Season 3 Episode 10


Aired Monday 10:00 PM Jul 28, 1999 on MTV - Music Television



  • Trivia

    • Quinn mis-states the old saying, "you get more flies with honey," as, "you get more flies with money." Of course, since Quinn's parents bribe her all the time, you can see where she might be confused.

  • Quotes

    • Mike: We're criminales. We live life on the edge. If you go up against the Spiral, we're going to take you down!
      (a crash is heard from the next room)
      Jesse: (off-camera) We broke the cake!
      Mike: See what I mean?

    • Quinn: Face it, Daria, you're already accesorizing.
      Daria: You mean I'm "an accessory"?

    • Quinn: Oh, Daria. Are we that desperate that we have to resort to the truth?
      Daria: When this is all over, remind me to run screaming into the night.

    • Quinn: Good, they're gone. We're all alone.
      Daria: Uh, excuse me, but I'm here.
      Quinn: Oh, all right, you can stay. But if you could be really, really quiet, that would be great.

    • Max: He was going to drag me out of the car and beat me!
      Trent: Be cool man.
      Jesse: You could have taken him.

  • Notes

    • Music
      -Shampoo - "Trouble" (closing credits)
      -Lenny Kravitz - "I Belong To You" (Daria parking)
      -Boyzone - "Picture of You" (Fashion Club meeting)
      -Tracy Bonham - "The One" (Daria at Jane's house)
      -Harlem World - "I Really Like It" (leaving house)
      -Iggy Pop - "Home" (driving on freeway)
      -Cypress Hill - "Real Estate" (Jane drawing on cell wall)
      -Chumbawamba - "Amnesia" (after Travis leaves)
      -Vince Gill - "After All These Years" (entering bar)
      -Finley Quave - "Your Love Gets Sweeter Everyday" (VFW hall)
      -Blur - "Tender" (driving home)
      -98 Degrees - "Because of You" (Daria runs over suitcase)
      -The Marshall Tucker Band - "Fire on the Mountain" (Daria changes the radio station)

    • The red marks in Jane's fridge first appeared in "Lane Miserables" and are still there in this episode

  • Allusions

    • Don't Ask, Don't Tell

      "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" is a military slogan from a law created in the mid-'90s that prevented gay members of the military from disclosing their sexual orientation while serving, or they would be discharged. This law was repealed in 2010 for being unconstitutional.

    • Doctor Dolittle

      Jane's line, "If I could talk to the animals," is from the original Doctor Dolittle film starring Rex Harrison, as a doctor that learns he can communicate with all animals.

    • Small World

      Daria's line, "It's a small world after all," is a chorus line from the song in the Disney attraction "It's A Small World".