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  • Best show ever!

    This show is always interesting and constantly keeps me engaged throughout the whole of each of these humorous and unforgettable episodes! I recommend you go watch Daria right now!
  • My favorite show in history

    Dara is the best
  • Never Has A Character Reminded Me So Much Of Three!

    Kevin, the star quarterback of Daria's high school, has the unique distinction of having the haircut of Drak, Jr. from the Drak Pack TV show as well as the voice of Howie and the build of Frankie. Never have I been amused by a TV show which will not be remembered for its flagship character but for a secondary one who has characteristics of multiple protagonists from a long-forgotten Saturday morning cartoon which aired years ago on CBS. Daria is still well written and has the protagonist isolated from Beavis and Butt-Head; thankfully, she no longer has to hear the "Diarrhea" jokes. There are quite a few gems to be had in the five season collection of episodes; and Jane makes wearing tights with shorts fashionable.
  • This is comedy?

    I was curious to this show to see what it would be like being a teenager back in high school life. I can recall my high school years with its many ups and downs. Hearing that this was a comedy I thought I would like it, but unfortunately as I watched it, it was in my eyes and ears not very funny and depressing to sit through. Don't get me too wrong fans, I didn't completely, hate it, but I can't recommend it to anyone for that matter. For a start, the idea of a (smart) teenage girl going through life virtually living in her own self-centered world of criticizing and if I might add treating almost everyone around her (including her own family members) like garbage is something I don't find funny at all. It's appalling to say the least. As if teens don't need any more negative influences, the creator Glenn Eischler, like Mike Judge is just adding insult to injury by saying that they are criticizing society, but in reality they are just adding to the problems. What's more is that Eischler is using two methods that unfortunately don't really go together: solipsism and high school caricature. The former may have worked best in literary works such as . Salinger's Catcher in the Rye and Jonathan Lethem's Motherless Brooklyn where we were able to read the protagonist's thoughts and imaginative play. As for the latter, that may have worked with sitcoms such as Saved by the Bell and Boy Meets World, but the humor had a sense of jovialness. Here, the humor of student stupidity and condescendence of adulthood just bangs and clangs so loudly and reaches the level of preposterousness. The biggest problem for me in this show is the protagonist. She just observes everything around her without really doing anything like a Greek chorus and behaves rather selfishly. At no point does she wake up and realize that she is wrong in her viewpoint that everyone is actually not as bad as they seem if she gave them some time.

    On the plus side, I'm grateful that it has some good messages about life in general, including individualism and integrity over popularity. It even showed some teenage pressures realistically. On the contrary, I actually liked the addition of Tom Sloane as he gave Daria a small bit of humanity.

    Regretfully the humor left a ton to be desired. Usually being: "Hi, I'm Daria, go to hell" or "Mine is don't do drugs (it's a painting of just drugs and alcohol)"

    That's supposed to be funny? If Roger Ebert saw this he'd would call it the "high school version" of North with unfunny characters and cold-hearted premise.

    The 6 grade I am giving it was for the positives mentioned above and MTV's effort to try and redeem themselves from being labeled as the trashiest network in the history of TV.
  • A Show I wished I watched when I was younger

    Oh Daria... She's like the hero to all introverts (me included lol).

    I missed out on this show during it's hey day in the 90s. In fact, I didn't watch Daria until last year (2013) and it instantly became a favorite.

    I think the reason why I love this show so much is noticing how relatable it is. I mean, my life was somewhat like that with key differences, I'm a guy. But I was always an introverted individual who had a hard time making friends and usually kept my nose in my sketchbook. So when I got to learn more about Daria and her best friend, Jane, I was like wow, I relate to them so much. In fact, when I was in high school, I was practically a loner until my senior year where I met a new student who was somewhat a loner too. So it was like I was Jane (as I really did and still do love art) and my friend was Daria (she loved writing lol) and we both loved Alternative music lol.

    Anyway, I can see how some people would be turned off by the show as Daria has that somewhat boring and monotonous voice but the real magic of the show is the other characters, especially the teachers. I'm happy that Daria was able to get 5 seasons and it's own movie. Honestly, I like almost every episode of Daria and it'll always be one of my favorites. I also find it ironic how the tv show in the show "Sick, Sad World" kind of predicted what MTV would turn in to.

    They just don't make shows like this anymore sadly. Still, 90s gold in my opinion.
  • Brialliant

    Can't say more
  • Could be interesting

    1 ep (11)
  • The evolution of Daria

    As a child of the 90's (born 1987), I discovered Daria probably into it's first or second season. I was about 11 or so, and I didn't quite get all of the jokes/comments/implications until I was a little older, and now at age 26, I do view the show in a somewhat different light.

    Aside from the obvious stereotypes and shallowness of the show (each character is either a jock/popular/outsider/or weirdo) but for some reason, in many of the episodes the most popular people (esp. Kevin and Brittany) seem to speak with or even hang out with the "outsider" daria. Perhaps because it's a show, and they need character interaction. I'd almost go as far to say that Kevin and Brittany (and Jodie and Mac) have a friendship with Daria and Jane, while Kevin is the butt of all the jokes.

    In the beginning, Daria seemed more humanized, but as time went on, her voice got more annoying and more like a robot. Even when she was getting closer with Tom, it was just awkward, I couldn't relate to her, and she started to sound like a lot more monotone, and MORE shallow, when I would think as the show evolves she would become a little more "lifelike". Perhaps she was, but her tone was more and more off-putting, despite her character traits.

    Also, Kevin--I get it, the bone head one is that stupid. Even in the beginning Kevin seemed a little smarter than he ended up. Perhaps the creators of the show wanted to shed some truth, that if you don't apply yourself, you will stay back (Is it College Yet?), but he was SO stupid, and it came to a point where it was unbelievable and I kind of felt badly for the character. I was surprised to see, earlier in the series that Kevin corrected Brittany's pronunciation of a multi-syllable word. But, as time went on, there was no growth in Kevin, not even as a a decline, which just expresses a disgust the creators must have felt with the character. But, when the episode "A tree grows in lawndale" came out, I guess the only message implied was, that a school needs a star quarterback in order to be accepted. That's a good message more or less?

    Also, Daria is very shallow just like her sister (implied in The New Kid) that she comes of hypocritical, but it's good that she's shown she is when Jane breaks some stereotypes: Joining track and thinking about I don't really like how she ends up quitting both. Maybe it wasn't for her, but at least you see her jogging after that episode.

    The fashion a cult. They didn't even have good outfits half the time, or different ones. .

    Also, the elders were so disrespected, and the whole monitary bribe between mother and her daughters made me sick. Also, Daria I think should have gotten a real job instead, but she is kind of a spoiled bitch.

    I'm kind of rushing through this, as you can tell my review isn't so well written. But I would like to end saying, two things: Daria and Trent hit home to someone A LOT and fantasizing a life with really it would never work out. It's a hard lesson some of us don't even learn by age 17, but it's a harsh true reality.

    At the end of the show, I enjoyed the delightful costumes each character would be in, to break those stereotypes.

    Those were just my not so positive thoughts on the show and I was pondering about. Aside from all that, I really love the show Daria, and feel it was a success as a spin off from Beavis and Butthead.

    I made this video a while back:: y o u t u b e . c o m / w a t c h ? v = j A M f L F n 0 e a M

    just take away the spaces. I think true Daria fans will enjoy my little tribute.

    it's of trent and daria.

  • A spin-off as good as the show it was spunned-off.


    I didn't grow up with Beavis and Butt-head, but I did grow up with this show. Believe it or not, I was about 5 the first time I watched this show. My sister showed us it on MTV at like 3 AM in the morning while my (little) sister wanted to watch stuff like Dora...?! I remember us calling her "Diarrhea" but we really liked the show and I still do. It was a really funny and good show. And certainly better animated than B&B. I think the reason my sister watched this when she was in High School was because she could relate to her. Sort of. She certainly acted like her. Now, she's not fat anymore, she's healthy and living in another state. This show will bring me memories of her and my childhood. Even though I was REALLY young.

  • Daria, looking back from thicker glasses

    Daria was one of those shows that made the 90's what it was !

    I was in high school when daria was on Beavis and Butthead and was going through the college years when Her spin off aired so i could still very much relate.

    The one problem i have with daria now being MUCH older, when i watched it all again when i got the series on dvd is that she comes off as sort of snide ungreatful bitch( i stil love her)!!

    it just kind of ticks me off that while Kevin and brittney and chuck ect where morons they where stil nice kids who DID like Daria they where more or less annoyances(sp) that she never had much respect for or tried to have a respect for....although she could kind of open herself up to jodie.

    HHmmmmmm as i write this i think back at how i did the same thing let my sardonic attitude get the better of me but now CAN appreciate those "stereotypes" i call my peers......Lesson learned Daria !! Well Played.
  • A show that's good for taking your time.

    You want show that will take your time, in the exchange of good entertainment? Then this show is for you.

    Plot: Daria Morgendorffer, a smart girl in high school who likes to have fun as soon as possible, getting friends and being recognized, always takes things up to a quirky way. Episodes are great, and really unique plots each episode. There are some forgotten thinsg in some of those episodes, but not much.

    Characters: They're nice and have their own good traits, there are some characters with issues, but they display it in a funny way. Voice acting and dialogue is nice.

    Humor: Sarcastic, quirky, ironic humor. They can do it like a pro.

    Art: Detailed correctly, in a simple drawing. Fantastic. Animation is great.

    Overall: 9.5. There's some tiny bit of flaw in here, but it shouldn't do a thing.
  • Smart and sarcastic!

    Daria is a nerd you'll want to follow. Great visuals and well played character Daria!
  • As a teenager back in the 90's this show was exactly what I needed.


    Daria and the whole town of Lawndale has entertained me greatly throughout the years, but none more so than when I was a teen in the 1990's. Picture this is you can... most people my age at the time were either into Beavis and Butthead, or Gangster Rap, so you can see where having niche for nerdy/smart girls would do wonders for M.T.V., and for said girls themselves.

    Daria is a typical brain with a healthy amount of cynicism. her best friend Jane is a gifted artist with a really hot brother (he was probably my first, last, and only cartoon heart throb). Quinn Daria's sister is very popular and let's just say nowhere as bright asDaria. The Morgendorffers, Daria and Quinn's parents are typical 90's succeeding parents, a little blind to what is going on at home, but love their kids and what to do right by them none the less.

    You will also meet an array of characters from the High School. The cheer leader, the jock, the goth, and the fashion club. All them are sure to take you back to yourown High School days, and probably remind you of someone you knew, if not yourself.

    This is an exxcellant series. I enjoy watching it still today, however thank the heavens it was there for me as a teen!

  • Welcome to Lawndale make yourself at home.

    I got the series on DVD and I just love it. Every episode cracks me up. Daira with her Sarcasem and dry wit. Jane with her her point of view on art and the world. We also have The Fashion club consisting of Daria's sister Quinn and her Friends Sandie, Tiffany and Stacie. Quinn is shallow but underneath is a girl with a kind heart. Tiffany is so funny with her slow valley girl accent and her shallowness. Sandie even though she's a witch you got to like her. And Stacie the timid mouse who just wants to fit in. This show is as Quinn would put it Retro.
  • Snarky!

    Daria is the classic snarky dissatisfied youth, but one that is actually funny and amusing rather than depressing. Daria is from when MTV was still doing unique programing. Definitely one of the funnest show to be on television and a true comedy classic. Daria is so good because it rings so true. This show was a guiding arrow in my teenage life and I miss it! I think modern teens could do with more smart quick-witted girls in their life. Hopefully the shows will come out on DVD so that another generation can enjoy the comic genius and teen angst that makes up Daria.
  • I miss this show. Bring it back Plz! Or at least release all the season of the show + the movies onto DVD.

    I absolutely loved this show and still do. I miss it so. I wish MTV would bring it back but MTV are stupid and won't. I also wish they bring the whole series and its movies too but again MTV is too dumb to do so. I would def. buy the show on DVD. This show was ahead of its time and relevant or however thats spelt. Every Character was awesome esp. Daria and her Jane I think her name was. Why are all the good shows the ones to be cancelled or never given a chance. I love DARIA Show! Daria ROCKS!
  • Bring Daria back and put it on Local TV.

    Why? That is the main question that pops in to my head when I think of Daria. Not "Why did they create this show, much less actually air it?" but of "Why did they stop airing it?"
    A lot of people watched Daria and a lot of people liked it. For those of us that were dealing with some of the same issues during high school, or even those that weren't, everyone could relate to this witty and sarcastic show. So, when are they going to bring it back? There are all these reality tv shows that are just kinda lame, and then there are adult cartoons like Family Guy... well, I'm sure Daria would fit in real nice with that as well. So come on, bring it back, make a movie, after all, if the Simpsons can, so could Daria. But I would bring it back on Local TV stations. A lot more people would watch if on local.
  • Daria was one of the best things MTV had on in the Late 90's. The sarcastic humor and story lines of this animated serious felt like you were watching a non-animated serious. It ended just as it was getting to be great.

    Daria is not your typical teenager. I would consider her a late bloomer, which I can identify with myself. Daria and her sister were complete opposites, but as the series progressed they learned how to become friends. Daria's Dad was always aloof and her Mother was always trying to make her better. The Mother and the Sister were more alike than anything. What made this animated series personal was the dialogue she would have with her family. It was something I could really relate to and felt within my own life. Then Daria becomes friends with a boy and just as things were getting good with this guy they cut the serious off. It was extremely disappointing because I thought there was so much there. I recall they made a Daria movie to catch us up, but that wasn't the same.
  • The show centers, of course, around the main character Daria and her daily life at high school, home or anywhere else, with a dry sarcastic tone.

    I remember as a elementary student often wondering what high school would turn out to be. If I had watched Daria back then, I would have been a little better prepared. The show Daria and Daria herself is often funny, well spoken, and hits home almost too well. In the late 90's when the show first started, I remember catching a few episodes and laughing but not really getting everything. I had remembered it fondly but rarely looked back on it. Just recently I caught all the episodes on Youtube. During and after I was finished with all of them, my mind sprung up the question, "Where was this show when I was in high school?" Ironically the show had eneded its run right when I started high school and I can only say I missed out on something great. Daria with her sarcastic tone and dry wit only voice what most teenagers are feeling in high school but too afarid to speak it. If I had seen Daria before high school, there's a good chance I might have gotten the guts to speak my mind every once in awhile.
  • Intelligent comedy about sarcastic teenage highschool girl

    Daria Morgendorffer is a teenage girl (16 at the shows beginning, 18 in the second telemovie) who attends Lawndale High school. She is antisocial from a young age (this is partly explained in the last non movie episode where she relives her childhood in a cardboard box) and declines from social activities, group meetings or other social contact when possible, often using other peoples stupidity as an excuse, although it seems to go further than that. She is part of a wealthy family who own a double storey house and her mother is a successful businesswoman whilst her father is on the verge of insanity and seems broken down somewhat either from failure or bad luck. Her sister is materalistic and overly social and cares more for clothes than intelligence. Daria has the ability to be social, she seems to decline from it for some reason either to further her career goals or from a contempt of others. She is quite good looking but puts off others by wearing simple clothes (boots, black skirt, green jacket, orange/brown shirt). She however is not immune to socal feelings and has one close friend, Jane Lane, an aspiring artist, sister to Trent, an aspiring musician who has a band called Mystic Spiral. Trent is rather odd and seems to be relaxed to the point that he is only vaguely aware of things. Jane and Daria's strong bond is tested when Daria kisses Janes boyfriend Tom Sloane (a seemingly trivial incident but after all this is highschool and they take things seriously) Daria and Tom have an uneasy relationship and decide to break up during the final telemovie. A funny and entertaining show, much of the humour is considered 'highbrow' or 'intelligent' but i found it quite amusing. There are numerous references to culture, although much of the humour is verbal.
  • Daria 101: the basics of Daria

    Daria a.k.a. "The Most popular loner ever" has to be one of the best shows MTV has ever did. You cant help the fact that Daria grows on you, with her sarcasm and dry humor. Plus the fact that she rarely smiles. Everyone who is in highschool or Graduated or Dropped out see's themself in a least one character in the show. Daria's Homelife is Screwed up her mom always working, her dad being a complete Idiot and her sister a stuck up whore with a conscience. Daria's highschool,Lawndale High, is your typical movie highschool with dumbass jocks and cheerleaders, Nerds, preps, "mean girls"(which her sister is apart of), loners, and even token black people. Basically if your smart, hate dumbass people and dont take others BS, then Daria is the show for you.
  • Daria is an animated spin – off of Beavis and Butthead, it revolves around Daria Morgendorffer a deadpan and cynical teenager and her life in suburban America.

    The show depicts the characters through her dark point – of – view and thus most of them are all stereotypes and are seen as dislikeable and annoying people. Very amazingly she has a friend named Jane, an artist who shares most of Daria's pessimistic outlooks but is a lot less abrasive than her friend. Although the premise is relatively bleak Daria surprisingly delivers many satisfactory one-liners that are funny enough for the show not to be completely depressing yet they don't affect the show's environment. Very few of the episodes actually have plots but merely narrate on Daria's bleak day – to – day life, it isn't until Tom (essentially a male version of Daria) is introduced and is dating Jane does an engaging story arc form. Although the main character is a girl and many of the episodes and themes are directed at girls; Daria represents the alienaion and sarcasm which resides in any girl or boy and would be enjoyed by anyone. The show visually is relative to its interconnected shows Beavis and Butthead and King of the Hill as it is extremely basic and down – to – earth which is a nice change to the world of paranormal cartoon that is on offer these days. As very few of the jokes are visual the show relies on dry wit to make it funny and it is very effective. This offbeat show strangely works very well by pressing all the entertaining and intriguing buttons however since the new depressed teenager trend people may find Daria a clichéd character but the show would still leave any fan satisfied reliably.
  • Daria is about a teenage girl with a sarcastic attitude. She's one of the smartest characters in the whole show and if she were real, she would be one of the smartest girls you would ever meet.

    I was terribly sad when Daria ended. I watched this show way before I entered high school and I still enjoyed it. She had such a quick wit that was always a laugh to hear. I could relate to her feelings of being surrounded by superficial people and their idiotic comments. She should be looked at as a role model for many teens. She wasn't unbelievable either. She had a crush on her best friend's lowlife of a brother, Trent. She had her own human flaws and she learned from her mistakes in many of the episodes. She came off as being sarcastic and full of dry wit most of the time, but she was the awkward teen that we could all relate to. There hasn't been an actual witty teenage show like this one since.
  • I grew up watching this show, I was only five or six at the time, but still it is an ahhmazing show.

    Daria is a really cool show,
    I started watching when i was really little,
    So i really didnt understand most of it,
    but as i got older i really followed the plots.

    I found it to be an ahhmazing show.
    and i really think they should bring it back
    It is funny and dramatic...
    but mostly funny, and the characters are a real treat.
    I think you should really watch this show,
    too bad they dont have any DVD sets, they should really get some, They do have a DVD movie though "is it college yet?" and "is it fall yet?" are both available on DVD for anyone who would like to start watching the show.
  • Just great and awesome and all of that

    I had seen Daria for the first time when I was 7 or 6 or something, just because my sister was watching it. But at that time I didn't understood a thing (I think it's pretty logic why). And now, here I am, rewatching it, and it's making much more sense (thank god), and I am currently considering one of the best animated shows from that time. I just love it. All the mocking.. the true but yet, ironically and comic presented situations of an average high school day. And Daria is great! Who whouldn't love her? Who wouldn't love her intelligent sarcasm and unexpressive voice or face? I just can't get enough!
  • Why I am who I am...

    Lawndale is the greatest place on earth. While the Simpson's was still getting used to their place in the world, the Morgendorfers and the Lanes and everybody else fulfilling very hilarious dark roles. In a time where our parents were still trying desperately to make us football jock and cheerleader types, Daria came along and showed us all that you could be painfully cool and funny even if you were smarter than everyone else you were around. Daria truely was an inspiration to people who were looking at life through a different lens. Even the progress of the show was perfect, 5 great seasons going through 4 years of high school and the last was the tv movie about going to college. So perfect. I only wish that we could resurrect Daria for a stint in College...
  • Makes me laugh out loud with a type of hummor that's so hard to find. A must for anyone with a cyinial bone in thier bodies. Can't belive it only lasted 5 series and 2 movies

    This will sound weird but Daria reminds me of the Carthagian gernal Hannibal. Under vauled, under resouced but brillant. She can make you burst into laughter in every episode which is quite a feat for 5 straght years. It seems strange but this show really was the cartoon that should have replaced the simspons. All the other toon based shows since have been simpsons in sheeps clothing, making the same jokes but taking them 1 step further. i.e futurerama, family guy. but Daria did the immposibly by finding a differant type of hummor. It made people think and pay attention or they would miss the wit. It seems that this may have also been its flaw. In a fast paced world were a person with cable can watch 80+ channels, if you don't like the 1st 3 seconds of a show you change the channel,a show which needs an entire show to become hooked for life will be lost on so many souls. Daria following will only grow as it begins to reach more and more people. People who will be looking for some thing new and freash will ultiamtly find Daria
  • this is another one of my favorite shows.. i never get bored with it.. i would watch it all day long if i could..

    if i could think of one show that everyone should watch is this one.. it is the best show i have ever seen. i don't know why they got rid of it. i could watch this show all day everyday.. i don't get bored with it.. it is so funny and has the best lines ever.. she is awesome.. i like how she makes her life interesting.. she is the funniest charcter ever seen on tv. i could see her being a good friend of mine. her friend is awesome too.. she is so funny.. she makes me laugh all the time..
  • Daria

    It sucks that The-N took Daria off the air, I don't understand why, that show had good ratings. But before it got taken off I didn't watch it that much because it came on at like 3 in the morning. Well it's been over a year since The-N took it off so I don't guess it's not going to put it back on. It would be so awesome if Adult Swim would air Daria I mean come on if they'll air a show like Pee Wee's play house surely they would air a show like Daria, Daris is the most perfect show for Adult Swim and whats stupid is Degrassi is a boring drama show and there still making new episodes of it, at least Daria was funny, well if there not going to air Daria the least they could so is release it on DVD.
  • Possibly the best spin-off and MTV cartoon ever.

    Daria is my second favourite cartoon ever. If there was a DVD (which I wish there was) I'd be the first to get it. The whole dynamic of the show is a classic. An alienated, sarcastic school girl trying to balance a dysfunctional family and an even weirder school filled with teachers with bulging eye, the Fashion Club and her best friend who expresses her anger through her bizzarely abstract art. I think the reason many people love the show is the fact that there is one character you can easily relate to. For me, it's Daria. But that's just me. In my opinion, Daria is unforgettable and, unlike cheezy teen sitcoms, this is truly a show that will get you through high school.
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