Season 5 Episode 6

Lucky Strike

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Mar 26, 2001 on MTV - Music Television
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When Principal Li fails to honor the raise promised in the teachers' contracts, the teachers go on strike. Substitutes are hired to take their place, including a spaced-out elderly woman to take over for Mr. DeMartino; and a sleazebag for Mr. O'Neill's class who is soon fired for hitting on Tiffany. That substitute's replacement is none other than Daria. Quinn starts to fear that the truth about her sibling relationship to Daria will come out, especially when she keeps having to defend Daria in front of her friends. Daria tries to teach the class Shakespeare's "Romeo and Juliet", and when she assigns a test, Quinn finds that she knows the play well enough to ace it. When Quinn gets a much better grade than the rest of the Fashion Club, Sandi brings up the question of Quinn's relationship to Daria. Quinn finally admits, with no shame, that she and Daria are sisters. While the strike is going on, the Lane siblings end up helping the teachers--Jane by creating posters, and Trent by writing inspiring lyrics for Mr. O'Neill to sing.moreless

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  • This episode is definitely one of the best episodes of the series. It's full of character development, great dialogue and hilarious situations with almost every major and minor characters appearing.

    The Lawndale teachers go on strike and Ms. Li has to find someone to teach the children...sounds like a plotline we've seen before, doesn't it? Even "The Simpsons" had the teacher strike episode in their first couple seasons. However the writers of "Daria" managed to keep this episode fun and original by adding the twist that Daria takes over teaching Quinn's English class. Meanwhile, Trent gets coerced by Mr. O'Neil to help them write a "stirring song" to help band the teachers together to have their demands met by Ms. Li so they could return to work. Part of the fun of this episode is building on the characters that we already know and love by putting them in new situations: Quinn, her fan club and the Fashion club dealing with Daria (aka: Miss Darlene) as their substitute, Kevin constantly being thwarted by an elderly woman, Mr. DeMartino trying desperately to negotiate a new teaching contract with Ms. Li, Trent collaborating on strike songs with Mr. O'Neil, and Jane painting strike posters with Ms. DeFoe. In the end Quinn proudly admits that Daria is her sister and realizes that she's much smarter than she thought she was, Kevin loses the battle with his substitute, Mr. DeMartino manages to get the new contract signed and the strike is over. There's a ton of great dialogue between Daria and her new students, including their discussions on Shakespeare and her enlightening the class on the meaning of "woe" ("It's like the feeling you'd get if the Superbowl were preempted by "Antiques Roadshow.") All in all, another great installment from a great series.moreless
Amir Williams

Amir Williams

Michael Jordan "Mack" Mackenzie

Tracy Grandstaff

Tracy Grandstaff

Daria Morgendorffer

Wendy Hoopes

Wendy Hoopes

Jane Lane, Helen Morgendorffer, Quinn Morgendorffer

Julian Rebolledo

Julian Rebolledo

Jake Morgendorffer

Marc Thompson

Marc Thompson

Kevin Thompson, Anthony DeMartino, Timothy O'Neill, Jamie White

Janie Mertz

Janie Mertz

Sandi Griffin, Brittany Taylor

Danielle Carin

Danielle Carin

Mrs. Stoller

Guest Star

Tracy Lee Bell

Tracy Lee Bell


Guest Star

Amy Bennett

Amy Bennett

Mrs. Diane Bennett

Recurring Role

Danielle Carin

Danielle Carin

Ms. Claire Defoe

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


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  • QUOTES (25)

    • Jamie: (reading aloud) "Never was there a story of more woe than that of Juliet and her, uh, Romeo"?
      Daria: Thank you Joey, Jeffy, or Jamie. Laurence Olivier, in his present state, couldn't do much better.

    • Mrs. Stoller: And what's your name, dear?
      Daria: Daria.
      Mrs. Stoller: That sounds like a hippie name. I think I'll call you Darlene. So much prettier.

    • Ms. Li: (over the PA system) Will Miss Daria Morgendorffer please report to the principal's office NOW!!
      (Daria gets up to leave)
      Mrs. Stoller: Darlene, where are you going?
      Daria: To get Daria.

    • Ms. Li: In an unprecedented show of spine...I mean, "spite"...your teachers have announced a strike!

    • (Mr. O'Neill comes into the office to see how the negotiations are going. Ms. Li and Mr. DeMartino are passed out on the desk)
      Mr. O'Neill: Anthony, Angela, any progress? Oh no, they've killed each other!

    • Ms. Li: (hallucinating) Oh, Puffy, you don't need a weapon to make me do your bidding...

    • Mr. Edwards: (hitting on Tiffany) See, love can be so simple when the hand of experience nurtures the budding flower to full blossom.
      Tiffany: You're writing about gardening?

    • Mr. Edwards: The only books worth reading are those written in the deep, passionate waters of life.
      Stacy: So, like, "Jaws"?

    • Mr. O'Neill: Wait...I know you!
      Trent: (confused)You're on Spiral's mailing list?

    • Trent: (singing) Your salary offends me. Your health plan...
      Mr. O'Neill: Doesn't mend me?
      Trent: You know, if you're not going to take this seriously we can just stop right now.

    • (Daria has handed out the test to the class)
      Daria: I'd suggest you cheat off your neighbors, but considering who most of you are sitting next to...

    • Mrs. Stoller: ...And so the people asked George Washington, "Will you be our new king?" And Washington said (Jane walks in) young lady, you're tardy.
      Brittany: Gee, he wasn't very focused!

    • Daria: (passing out test) What is Romeo and Juliet about? Just write what you think and back it up. 200 words, minimum.
      Sandi: An essay test!
      Stacy: 200 words!
      Tiffany: Think?

    • Jane: Well, what do you know. Trent's actually on time to pick us up. And all I had to do was set his clock ahead four hours.

    • Quinn: Home is my sanitarium from school.

    • Jeffy: Miss Darlene, what does "woe" mean?
      Daria: It's like the feeling you'd get if the Superbowl were pre-empted by Antiques Roadshow."
      Joey: Whoa!!

    • (commenting on the grades Daria gave in her test)
      Sandi: Gee, Quinn, what a surprise you got a B+! I guess having a certain relationship with a certain teacher really paid off!
      Quinn: Um, Sandi, I think she was fairly easy on the grading, as long as you tried to think for yourself.
      Sandi: Oh really? I guess everything is relative!
      Quinn: Sandi! Ever since they asked her to take over this class from that creepy guy who wanted to fertilize Tiffany, seems to me all she's tried to do was make the best of a bad situation! Maybe we should cut her some slack!
      Sandi: See? There she goes taking sides again! You two are so nice to each other, you're almost like sisters!
      Quinn: I'm not taking anyone's side, Sandi, I'm just saying that sometimes people get put in awkward positions, like a girl who had to wear huge braces in fifth grade, and years later her brothers find pictures of her with them and give those pictures to a friend who hasn't shown them to anyone out of the goodness of her heart...yet.
      Sandi: Oh...
      Quinn: Besides, why shouldn't I act sisterly towards her? After all, she's my sister.

    • Ms. Li: If someone asked me to teach a class I'd be honored. Besides, we wouldn't be in this fix if it weren't for your mother!
      Daria: Yeah, hire one pedophile and she gets all bent out of shape. Besides, I'm not thinking of me, I'm thinking of the children.
      (Daria's evil conscience appears)
      Evil: Not so fast! You'll get out of gym class.
      (Daria's good conscience appears)
      Good: You? A scab?
      Evil: Oh, great, touched by an angel.
      Good: (Scolding)You'd be betraying your teachers.
      Evil: (Tempting) Hey, yeah! You'd be betraying your teachers!
      Good: You'd just be falling into the same trap that managements always use to keep wages low and workers weak.
      Evil: (to Good) Oh go dance on the head of a pin! (to Daria) You could make Quinn's life really miserable...
      Good: Huh, that's a good point!
      Evil: (to Good) Hey, you hungry?
      Good: (to Evil) Yeah, we can pick this up later.
      (both disappear)

    • (Quinn is talking while Helen is going over briefs)
      Quinn: (to Helen) ...and my Language Arts substitute wouldn't stop talking about this stupid novel he's writing..
      Helen: Mm-hmm...
      Quinn: ...about some professor who dates a budding child-woman because he wants to blossom her...
      Helen: Mm-hmm...
      Quinn: And then he started acting out his stupid book for us, stroking Tiffany's hair and telling her about his anguished soul...
      Helen: Mm-hmm...what?! He was stroking Tiffany's hair?!
      Quinn: I know! Like Tiffany would ever date someone who wore a tweed jacket.
      Helen: Daria! Get me the...
      (Turns to see Daria already has the phone in her hand after hearing Quinn say Mr. Edward's began stroking Tiffany's hair)
      Helen: Thank you!

    • (Daria teaching Quinn's Class)
      Daria: Okay. We know Mr. O'Neill assigned a play, and you're pretty sure the title didn't contain the word "alien." Do you remember anything else?
      Jeffy: Uh, I think the guy on the cover was wearing tights.
      Daria: Hm, since there are no wrestling dramas on the syllabus, I'm guessing Shakespeare.
      Jeffy: Wait, I remember now! He's a stalker! He follows girls home from parties and peeks in their windows!
      Daria: Romeo and Juliet.

    • Ms. Li: (screaming drunk-like over intercom) People of Mars!!...I mean students of Laundale High! What was I saying...Oh! The teachers...The strike is over! Your teachers will be back tomorrow. Good night...day.

    • (Upchuck is looking through the keyhole of Ms. Li's office)
      Upchuck: Ooh, I like what I'm seeing...
      Jane: Ms. Li changing her support hose again?
      Daria: That's another habit that will lead to blindness, Upchuck.
      Jane: But in this case, you'll wish for it.

    • Ms. Li: (over P.A.) Students of Lawndale High, your attention, please.
      Jane: Is that the voice in my head that tells me to kill and kill again?
      Daria: No. Satan's voice is lower and he has an English accent.

    • Mr. O'Neill and Trent: (singing) Have you ever been to the children's zoo? When when the birdies say "cheep" they're talking bout you! (look at each other) Nah...

    • (Mr. DeMartino and Ms. Li are in her office; both are tired and disheveled, obviously from heavy bargaining and lack of sleep)
      Ms. Li: Don't think you can intimiate...interminate...Don't think you can scare me with your threat to picket naked!
      Mr. DeMartino: You think I'm bluffing?! This is Goodwill polyester I've been sweating in all night. I want to picket naked!
      Ms. Li: All right, all right! A two-percent raise and a space heater for the teacher's lounge.
      Mr. DeMartino: (pulling on his collar) Boy! It's getting hot in here!

  • NOTES (3)

    • Music
      -The Posies - "Under Easy" (closing credits)
      -Ludacris - "Southern Hospitality" (Kevin, Brittany, Jane, and Daria in hallway)
      -Travis - "Writing to Reach You" (2nd commercial bumper)
      -AFI - "Total Immortal" (DeMartino in Li's office)
      -A Guy Called Gerald - "Fever (Or A Flame)" (O'Neill checking on Li's office)
      -David Gray - "Babylon" (right after Quinn admits that Daria is her sister)
      -Evan and Jaron - "Crazy For This Girl" (DeMartino's class after the strike)

    • This episode is available as a bonus feature on the Daria "Is it College Yet?" DVD.

    • Running Gags: Daria referring to Jamie, Joey, and Jeffey as "Jamie, Joey, or Jeffey" separately and Mrs. Stoller calling Kevin "Cubie" and telling him about his posture.


    • Title Pun: Lucky Strike

      Lucky Strike is a brand of cigarettes.

    • Mr. DeMartino: And you were there, and you, and you...

      This is from the 1939 musical The Wizard of Oz starring Judy Garland as Dorothy. She spoke the line after waking from a deep sleep.

    • Daria: See, in Shakespeare's version, Romeo never goes by Leonardo or takes a swim with his clothes on.

      This is a reference to the 1996 film adaption of Romeo + Juliet starring Leonardo DiCaprio as Romeo. This version kept all the original dialog but placed it in a more modern, contemporary setting.

    • Daria: It's like the feeling you'd get if the Superbowl were pre-empted by Antiques Roadshow.

      Antiques Roadshow is a show on PBS where people from whatever city the show happens to be in that week bring in their old junk to have it appraised by professional antiques dealers to see if it's worth anything.