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Season 3 Episode 9

Jake of Hearts

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Jul 21, 1999 on MTV - Music Television
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Episode Summary

Jake suffers a mild heart attack, which makes Daria aware of his mortality for the first time. She then has to deal with his judgmental mom coming to stay with them while he recuperates, and Jake confronts his mom about the way she views his military-freak father. Meanwhile, a pair of obnoxious radio DJs broadcast from Lawndale High for the entire week, and Daria finds that the only way to make them go away is to shame them into leaving.moreless

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    Tracy Grandstaff

    Tracy Grandstaff

    Daria Morgendorffer

    Wendy Hoopes

    Wendy Hoopes

    Jane Lane, Helen Morgendorffer, Quinn Morgendorffer

    Julian Rebolledo

    Julian Rebolledo

    Jake Morgendorffer

    Marc Thompson

    Marc Thompson

    Kevin Thompson, Anthony DeMartino, Timothy O'Neill, Jamie White

    Janie Mertz

    Janie Mertz

    Sandi Griffin, Brittany Taylor, Andrea, Sick, Sad World Reporter

    Jessica Cydnee Jackson

    Jessica Cydnee Jackson

    Jodie Landon

    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (1)

      • Daria's comment about Marconi is a reference to Gugliermo Marconi, who invented the radio and is often referred to as the "Father of Radio".

    • QUOTES (18)

      • Helen: Oh Jakey, I promise that the girls and I will take good care of you from now on.
        Jake: What's the catch?

      • Daria: I think I had a hand in her epiphany.
        Jane: I hope you washed it thoroughly.

      • Ruth: Daria, you look...you haven't changed a bit.
        Daria: Actually I've had a number of bionic limbs installed.

      • Ruth: What exactly are you making, Helen?
        Helen: Chinese chicken with pea-pods.
        Ruth: Mm-hm. You do you realize that's a piece of fish?

      • Spatula Man: Just tell us which station plays the hits high schoolers love to hear.
        Jane: Note to self: stop by courthouse on way home and pick up restraining order.

      • Daria: (on the phone) [Helen]'ll have to get back to you when she regains her sanity. No, I don't know when that'll be.

      • Jane: Don't worry, the van will move on soon. Or be destroyed in a mysterious bombing, I haven't decided yet.

      • (the phone rings and Daria answers)
        Daria: Hello? Quinn, telephone.
        Quinn: Message pad.
        Daria: Quinn can't come to the phone. She's studying. Stu...dy...ing. No, this isn't a prank call, you called me.

      • Jane: A date for a bumper sticker?
        Jodie: Even Upchuck doesn't deserve this much humiliation.
        Daria: Think how the bumper sticker must feel.

      • Upchuck: Charles is my name, exploring the dark underbelly of passion is my game.

      • Quinn: Guess what, Daddy? I'm going to study to be a doctor!
        Jake: Hey, that's great!
        Daria: Dr. Quinn, medicine moron.
        Quinn: A heart doctor. If Dad had died, I would've been freaked out for, like, years.
        Jake: That's the spirit, sweetie. Avenge my death.
        Daria: You're not dying, Dad.
        Jake: Avenge me!
        Helen: Jake, you're gonna give yourself a... never mind.

      • Sandi: Tiffany, dear, could you please explain to this Spatula man why a bumper stick could not possibly compensate for the humilation and permanent reputation damage involved in one single date with Charles Reitheimer?
        Tiffany: Upchuck...eww.
        Sandi: Well done.

      • (Quinn is reading a large book on heart attacks)
        Daria: (to Quinn) Maybe you should start out with something smaller. A lot of coloring books feature hearts...and rainbows.

      • Quinn: That spatuala-man is funny
        Daria: As are most men named after kitchen utensils

      • Jane: Is that the grandmother who said she'd give you a hundred dollars if you changed your hair?
        Daria: Both my grandmothers said that.

      • Daria: Good grief.
        Jane: It's lame DJs, Charlie Brown.

      • Jake: (starts blushing and sweating) "What did the doctor tell you about cheese, Jake? What did the doctor tell you about cheese, Jake?" Why can't a man come home from a hard day's work and enjoy a lousy taco without it turning into...hey, you know, it's the darndest thing! I can't feel my arm!
        (starts wheezing)
        Daria: Dad?
        Jake: Blurk!
        (passes out in the guacamole)
        Quinn: Daddy?
        Jake: (picks his head up from the bowl) Mom's...gonna miss...the guacamole...
        (passes out again)
        Helen: (turns around, drops phone) Jakey!

      • (the Z-93 Van pulls up at Lawndale High)
        Spatula Man: (over loudspeaker) Hey, Lawndale High! Are you ready to par-tay cra-zay?
        Jane: What the hell is that?
        Daria: If it's an ice cream truck, that'd better be some damn good ice cream.

    • NOTES (1)

      • Music:
        -Kid Rock - "Only God Knows Why" (closing credits)
        -Guns 'N Roses - "Welcome To The Jungle" (DJs arriving at school & at Pizza King)
        -Cypress Hill - "How I Could Just Kill a Man" (Daria's first encounter w/ DJs)
        -Foxy Brown - "I Can't" (DJs "sex announcement")
        -Hole - "Miss World" (Jane's room)
        -Nas - "Nas Is Like" (Jeffy yelling for DJs)
        -Imperial Teen - "You're One" (Daria's third visit to Jake's room)
        -Culture Club - "Do You Really Want to Hurt Me" (Daria & Jane at Pizza King)

    • ALLUSIONS (5)

      • The Bionic Woman & The Six Million Dollar Man

        Daria's comment about having a number of bionic limbs installed is referencing two TV shows from the '70s, The Six Million Dollar Man and The Bionic Woman (the latter being a spin-off of the former). Both shows concerned a human being reconstructed after a horrific accident with bionic limbs to make them more than human.

      • Daria: Dr. Quinn, Medicine Moron

        This is a reference to the popular '90s TV show titled Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman, about a woman doctor in frontier America.

      • Jake: Merry Christmas, you little old garden gnome!

        This is a reference to both the end of A Christmas Carol, by Charles Dickens, when Ebenezer Scrooge is running through the streets calling "Merry Christmas!" to everyone he passes, grateful that he has seen the error of his ways, and the classic film, It's a Wonderful Life, when George goes running through Bedford Falls yelling "Merry Christmas!" to the various buildings and people after realizing how truly wonderful his life is.

      • Buck and O'Connor

        Dan Vebber based Lawndale's two Wacky Z-93 D.J.'s Bing and The Spatula Man on real life morning show D.J.'s Buck and O'Connor from rock station Z-95 in Milwaukee in the early 1980s.

      • Title Pun: Jake of Hearts

        This is a play on jack of hearts, one of the cards in a standard deck of playing cards.