Dark Angel

Season 1 Episode 6

411 On The DL

Aired Unknown Nov 14, 2000 on FOX



  • Trivia

    • TRIVIA: In the series, Max says her motorcycle is a Ninja 650. However the actual bike used in the series is a Kawasaki Ninja 450 imported from Taiwan with dual shocks and single disc brakes on the front and back.

    • TRIVIA: Max's bar code is stated to be 332960073452.

    • During the work slowdown, Sketchy has a pile of peanuts on his stomach. In alternate shots, the peanuts are missing.

    • TRIVIA: Max finally found another X-5, Zack, who also has a tryptophan defect.

    • At one point Max looks at her watch. The display date is 11-14, which happens to be the original air date.

    • When Max and Zack escape from Lydecker and his men, the men are shooting bullets at Max and Zack... why would Lydecker want to kill the two people he's been attempting to find for the last 10 years?

  • Quotes

    • (Max shows Logan the personal ad containing the numbers 332960073452)
      Logan: A random series of numbers is significant how?
      Max: Those numbers are me.
      Logan: This is your bar code?
      Max: Black and white for the whole world to see. It's like opening the paper and finding my panties.

    • Normal: I don't want to interrupt your social life with my petty concerns so why don't we just close down the business and live off the charity of strangers, huh?

    • Sam: Who would I talk to about working here?
      Sketchy: Well, if you're smart, no one. But if you're desperate and male prostitution is out of the question talk to that fool. (pointing to Normal)

    • Logan: It's gonna take more than Feng Shui to get me back on the dance floor, but thanks.

    • Max (talking to the guard dog): Let's get one thing straight. I'm the leader of the pack. Back off!

    • Max: I let Normal's screeching roll off me like water, I let cheating boyfriends roll off me like water, I let everything that is wrong and lousy in this world roll off me like water...but this is my motorcycle.

    • Max (in a voiceover): But then there are those nights that just plain suck.

    • Max: Ninja...650...black, like my mood thanks to you.

    • Max: I never pictured you as the married type. You're more the lone warrior. You know - windmills, armor.

    • Max: Oh, please tell me you're not one of those people -- Because a raindrop fell in the ocean 10,000 years ago and a butterfly farted in India, you and I are sitting right here right now enjoying a cup of coffee that tastes like goat piss.
      Sam: Anything's possible.
      Max: Unravel this mystery, grasshopper. What's the sound of one hand hitting you upside your head, hmm?

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