Dark Angel

Season 1 Episode 22

...And Jesus Brought A Casserole

Aired Unknown May 22, 2001 on FOX

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  • It's a perfect episode..............untill you get to the true ending.

    I deffidently loved this episode. Max and the gang have finally had enough with Manticore and are ready to settle the score once and for all. They successfully break into Manticore and plant bombs in the core and destroy the facility and all is won.

    Then came a scene where Max and Logan were just in love together. That scene really touched me, in a good way. Just seeing how they loved each other so much and how nothing can stop them from living their lives together and loving each other forever. If the episode ended with this scene I would've considered this a perfact episode. Heck, even if they ended the whole series with that magnificent scene, I would've been happy.

    Sadly, that's not how things turned out.

    That whole "ending scene" was fake.

    It turnes out that Max was shot and killed and Manticore lived on. And Logan had his heart broken at the sight of Max's death( she died in his arms). Sure, she was brought back, but it killed Zack, and Max and Logan still can't be together because of that virus that Max has that prevents her to be with Logan.

    Maybe this episode would've been better if the writers had not included the happy ending and just went straight to the real story. But nooooooooooooo....... they give us a fantastic ending, only to fool us and give us probably the worst ending I've ever witnessed.

    Way to go writers; you've successfully ruined a perfect episode with what could possibly be the worst twist ending of all time.
  • Next to the pilot, this is my favorite Dark Angel episode. The writing was simply fantastic and it really set up season 2 for greatness. Well, that is until FOX decided to "tweak" the show. Thanks for nothing FOX!

    If you listen to the audio commentary by Jessica Alba for this episode on the 6-disc season 1 DVD set, it becomes apparent that not only viewers were perturbed by the direction the show took in Season 2. Jessica after eluding to how great the writing was in Season 1 on a few occasions and noting that Season 1 was the real Dark Angel, she then puts it bluntly: "I'm not even going to mention anything about the 2nd season." Enough said!

    Next to the pilot episode, this is my favorite episode. The dream sequence towards the end of the episode which is of course a false ending was so great. Unfortunately, several things occurred which led to the shows demise in Season 2. Between Season 1 and Season 2, the 911 terrorist attacks occurred which affected the writing for the show. Season 1 was anti-Government, anti-establishment, maybe even anti-police & military. But this sentiment wasn't very cool immediately following 911, and this affected the writing for Season 2. Plus, "Zach" is killed off and "Brin" is killed off. Perhaps not (2) pivotal characters for the show, but they definitely added to the style of Season 1. And John Savage "Lydecker" isn't brought back for Season 2. Add all this together and you have the makings for one of the biggest disappointments in TV history - Dark Angel, Season 2.
  • In Dreams

    It takes some major gahonies to pull a stunt like this. It's obvious the executives knew they'd be back for another season, but nevertheless, you need a certain kind Hattori Honzo steel to kill off your main character in a show's first season finale, only to revive said character, by offing another pivotal character. And that's before mentioning the perfect ending we get beforehand – Max and Logan FINALLY getting busy. But it's all just a dream. A twsited Joss Whedon-y dream. I loved it. LOVED IT. Seriously. Perfect mislead, twisted ending – Dark Angel at its finest and darkest.
  • One of the best season finales I’ve ever seen!

    This was the perfect episode!!! Max, Zack and a more two X5 soldiers went to Manticore to destroy it and stop the creation of next X generation. They did it. But when they tried to escape, a young girl, clone of Max shot her. In the next scene she was OK, she was able to escape and then she went to party with all her friends and siblings. All was OK, but the she just woke up – she was lying on the grass and Logan was near her. She was dieing. And she died in his arms. Then the soldiers from Manticore took her. They captured Zack, also. I really loved Zack. I liked his character the whole season. He was a true man, true soldier. He wasn’t the perfect man, but was loyal and brave and strong. Zack died in this episode. He killed himself. Max was killed and she needed a hearth, but only an X5 hearth. So he just looked at her, said “Fight them, Maxie. Promise me you'll fight them. X5/599 - I've got a heart for you.” And killed himself. I cried. I’m a boy, almost a man, but I cried. It was really sad and really great scene. Now Max is alive, but she is captured. In the last scene Logan was alone on the roof. And he said he prayed she was ok. And he also said he would find her. I already bought the second season on DVD and I really want to see what’s next ^^
  • max and her siblings break in to manicore

    this was a really good episode. lydecker finally turned good, tho he kinda had no choice. logan walking was great, and so was there relation ship, seeing more x5's was cool. they finally blew up the stuff and max met a clone of herself, who shot her!!! stupid clone with no brain! and poor zack who i never really liked (i do now tho) gave up his life to save her, that was so sweet and sad at the same time. and poor logans alone now, and max is stuck at manicore hopfully her 'sister' will help her, but i douht it she is so brain washed. this had no happy endings i hope they fix it in the next season.
  • Max and her siblings break back into Manticore.

    As a season finale, this one was pretty good. All the kids from Manticore who broke out, so many years ago, are ready to break back in to stop Madame X abd her diabolical plan. Lydecker gives Max some information on her past. The ending is both a tear jerker and leaves you wanting more.
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