Dark Angel

Season 1 Episode 6

411 On The DL

Aired Unknown Nov 14, 2000 on FOX

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  • Hrmm...next!

    Given the developments within this episode it should have been a corker, but Max's reunion with Manticore buddy Zack is questionably underplayed. Maybe it's due to Gregory's acting, who contributes little else other than giving Logan's character a run for his money as the most boring man alive, but I suspect it has something to do with the meandering script and a subplot as involving as being a third wheel. Even Lydecker's involvement can't elevate this snorer. Why Zack waits till Max confronts him to talk is never really explained and his "I in team" attitude already irritates and he's set up to be a reoccurring character! Gregory Lee just can't deliver a line to save his life, never mind acting as though he's working for a delivery service – his acting hasn't improved much since the series, but you can catch him in Dante's Cove, a soft-core porn sci-fi show with about as much sex appeal as a trip to your local old folk's home.
  • Average

    This wasn't one of my favorite episodes. Yes there was the usual action sequences but the storyline wasn't as strong as other ones. Yes she does find one of her siblings in this episode. Yet I found myself wanting a little more of the storyline with her and her siblings. This episode showed a lot more of the secondary characters and how they affect Max's life. While it was somewhat boring it does bring new perspective on the life in Seattle. The friends of Max and the her working environment. This one has a bit of a surprise ending for me. I didn't expect it to end this way.
  • Max\'s brother comes back along with Logan\'s ex and Vogelsang.

    This episode shows the first appearance of Zack who will be pivotal to the series later on. Max and Zack\'s teamwork during the fight is excellent despite the 10 years of time they\'ve had to forget everything which is exactly what Max has been doing.

    Vigelsang coming back just to get killed was pretty pointless unless they just wanted to show how ruthless Lydecker can be when it comes to his kids. Valerie, logan\'s ex coming back to extort money from him was also pretty useless as it didn\'t make Max overly jealous or have any real impact ont he characters or the storyline.

    The writers on this show need to come up with some new names. Zack in this episode says his name is is Sam which is Max\'s clone\'s name in Season 2 \'She Ain\'t Heavy\'. Max uses the name Rachel when she goes to that conference which is the name of the girl Alec was in love with in \'The Berrisford Agenda\' or maybe they were using them on purpose. who knows?
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