Season 4 Episode 14

Is It Fall Yet?

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Aug 27, 2000 on MTV - Music Television



  • Trivia

    • When the new school year starts at the end of the movie Mr. DeMartino asks Quinn's class if anyone knows what Manifest Destiny is, which is the same question he asked in the first episode of the series ("Esteemsters") to Daria's class. And just like Daria, Quinn is the only one in the class that knows the answer, showing she's more like her sister than she thinks.

    • The cylindrical object on the table when Jane and Alison are in the restaurant appears in the long shot, disappears in the close shots, then reappears the next time we see the table.

  • Quotes

    • (the children are painting)
      Mr. DeMartino: Well, well, Josh. What do we have here? A football player? May I inquire why?
      Josh: My child within wants to be a winner, and everyone knows that football players are winners.
      Mr. DeMartino: Obviously your definition of a winner is a degenerate slacker with pigskin for brains, an unshakeable desire to sleep through class, and a lifetime goal of excelling at armpit noises while never ever doing any honest work of ANY KIND!! Is that right?!

    • Jane: So what did you miss most about me? Tell me it was my joie de vivre.
      Daria: If you must know, it was your damn aura.
      Jane: Wow, you did spend the summer with Mr. O'Neill!
      Daria: No. Your aura of self-confidence.

    • Trent: We're Mystic Spiral, and this one's for Daria and Jane.
      Daria: Tell me it's not "You're So Beautiful".
      Jane: I hope it's "Close to You".

    • Trent: You've got to wake up Jesse just right or he gets all disoriented.
      Daria: How can you tell?

    • Kevin: Hey, there's Daria with that guy she claims to be her brother. I'm going to trap them in their own web of lies.
      Brittany: Oh, Kevin, you're so...spidery!

    • Daria: Can you excuse us for a while. We'll be back after Man walks on the sun.

    • Mr. O'Neill: I'm Uncle Timothy and together we're going to go on a journey of self-discovery where it's okay to laugh and okay to cry.
      Daria: I feel like doing that now...

    • Helen: You know what they say: judge and be judged.
      Daria: And I judge myself unfit for human contact.

    • Helen: Jake, put the paper down. That boy Daria's been dating is on his way over.
      Jake: You mean Quinn's been dating.
      Helen: No. Daria.
      Jake: (laughs) Oh, good one, honey! Old Jake Morgendorffer sure appreciates a funny joke!

    • Mr. DeMartino: If you feel yourself getting mad, go ahead! If someone is doing something that irritates you, tell them about it in detail! And hike whenever you feel like it!

    • Mr. DeMartino: Agh! Peanut butter! Sitting in circles, stupid songs, arts and crafts...cruel and unusual...HELL! I can't take it any more!

    • Quinn: You can't judge people by their family. I mean, what if people judge me by...bleh! Gotta go!

    • Sandi: (to David) You academics aren't very understanding of the pressures facing normal people. Nevertheless, if we leave now, I'll buy you a snowcone.

    • Link: How can you stand this place?
      Daria: Um, cause I'm one of the guards instead of the prisoners?

    • Mr. O'Neill: I asked you to stop by because I noticed you seem a little...subdued.
      Link: I was going to say "miserable", but okay.

    • Kevin: Say there...um, Tom. If you're Daria's brother, how come we never saw you before this year?
      Tom: That should be obvious. They weren't able to match up our telltale birthmarks until now.

    • Helen: Normally we love museums. In fact, we were thinking of seeing the Van Gogh exhibit this week.
      Tom: Um...that exhibit left a year ago.

    • Jane: Some day the curators will look back on these and say they're from my Art Colony Sucks period.
      Daria: "Curators"?
      Jane: Criminologists?

    • Jane: Give it some thought on the way back.
      Daria: I don't think so.
      Jane: Or, converse with the band. The choice is yours.

    • Jake: It's summer all ready?
      Helen: (exasperated) Jake...you made a joke, didn't you?

    • Daria: Um, Jodie. Hell's frozen over, and Tom's here with me.
      Jodie: What? I mean...it didn't occur to me that...um, you know.

    • (David is tutoring while Tiffany is putting on makeup)
      David: Steinbeck was perhaps best known for his poignant novel about the Oakies.
      Tiffany: Uh huh...
      David: (annoyed) A heavy metal band famous for having a baboon on bass.
      Tiffany: Uh huh...

    • Allison: You can't eat in your room forever. Why go to an artist's colony if you're not going to mix with your fellow artists?
      Jane: That's like saying why go to a penal colony if you're not going to mix with your fellow...I think I'll stop there.

    • Daniel: But what was I thinking when I created a work that seems to have turned out both seminal and semiotic?
      Jane: (mutters) I can't believe I'm getting away with it?

    • David: (to Quinn) Do the world a favor and don't go to college! Give up your spot to somebody who wants to learn.

    • Daria: What about my feelings? What about my rights? (pause) What about my bribe?

    • David: Quinn, how much do you know about European History?
      Quinn: Oh yeah. Napoleon, Water World, the A La Carta.
      David: (writes) Hmm...revisit European History.

    • David: (to Quinn) I just can't sit here and listen to any more vacuous prattle with your brain-dead friends. Eyeliner, hairband colors...God are you boring.

    • Helen: I'm sorry, but you're not staying locked up in your room all summer.
      Daria: So instead you're going to lock me up with a busload of whiny kids and the poor-man's Kathy Lee Gifford?

    • Catherine: High honor role is an achievement in any school.
      Daria: Actually, at ours it just means you stayed out of prison all year.

    • Daria: Boy, you can really smell the mold on the old money in here, can't you?
      Tom: Better on the money than on the food. (looks across the room) Uh-oh.
      Daria: Someone pull out a new twenty?

    • (Daria's parents have just met Tom for the first time)
      Daria: (to Tom) Sorry about that. They've been acting a little strange since, oh, ever since I can remember.

    • Helen: The game plan is: you don't say a word.
      Jake: So he won't feel self-conscious about the vocal cords, right?

    • Brittany: Wait a minute, isn't golf for old people who dress funny?
      Jodie: Yeah, my parents.

    • Helen: I see. And what exactly is this job?
      Daria: I'm sorry, but the confidentiality agreement I signed with the government prevents me from revealing that.

    • Jane: Hey, Trent, I meant to tell you, you guys have a gig tonight.
      Daria: You better start soon or you'll miss your next break.
      Jane: Unless you take your next break now.
      Daria: In which case you better take it on stage; they'll never think of looking for you there.
      Jane: And while you're up there maybe you could play something. Oh, wait, that's what they're paying you for. Nevermind.
      Trent: You guys are weird.

    • Daria: Does this college town have a name, or do you just turn left at the kid with the tractor?

    • Mr. O'Neill: Put your nose to the proverbial grindstone.
      Quinn: What's wrong with my nose?

    • Sandi: We'll have plenty of time to pull up our test scores next year.
      Stacy: Yeah! No sweat!
      Tiffany: Stacy, ew.

    • Stacy: We're only flesh and blood.
      Tiffany: Stacy, ew.
      Stacy: Sorry.

    • Mr. O'Neill: You think you might have done better if you studied? Who were these other people you mentioned?
      Quinn: I told you to forget them!
      Mr. O'Neill: Eep! Of course you did.

    • Jake: Damn it, Helen! I want to go to the ball!
      Daria: Yes, why should your wicked stepsisters have all the fun?

    • Mr. DeMartino: Well, students, I certainly appreciate your helping me clean up the classroom for the summer. It almost makes me forget that most of you didn't learn a thing all year!!
      Daria: That's not true--I learned to sleep sitting up.

    • Mr. DeMartino: Why couldn't I have been born during an influenza epidemic, or at the base of a volcano? Why did I survive only to squander all my potential by becoming a teacher?!
      Daria: When he would have made such a great motivational speaker...

    • Jane: Que ironiquo, you don't have summer plans; I do.
      Daria: "Ironiquo" is not a word...

    • Helen: Jake, can't you ever tell when someone's joking?!
      Jake: Of course I can! (pause) You're not doing it now, are you?

    • Quinn: Sandi said we'll have plenty of time to pull up our test scores next year.
      Helen: But what about the stuff you'll be learning then?
      Daria: Yeah, the second half of the alphabet is even more difficult than the first...

    • Daria: Life sucks no matter what, so don't be fooled by location.
      Jane: You really should write fortune cookies.

    • Jane: (in a bar) The people here are more attractive than on their wanted posters.

    • Brittany: Oh Mack, something terrible has happened!
      Mack: It's okay. The sun isn't really gone; it's just hiding behind a cloud.

    • Kevin: (giving a CPR class) Now this is called mouth-to-mouth regurgitation.

    • Daria: How are things going?
      Jane: Fine, fine, couldn't be better.
      Daria: Sucks, huh?
      Jane: Only in the mind-numbingly pretentious kind of way.

    • Jane: Gee, that was fun. But in the future let's just save time and roll around in the gravel.

    • Announcer: Are drug-crazed rodents raiding your child's medicine cabinet? Rats on Ritalin, next on "Sick, Sad World"!

    • David: Hi, I'm David Sorenson. Are you Quinn?
      Daria: I don't know. Is this the ninth circle of hell?
      David: The Divine Comedy.
      Daria: Wait a minute, you know that? All right, who are you and what do you want with my sister?

    • Brittany: What are you guys doing this summer?
      Jodie: (takes in deep breath) Two internships, volunteer community service, a part-time job and in my spare time: golf lessons.
      Kevin: Wow! What about you, Mack Daddy?
      Mack: Driving an ice cream truck.
      Kevin: Ha! That's not very prestidigitatious.
      Mack: Thanks for pointing that out.
      Kevin: You're welcome!

    • Helen: Daria, I'm not going to let you sit around the house all summer.
      Daria: Fine, I'll lie around the house all summer.

  • Notes

    • Music
      -Splendora - "Turn Down the Sun" (opening credits)
      -The Posies - "I May Hate You Sometimes" (closing credits TV broadcast)
      -Parade of Losers - "Sixteen and Confused" (closing credits DVD release)
      -Beck - "Nicotine and Gravy" (PSTAT results)
      -Travis - "Why Does It Always Rain on Me?" (Daria's "budding social life")
      -Ruff Endz - "No More Shopping Sprees" (Daria & Tom debate going to Pizza King)
      -Duran Duran - "Someone Else Not Me" (Daria greets David at door)
      -William Orbit - "Water Babies" (Jane arrives at Ashfield)
      -Macy Gray - "Why Didn't You Call Me?" (Daniel Dotson explains his art)
      -Biz Markie - "Just a Friend" (campers make lanyards)
      -Ruff Endz - "No More" (Landons' BBQ)
      -Wheatus - "Teenage Dirtbag" (Landons' BBQ)
      -XTC - "Dear God" (Daria sees Link's painting)
      -Macy Gray - "Why Didn't You Call Me?" (Jane & Allison having dinner)
      -Eve - "Love is Blind" (after Daria & Tom's fight)
      -Outkast - "The Art of Storytelling" (Jane at Allison's cabin)
      -MxPx - "Responsibility" (DeMartino breaks window)
      -Pharaohe Monche - "Simon Says" (Kevin & Brittany are fired)
      -KoRn - "Somebody Someone" (Daria & Trent visit Jane)
      -311 - "Don't Stay Home" (Jane & Daria @ Mystic Spiral gig)
      -Chantel Kreviazuk - "Before You" (Quinn answers question correctly)

    • P-STAT scores: Tiffany - 902, Sandy - 920, Stacy - 940, Quinn - 955

    • This is the first of two TV movies in the Daria TV series; the second one being "Is It College Yet?"

    • Instead of playing the regular theme song. They play Splendora's Turn Down The Sun.

    • On Noggin, references to Allison being a bisexual were edited out.

    • We learn that Tom's family name is Sloane, and that the preparatory academy he attends is called Fielding (which Mrs. Sloane assumed that Daria was also attending). We're also introduced to his family, parents Angier and Katherine and sister Elsie.

    • The premiere was a special two-hour event. The movie aired commercial-free, with about four minutes of extra footage added here and there, and included a "video" for Mystik Spiral's "Freakin' Friends" as well as a truncated airing of the "Behind the Scenes With Daria" special. (Subsequent airings included commercials, did not have the extra footage, video, or "Behind the Scenes" special, and were shown in a 90-minute time slot.)

    • Rather than alter-egos, the end credits are accompanied by "bloopers and outtakes" from the movie.

    • "Pepperhill" is a parody of Pepperdine University. The reference is probably to the Malibu Beach branch, since Pepperhill is supposed to be a "party school."

    • The P-STAT is apparently the Lawndale equivalent of the PSAT, which is a preliminary version of the Scholastic Aptitude Test, or SAT, used by most colleges to measure a student's academic level as a factor in their admission to the school.

    • Mack's debt to his father was mentioned in "Partner's Complaint" (#401).

    • Jane's comment about "meeting someone and running off between sets" is exactly what she did when she met Tom in "Jane's Addition" (#313).

    • Jodie's "shredding of some congressman's incriminating files" is exactly what she said she'd be doing over the summer in "The F Word" (#405).

    • An excited Jake and Helen also chased each other around the living room in "Road Worrier" (#111).

    • Quinn's recitation to Mr. DeMartino of the definition of Manifest Destiny harkens back to Daria's similar recitation in "Esteemsters" (#101).

  • Allusions

    • Beach Blanket Bingo

      The usual opening theme is replaced by "Turn Down the Sun" by Splendora (who also perform the regular Daria intro), a cynical version of the typical "Frankie & Annette beach movie" theme song. The opening scenes a parody of Beach Blanket Bingo, one of the most popular Frankie Avalon and Annette Funicello beach movies from the 1950s. The various Daria cast members are doing beach activities (with Daria getting hit with various objects and having sand kicked in her face).

    • One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest

      The scene where Mr. DeMartino throws the sink through the window is a direct reference to the 1962 book One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest by Ken Kesey. This book was made into a 1963 play and a 1975 film starring Jack Nicholson. A schizophrenic mental patient named Chief "Broom" Bromden retaliates against the cruel treatment forced upon him and other patients by the cruel Nurse Ratched. When another patient (Randle McMurphy) kept opposing Ratched, she had him lobotomized to win their feud. Chief smothered the vegetative McMurphy so that Ratched couldn't use him as an example of her authority. To escape the asylum, he rips a sink off a wall and throws it through a window.

    • Daria: Is this the ninth circle of hell?
      David: "The Divine Comedy".

      The Divine Comedy was a book written by Dante Alighieri between 1308 and 1321. This Italian story is usually separated into three parts: Inferno (commonly known as "Dante's Inferno"), Purgatorio (Purgatory), and Paradiso (Paradise). The stories describe all the levels and sections of hell, as based on the Middle Age ideas of theology and the afterlife.

    • Jake: Damn it, Helen! I want to go to the ball!
      Daria: Yes, why should your wicked stepsisters have all the fun?

      This is a reference to the classic fairy tale Cinderella. All the women of the kingdom were invited to a ball, and Cinderella's dress was ruined by her stepsisters at the last minute so she could not attend the ball. Her fairy godmother comes just in the nick of time and gives her a brand new dress so she can go to the ball afterall and dance with the prince.

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