Daria - Season 1

MTV - Music Television (ended 2002)




Episode Guide

  • Sealed with a Kick
    Sealed with a Kick
    Episode 1
    Daria's 10-minute pilot, available only on the home video, consisting solely of animatics with accompanying dialogue. Set in "Modern Day High School" Daria asks Kevin, the football player, to lend her a pencil, which he immediately interprets as a come-on. Daria decides to have a little fun with him and pretend that she likes him, but when he breaks up with his girlfriend, Daria blows him off. Kevin comes to Daria's house to ask her out, but when he meets her sexy sister, Quinn, he decides to run off with her instead. Character personalities are slightly different here than in later episodes: Daria is more mischievous and saucy, and Kevin is portrayed as less of a brain-dead moron--more like a good-natured jock who is simply clueless about girls.moreless
  • Esteemsters
    Episode 2
    On their first day at Lawndale High, Daria and Quinn have to take a mandatory psychological exam, where perky, popular Quinn passes with flying colors, while sarcastic loner Daria is forced to enroll in a self-esteem course, where she meets the equally sarcastic Jane. Meanwhile, Quinn goes to great lengths to prevent people from knowing she's related to Daria, since she thinks that it will ruin her popularity.moreless
  • The Invitation
    Episode 3
    After Daria helps dimwitted cheerleader, Brittany, in art class, Brittany invites her to her party. Daria has no interest in going at first, but then realizes it is a good opportunity to embarrass Quinn, who is also attending.
  • College Bored
    Episode 4
    Daria and Quinn get enrolled in a college-prep course, where they are given the assignment of visiting the college of their choice. Their parents decide to take them to their alma mater, Middleton College. Things start to go wrong after Daria goes into business writing term papers for cash, and Quinn gets elected "keg queen" at a frat party.moreless
  • Cafe Disaffecto
    Episode 5
    The school starts a fundraiser to build a student coffeehouse, and after Daria and Jane fail at selling candy bars, Daria is asked to perform on stage opening night to earn the extra credit points. She ends up reciting an anti-communist story she wrote that starts a riot and has the place closed down.moreless
  • Malled
    Episode 6
    Daria's class takes a field trip to the enormous Mall of the Millennium, much to Daria and Jane's dismay. Meanwhile, Quinn and her friends, the Fashion Club, ditch school to go to the same mall, but get in trouble when they run into Daria there.
  • This Year's Model
    Episode 7
    Talent scouts from the Amazon Modeling Agency come to Lawndale High to teach a class on modeling, promising a modeling contract to one lucky student. Many of the girls in school are more than eager to get that contract. Daria is not one of those girls.
  • The Lab Brat
    Episode 8

    Ms. Barch, a science teacher who despises men thanks to her bitter divorce, has her class pair up to do a rat-in-a-maze project. Daria is paired with dimwitted jock Kevin, whom she distracts with the Pigskin Channel on her satellite TV, while she does all the work herself. Kevin's girlfriend, Brittany, meanwhile, is paired with the sleazy Upchuck, who makes Brittany his slave by blackmailing her with a picture he took of her and some guy in the backseat of a car. At Daria's house, Quinn hits on Kevin nonstop, and jealous Brittany becomes convinced that both Morgendorffers are trying to steal him away from her.

  • Pinch Sitter
    Episode 9
    Quinn asks Daria to take over her babysitting gig for a night so she could go on a date. Daria agrees, seeing as the alternative would be family therapy night. She ends up babysitting the Gupty kids, who have been brainwashed by their parents into being perfect little angels. Eventually, Jane (who has some babysitting experience) comes over, and she and Daria de-brainwash the kids by telling them to think for themselves. Daria later uses this experience for a paper she's writing.moreless
  • Too Cute
    Episode 10
    Brooke, a Fashion Club hopeful, gets a nose job, and Quinn is deemed shallow for saying the new nose is merely "cute". The other Fashion Club members subsequently also get nose jobs, and so Quinn goes to get one too, but the doctor plays on Quinn's insecurities and talks her into getting about $6000 worth of surgery. Quinn doesn't have that kind of money, and becomes more determined to get it after Brooke has further surgery done and looks gorgeous. It's up to Daria to convince her she's perfect and doesn't need to change a thing.moreless
  • The Big House
    Episode 11
    After Daria and Quinn both come home past curfew, Helen and Jake begin Family Court, a mock trial that ends with the two girls being sentenced to a month's grounding. The parents later regret their decision after Daria uses this as an opportunity to drive them insane.
  • Road Worrier
    Episode 12
    Daria and Jane head off to Alternapalooza with Jane's brother Trent and his friend Jesse. Daria finds this to be an awkward experience due to her strong attraction to Trent. The Fashion Club, meanwhile, dress "alternative" and head off to the festival, but on the way, they decide to go outlet shopping instead. Back home, Helen and Jake use their kids' absence as a chance to "spice up their marriage".moreless
  • 7/14/97
    Jake and Helen take the kids on a camping trip, which doesn't go well after Jake starts obsessing over his rocky relationship with his late father. Then it goes straight to hell when Jake, Helen and Quinn eat psychotropic berries and go insane. Meanwhile, Jane and Trent attend their dysfunctional family reunion.moreless
  • The Misery Chick
    Episode 14
    Tommy Sherman, former Lawndale High football star, visits the school when a goalpost is named after him. He turns out to be a complete jerk that insults or propositions everyone he meets, particularly Daria, whom he calls a "misery chick". Daria and Jane crack a few jokes about wishing he were dead, and seconds later he is killed when the goalpost falls on him. Suddenly everyone comes to Daria for advice on dealing with the traumatic incident, because they all think she's obsessed with death, and Jane starts avoiding her because she feels responsible.moreless