr. Landon: You're not going to ask me for her hand in marriage, are you?! Because I'm too young to be a grandfather, you understand?

    • Daria: And I'm working on a short story. Or at least it was twenty pages ago.

    • Daria: I got into Raft without any interview at all.
      Tom: I'm not gonna touch that one.
      Daria: What are you saying--that I got into Raft because they didn't meet me? Screw you!

    • Upchuck: I don't understand the charade about being neighbors, my lithesome enchantress, but it concerns me not.

    • Jane: I knew you were going to try and talk me out of this.
      Daria: Is that why you brought it up?

    • Mack: Hey, shake the hand of a Vance University man.
      Jodie: You got the scholarship? Oh Mack, that's great!
      (Jodie shakes his hand)
      Mack: You're actually shaking my hand?

    • Stacy: Boy, I hope this stuff works, or Sandi will never talk to me again. Actually, she'll never talk to anyone again. (laughs to herself, then serious) That's not funny, Stacy!

    • Tom: Damn. You know what I just realized?
      Daria: The phrase "chicken fingers" is misleading?

    • Tom: Well, that's a nice thing to say, even if that Daria voice of yours makes it sound like a kiss-off.

    • Jane: You're getting soft, Morgendorffer.
      Daria: Maybe. Or maybe you've got glaucoma.

    • (Brittany and Kevin are making out)
      Ms. Barch: Brittany, stop letting Kevin debase you and tell me where Mr. O'Neill is.
      Brittany: But Ms. Barch, he didn't even touch my base.

    • Quinn: Stacy, of course [Sandi] didn't say anything about being mad at you. She can't talk, remember?

    • Daria: I suppose pulling out a can of mace right now would be considered bad form.

    • Daria: Now I shall go to my room without taking questions. Ignore any muffled screams you may hear, especially if they're Quinn's.

    • (Jane is trying to convince Trent to come with her to college)
      Jane: Think of all the college girls looking for a dark, mysterious musician to swoon over.
      Trent: Jesse?

    • Ms. Li: And now, awards time. We'll do the sports and other good prizes after I get these academic javvies out of the way.

    • Quinn: God, Stacy, what do I look like, a hoodoo expert? I don't know how to lift a curse, you're going to have to find someone who does.

    • Mr. Landon: (reading the paper) You call that a tax cut? I've seen haircuts more drastic!

    • Jane: Both the colleges I applied to rejected me. I knew I shouldn't have taken the math portion of my SATs!

    • Lindy: College is absolutely essential. The concerts and parties are so much better.

    • Jane: What's shakin', bacon?
      Trent: (sniffs) I don't smell anything.

    • Daria: I'm applying because it's an outstanding university, not because the students engage in the rectal transport of steel rods.
      Jane: The polo team must be in constant pain.

    • Helen: Now, Daria, when you meet the college representatives, please try to be enthusiastic. (pause) Less unenthusiastic? (sigh) At least promise me you won't physically assault anyone?

    • Daria: Umm...Dad seems to think Middleton is hot stuff.
      Helen: You father needs to maintain certain illusions about his youth in order to function. It's...cute.

    • Brittany: Hi, Daria, hi Jane. Where's Tom?
      Daria: Um, covert mission.
      Brittany: Really? I didn't know he was religious.
      Kevin: Hey Daria, where's that guy you know?
      Brittany: He joined a mission.
      Kevin: Really?! He's going to Mars?

    • Jane: You know what they say about beggars...
      Trent: That they'll spend it all on booze?

    • Stacy: (reading label) Curse-B-Gone. For the reversal and eliminating of curses, spells and incantations. No animals were harmed to make this product other than the ones we sacrificed.

    • (Trent and Jane discussing her plans to go to art school)
      Jane: Trent, I'm not selling out. I'm attempting to gain the skills and knowledge that will allow me to sell out. Now are you going to give me a ride or do I have to throw fear into the hearts of pedestrians by myself?

    • Brittany: I just love bell peppers. You can almost hear them ringing.

    • Lisa: Come on in, Daria. Are you as full of Bromwell lore as Tom?
      Daria: Um, I doubt it. He seems to be really full of it.

    • Jodie: Kevin, do you even know where you're going yet?
      Kevin: It's a secret.
      Mack: Why, is the school embarrassed?
      Kevin: Why would they be embarrassed? I'm a QB. It's not like I'm a brain or anything.
      Mack: Truer words were never spoken.
      Kevin: Thanks, man.

    • Tom: Hey, don't worry, Daria. You'll get into Bromwell with your incredible test scores and grades. I'll get in the old fashioned way: bribery and nepotism.
      Daria: Gee, when you put it that way it sounds all fair and just.

    • Daria: I was just craving a little sisterhood, as long as it doesn't involve my actual sister.

    • Mr. DeMartino: Timothy, you've got to be firm! Now, repeat after me: Barch, it'll be a cold day in hell before I kiss my common sense and will to live goodbye and enter the bonds of unholy matrimony with such a shrew! Now you!
      Mr. O'Neill: (nervously) Um, Janet, it'll be a chilly day in Hades...
      Mr. DeMartino: LOUDER!!!

    • Lisa: So, that's why the skating rink has that sign saying "Clothes Required".
      Tom: Well, according to my grandfather anyway. Then again, his motto is "Don't let the truth get in the way of a good story".

    • Helen: You'll have to get a job.
      Quinn: (choking and gagging)... water!
      Daria: Just hope she doesn't get any on the shoes.
      Jake: Aghhhh!
      Helen: Relax, Jake, she's not wearing them.

    • Jake: $600 for shoes! That you walk in?! On the ground?!

  • NOTES (5)

    • MTV wanted a sixth season. Creater Glenn Eichler instead decided that "Is It College Yet" would serve as the season finale.

    • Music
      -Splendora - "College Try (Gives Me Blisters)" (opening credits)
      -Incubus - "Drive" (closing credits first half)
      -Supergrass - "Time to Go" (closing credits second half)
      -The Foo Fighters - "Learn to Fly" (Daria & Jane @ Pizza King)
      -Tori Amos - "Strange Little Girl" (Daria waiting for the Sloanes)
      -Donnell Jones - "You Know What's Up" (Jodie talks to her father about college)
      -Incubus - "Stellar" (after Daria's Bromwell interview)
      -Kelis - "Young, Fresh, and New" (Daria's angry in the car)
      -Pink - "Get This Party Started" (Lindy's party)
      -Toya - "I Do!!" (Brittany & the cheerleaders talking)
      -Default - "Wasting My Time" (Tom tells Daria he got in to Bromwell)
      -Craig David - "Fill Me In" (Andrew Landon's office)
      -Staind - "Fade" (Lindy drinking during the movie)
      -Travis - "Slide" (Lindy drunk at work)
      -LFO - "Every Other Time" (Daria & Tom @ Pizza King)
      -Garbage - "Breaking Up the Girl" (Daria breaks up w/ Tom)
      -Alicia Keys - "Woman's Worth" (after Daria breaks up w/ Tom)
      -Pete Yorn - "For Nancy ('Cos It Already Is)" (O'Neill finds DeMartino's note)
      -The Roots - "You Got Me" (Trent gives Jane his car keys)
      -Ray J - "Formal Invite" (Stacy making Sandi's "cure")
      -Starsailor - "Good Souls" (Lindy working on her computer)
      -Trick Daddy - "I'm a Thug" (Jane drags Daria to Jodie's party)
      -Mary Mary - "Praise You" (Jodie's party)
      -Jennifer Lopez & Ja Rule - "I'm Real" (Jane tells Daria about BFAC)
      -Kurrupt (featuring Natina Reed) - "It's Over" (final scene at Pizza King)

    • When Quinn mentions the part about Jake drinking while talking about military school may have been a reference to the episode "The Daria Hunter" when he and Mr. DeMartino drank whiskey talking about military school together.

    • For some bizarre reason, the DVD version of the movie has several things cut out that were shown in the original airing.

    • The post-movie destinations of the various characters:
      Daria - Raft College
      Jane - Boston Fine Arts College, aka BFAC (midterm semester)
      Tom - Bromwell University
      Brittany (and the other cheerleaders) - Great Prairie State University
      Kevin - Repeating senior year at Lawndale High
      Jodie - Turner University
      Mack - Vance University
      Andrea and Upchuck - Unknown
      Quinn, Sandi, Stacy, Tiffany, Joey, Jeffy, Jamie - Senior year at Lawndale High


    • Daria: If the Emperor looks naked, he is naked.

      In the classic tale "The Emperor's New Clothes", two con artists convince a town they can weave clothes out of very fine and delicate cloth that only the most intelligent can see. Not wanting to be considered ignorant, the whole town claims to see the fabric including the narcissistic Emperor. The Emperor dons his new clothes and parades it through town, until a small child honestly blurts out the truth.