Season 1 Episode 3

The Invitation

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Mar 10, 1997 on MTV - Music Television
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After Daria helps dimwitted cheerleader, Brittany, in art class, Brittany invites her to her party. Daria has no interest in going at first, but then realizes it is a good opportunity to embarrass Quinn, who is also attending.

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  • Daria is invited to the same party as Quinn, after helping Brittany in art class.

    Daria tries to help Brittany out in art class, and in turn Brittany invites her to her party, another reason is because she has exceeded the hot girl limit for the party. Quinn, Daria's sister is also invited, and attend with three guys on one date. Daria brings Jane to the party with her and they see how the other half lives. Nothing too impressive, although Jane did find a boy to take to the laundry room.

    Quinn eventually tells all three guys it is not going to work out, and they all begin blaming each other and fighting over Quinn. A really funny episode, got to love Daria.moreless
  • Keep the humor going, Daria!

    Even though this episode wasn't as funny as the first one, it still proved to be something that I would watch. Britney is so stupid, I don't understand how she made it in high school, and her boyfriend isn't exactly a genius either. Theyre ment to be together, because with thier two brains together, that can actually stand a chance of passing one high school class. I think the funniest part in this episode was when Daria once again messes up her sister's popularity. The guys that were fighting over Quinn aren't that smart either. I don't get it, why is Lawndale High filled with so many retarded people.moreless
  • Daria gets invited to Britney's party, and gets a chance to mix with popularity royalty!

    After helping out Britney in art class, Daria as thanks from the cheerleader, is invited to her party. Reluctant, she goes regardless at the hope of embarassing Quinn, and invites Jane to accompany her.

    Lots of new characters are introduced at the party and in the scenes before, with Trent Lane, "Mack", Jodie and "Upchuck" all being unveiled. At the party itself Daria does her best to darken Quinn's popularity, embarassing her at every given oppurtunity. It works, and Daria's humour as always is entertaining. Quinn cracks one or two jokes throughout the episode too, and as a whole, the episode is a good "next step" to the first episode, introducing many new characters and storylines that will recur in the future.

    Again, plot wise, not a lot happens, with the episode almost coming full circle and amounting to almost nothing. The twenty minutes are undoubtedly a joy to watch though, with laugh-out-loud jokes and scenes aplenty, that many can relate to.

    The first season of my favourite animation, and so far, it's not dissapointing!moreless
  • Daria is invited to Brittany's party

    Overall, this episode is pretty good and in my opinion a classic. I like how this episode really shows how Daria sticks out from the main, 'popular' crowd and how she revels in the humor she finds in the people that completely ignore her. Also, Brittany is too far gone. She worries about becoming a righty when she already is right handed, thinks she's on COPS and has trouble with a simple explanation Daria gives her in art class. Daria telling embarassing stories about Quinn to the three J's was funny, especially the "having to go" story and the Quinn in her chubby phase pictures. This one is a classic example of how great this show is. A-moreless
  • I was ecstatic that I had a second chance to catch it tonight (07.10.05), BUT I wasn't so ecstatic about the episode itself..

    While Daria and Jane's sarcastic humor was great, the episode in whole really wasn't. Nothing pivotal happened in this second episode of Daria and nothing really happened in the storyline besides Britney's party... The highlights were pretty much focused with Daria and while I laughed out loud during the times Daria was trying to embarass Quinn, I didn't laugh at the fact that there wasn't much development going on in the characters and the plot itself. Hopefully, the third episode is better..moreless
Tracy Grandstaff

Tracy Grandstaff

Daria Morgendorffer

Wendy Hoopes

Wendy Hoopes

Jane Lane, Helen Morgendorffer, Quinn Morgendorffer

Julian Rebolledo

Julian Rebolledo

Jake Morgendorffer

Marc Thompson

Marc Thompson

Kevin Thompson, Anthony DeMartino, Timothy O'Neill, Charles "Upchuck" Ruttheimer, Jamie White

Jessica Cydnee Jackson

Jessica Cydnee Jackson

Jodie Landon

Steven Huppert

Steven Huppert


Danielle Carin

Danielle Carin

Blonde Girl at Brittany's Party

Guest Star

Ashley Carin

Ashley Carin

Blonde Girl

Guest Star

Nicole Carin

Nicole Carin

Ms. Claire Defoe

Guest Star

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (10)

  • QUOTES (20)

    • (Daria is watching everyone dance)
      Daria: It's the soul train. Beep, beep. Get on board.

    • Quinn: Mom! Dad! Daria is ruining my life again!

    • Jane: So...have fun?
      Daria: Well, I didn't talk to a whole bunch of new people. I made Quinn want to throw herself down a well. And I'm going home with a bonus sock. All in all, a great night.

    • (Jane walks up to Daria with a sock on her shoulder)
      Daria: So, what happened to Bobby Big-head?
      Jane: I wasn't really interested.
      Daria: Too bad. (holds up sock) Is this yours?
      Jane: Okay, fine. He thought my head was a lollipop. Ready to go?

    • (trying to impersonate Daria)
      Jane: "Hi. I'm Daria. Go to hell." It won't work. My face is too expressive.

    • Daria: Brittany invited me to her party.
      Jane: No kidding! Are you going?
      Daria: Sure, and after that I think I'll swallow glass.

    • Jane: Thanks for the ride, Trent.
      Trent: No problem. I needed a break anyway. I've been practicing for ten hours straight.
      Jane: Daria, would you say sleeping with a guitar in your hands counts as practicing?
      Trent: As long as you don't drop it.

    • Quinn: You can't expect me to choose a boyfriend right away. That would be like eating the first pancake off the stove. You have to feed one to the dog.

    • Kevin: Yo, Mack Daddy. You coming to Brittany's party?
      Mack: Don't call me that, okay? What's this party for, anyway?
      Kevin: Um...
      Mack: Stop if it starts to hurt.

    • Daria: You know when things seem very far away?
      Brittany: Like the weekend?
      Daria: Distant things, like mountains and buildings.
      Brittany: But, Daria...we're in a building.

    • (Jeffy, Joey and Jamie approach)
      Jeffy: Hey, Quinn, can I carry your books?
      Joey: Hey, Quinn, can I carry your... pencil?
      Jamie: Hey, Quinn, can I carry your, uh, um... got anything else?
      Quinn: A hair scrunchie?
      Jamie: Great!
      Daria: Careful. Don't hurt yourself with that scrunchie.

    • Brittany: Ughh! I hate it when the pudding has skin.
      Daria: I know what you mean, and that's scary.

    • Quinn: Tell Daria she can't go to Brittany's party--my popularity is at stake!
      Helen: Now, don't begrudge your sister the chance to expand her circle of friends.
      Quinn: Maybe now she'll have two.

    • Brittney: I love being the hostess! It's so easy getting home at the end of the night.
      Kevin: You're a great hostess...cupcake.

    • Daria: What happened to your fan club?
      Quinn: They beat each other up. It was kind of... what's that thing, when stuff turns out funny? Moronic?
      Jane: Ironic.
      Daria: She was right the first time.

    • Jane: Um-hmm. In fact, may I go to the girl's room and down some tranquilizers?
      Mr. O'Neill: Oh, no. Tranquilizers?! Jane, have you considered homeopathy?
      Jane: I'm going to stick with guys for now, but thanks for asking.

    • Daria: Unfortunately, none of our textbooks are among them.
      Mr. O'Neill: You see, the message a piece of writing delivers is influenced by the medium in which it is conveyed. But today's progressive communicators ask, why stop at just medium? Why not go for... Kevin?
      Kevin: Medium... rare?
      Mr. O'Neill: Uh, no, Kevin. Actually, I was looking for media. Multimedia. Which brings me to our exciting assignment.
      Jane: Isn't "exciting assignment" a contradiction in terms?
      Daria: I don't know. Let's ask our inspiring instructor.

    • Daria: You're really bursting out of the picture plane here.
      Jane: Oh, yeah. That particular model was quite bursty. I think she had her bursts done.

    • (Daria and Jane are in a corner talking. Then, a few guys walk up to Daria, and Jane.)
      Boy: Hey, partying hard or hardly partying?
      Daria: Hardly interested.
      Boy: So, where have you girls been all our lives?
      Daria: Waiting here for you. We were born in this room, we grew up in this room, and we thought we would die here alone. But now you've arrived and our lives can truly begin.

    • Ms. Claire Defoe: Good work, Daria. Your cube is BURSTING out of the picture plane. You've really created the illusion of depth.
      Daria: I'm thinking of going into politics.

  • NOTES (3)

    • Music
      -Splendora - "You're Standing on My Neck" (opening & closing credits)
      -Tonic - "Open Up Your Eyes" (art class)
      -Sneaker Pimps - "Six Underground" (walking to school)
      -Fun Lovin' Criminals - "Fun Lovin' Criminal (art class)
      -Iggy Pop - "Lust for Life" (cafeteria)
      -PJ Harvey - "That Was My Veil" (Jane's bedroom)
      -The Cardigans - "Lovefool" (Quinn's bedroom)
      -Fat Joe - "Envy" (Brittany's house)
      -KoRn - "Clown" (Trent's car)
      -Shaggy - "Why You Treat Me So Bad" (Quinn & Joey/Jeffy/Jamie at party)
      -George Michael - "Fast Love" (Daria & Jane arrive)
      -Cake - "The Distance" ("two kinds of chips")
      -Montell Jordan - "I Like" (Upchuck gives tour)
      -311 - "All Mixed Up" (two guys approach Daria & Jane)
      -Beastie Boys - "Sabotage" (cars crash gate)
      -Kula Shaker - "Tattva" (follow Quinn to bathroom)
      -LL Cool J - "Loungin'" (Quinn's shoes are ruined)
      -Fifth Platoon - "Party Line" ("it's the soul train")
      -Local H - "Bound For the Floor" (guys fight over Quinn)
      -Silk Tymes Leather - "Do Your Dance" (Mack & Jodie leave)
      -Groove Collective - "Life Off" (Upchuck's car)

    • First Appearances: Joey, Jamie, Jeffy, "UpChuck", Trent, Jodie, "Mack"

    • In the Noggin version, the exchange between Daria and Jane when Daria sees the sock on Jane's shoulder is edited. In that version, Jane comes into the scene with the sock and then they cut the dialogue and it shows Daria with the sock with no explanation.


    • Brittany: Oh! Cops! Does that mean we're on TV?

      Brittany is referencing the long-running reality television show, COPS, that has been on since 1989.

    • Daria: That which does not kill us makes us stronger.

      Daria is quoting famous writer Freidrich Neitzche.

    • Tony the Tiger
      Mack: And the ceramic tigers. They're Grrrreat!
      This is Tony the Tiger's catch phrase for Frosted Flakes cereal.

    • Hostess Cupcakes
      Brittany: I love being the hostess! It's so easy getting home at the end of the night. Kevin: You're a great hostess...cupcake."
      Hostess Cupcakes are part of the line of Hostess snack cakes.

    • Soul Train
      When Daria said "It's the Soul Train, beep beep" she was referencing Soul Train, the 1971 dance/music TV show.

    • Name That Tune
      "I can name that tune in three notes" is a reference to the '70s game show Name That Tune.

    • Nirvana
      "Come As You Are" is a song by Nirvana from their 1991 album, Nevermind.