Dark Angel

Season 1 Episode 12

Art Attack

Aired Unknown Feb 06, 2001 on FOX

Episode Recap

It looks good on you.'

BIG RED Chewing Gum slogan

It's a quiet moment for Logan this day. That is if your idea of quiet is an intense game of wheelchair basketball. In some ways, this version is more passionate than the regular kind. Each man has something to prove to himself, that no chair is going to limit them. The hook shots and rebounds, the lay-ups and three pointers. It is a ballet of sweat and determination, sportsmanship in its purest most righteous form. Max is impressed by how Logan plays the game, as his teammates. The game ends with his group winning and everyone departs in good spirits and friendship. Max wonders what was the pot, but Logan tells her it was simply for the sport of it. A strange concept for someone who regularly scores a good hundred for her bike stunts, but Logan's Old School. The reason why he called for her is a favor…a family favor, actually. His cousin Bennett is getting married and Logan wonders if Max can be his date. He didn't want to come to the ceremony at all when first asked, but dear sweet Bennett wanted his favorite cousin to be his Best Man and cheese off not so dear or sweet Uncle Jonas. Seems most of Logan's kin on his father's side think of him as the black sleep. They rather be covering their own ass rather than fight for the liberation of North America. Max is curious about Logan's family and since she has no plans, she accepts. She figures it would be a blast. Logan warns her about how snooty Uncle Jonas and most of his ilk are, but Max figures she can handle that crowd. She's practically blood-related to everyone that was ever anyone in world history, almost: Churchill, Einstein, Pocahontas. Logan does see a resemblance to the great Native American woman in his enforcer. Course…this is a formal affair. Logan doesn't think the family will be amused by stunt biker attire. Max tells him it wouldn't be a problem. Just a matter of a little shopping.

Max arrives at a high-class dress shop with Kendra and Original Cindy in tow. The opulence is staggering to the trio. Even by pre-Pulse standards, this is a very hip joint. The girls make merry about the wedding. Kendra enjoys the romance and chivalry of it all, the vows of eternal devotion and undying love. It makes her incredibly horny. Cindy's not too enthused by the concept though. She's not down with shacking up with one person for the rest of her life. To her, the loving is a banquet and she must sample every Boo on the plates. To Max, weddings are something the Manticore Project never bothered to explain or enlighten. If it didn't involve field stripping a Grease Gun during a hairball in country, it didn't exist. After checking out some wares, Max sees the dress of her dreams…or as close to the one she had when she transfused her blood to save Logan. It's a strapless burgundy lace and silk outfit, an imported original from the Raphael Banks Collection. The balance of materials and the way it shimmers in the light enthralls her. The mannequin doesn't do it justice. She asks the saleswoman for the price. It's six…thousand. Even Cindy can't believe it could be that pricey. Max is undeterred. She asks the saleswoman nicely if she can put it on hold. She'll be back later to pick it up. She agrees and the girls go off to find something more reasonable in make-up. Cindy and Kendra can't believe Max will not let Logan buy the dress. In fact, Max doesn't like the constant Sugar Daddy references. She's been her own woman since breaking out of Manticore and no one pays her way without her consent. She said she'd be back to bring up the dress. She just didn't elaborate on the when and how.

Closing time and the saleswoman makes her final tour of the store before locking up, making sure everything is its place. Max is in her place…scaling down the skylight in her burglary clothes. She delicately unzips her desired outfit and makes sure all the pins and needles are removed. After all, one tear would ruin such a masterpiece. Satisfied by its good condition, she carefully rolls it up and makes good her escape. The saleswoman is stunned by the bare and naked mannequin. She doesn't even hear the gentle whisper of fabric dancing in the air as Max scales down to the street and her waiting Ninja.

A theft of a different sort is being played out by a thief and fraud named Runyon. He has an original Norman Rockwell being rolled up into a nice safe mail tube, ready for delivery. He tells his buyer he can't chance bring the painting directly since the Sector Patrols have him up on the Makioka Theft. He'll have to use a more subtle form of transport to satisfy him. That transport is Jam Pony Messenger Service, with Sketchy as the unaware bagman. Runyon tells him to be extremely careful with the package going to 435 Bledsoe. Sketchy gives the usual bored speech about quality delivery and all that. Runyon sweetens the pot with a handy 10 spot. He wants it delivered toot sweet. Sketchy pledges his life on it.

Course, Runyon didn't say anything about having it delivered toot sweet AND unharassed. If he knew about Sketchy and his buddy re-enacting the climatic light saber battle between Obi Wan and Anakin Skywalker from STAR WARS: EPISODE 3 (where these two would be Jedi saw a hundred times on a choice DVD bootleg from Estonia), Mr. Runyon would freak! The two boys do their best capturing the fight at the base of the volcano as the security caps pop off and the contents spill over. Normal erupts with his own emotional volcano and cancels the battle. He tells them to break up and retrieves the material. Max tells him the boys were only having some fun. Normal calls her and Cindy idiots, even going through the motions of the Greek definition idiotes and just what it means, then tells them to get back to work. Cindy doesn't play with that. She has handled a lot of abuse from this twerp, but this was insulting. She asks, no, DEMANDS an apology. Normal relents…somewhat. He amends his harsh words by telling them they're actually morons and goes over its Greek definition moros and explains that it means a person with the mental state of a twelve year old capable of menial tasks under supervision. Then he tells them to get back to work or they're fired. Somehow, it just doesn't feel like an apology, heartfelt or otherwise.

Mister Duvalier, a player in Seattle's hip-hop underworld, has problems with idiots and morons of his own. In particular, one Spineless idiot and moron who promised him an original Norman Rockwell for a buyer in Singapore. With much of America under the Second Depression, many foreign individuals are buying up American cultural treasures either officially or illegally. This picture is just the drop in the bucket…which is where Spineless will have his remain interred if Mr. Duvalier doesn't have the painting in his hands for his flight. He's so pissed, his blue sweater makes his bitchslapping hands itch. A knock on the door and one of Duvalier's more competent assistants answer. It's Sketchy with the tube! The hitter takes it and doesn't even bother signing out for it. Spineless wants to breeze, but the assistants keep him tight. At last, Duvalier has his prize. He opens the tube…and comes face to face with an original set of meat packing plant blueprints. One look says it all. Duvalier gives the fool one good hit. Where's the freaking painting?!?!?

Things are more quiet and pleasant at the Jam Pony. Logan arrives with his best tux and asks Normal for Max. Normal's about to say she's in the bathroom when a vision of beauty walks in the hall. It's Max in her newly acquired dress with matching pumps, saloon styled hair (or as close to it as Cindy can muster) and matching make-up. Everyone left in the Pony takes a moment to appreciate the lovely view. Even Normal's impressed. Actually, he's more like stunned! Max tells Logan he cleans up nice and he says the same for her. It's off to the ball, hand in hand. The troubles with the world can wait…

…Especially since Logan has troubles of his own with the toast. As they drive to the ceremony, Logan asks Max to help him practice. Seems he's not good at public speaking. Max is amazed. How can he say that when he does cable hacks for millions of people without breaking out a sweat? He can handle speaking to a camera, it's speaking to crowds he has trouble with. Especially the kind that would talk about the goofs for the next 20 years. Max shrugs it off and helps out. The line involving marriage and vows sparks a discussion about the whole business in general. This thing about betrothing oneself to another for forever puzzles her. It's like Logan did the same deal and looked what happened. Logan comments about how she and Uncle Jonas will click and then mutters something about love and putting oneself in the trust of another as a sign of daring bravery. Max suggests all marriages should be done in secret, that way if it sours there's not much money spent on a moment of public humiliation. Logan continues with the toast practice, telling about the time Bennett first met Marion. Max corrects him. It's Marianne. Logan double-checks and she's right. He confesses he doesn't know the bride to be. He hasn't even met her yet! Quickly changing the subject, Max asks to see the ring. She takes out of the box and looks at it sparkle in the moonlight. She admires the clarity, its colorless perfection, its fine cut. She could fence it for 10 thousand easily. Logan looks at her with an unamused glance and she just smirks it off. Can't he take a joke?

Normal's about ready to close up when Mr. Duvalier's associates arrive. Normal's in no mood for jokes himself. He tells them the place is close and to come back in the morning. The head hitter tells him about the mixed-up packages and that his employer wants the intended item back NOW! Normal goes into his usual Mighty Snooty Bitch routine, even going as far as showing the gentleman the official complaint form to fill out. He gets it back…as a food supplement. The head hitter tells his bros to search the joint while he takes Mr. Charisma for a ride. Mr. Duvalier would like a few words with this…whatever he is.

Max is awed by the wedding. The flowers, the harp music, the sense of grace in the air, even how a woman sitting close to her weeps gently. Max asks her what's wrong, and the woman replies she's overcome with joy. Left a little awkward, she just nods her head and accepts the answer politely. She sees Logan doing his Best Man duties. She's still puzzled over the whole affair until the Wedding March plays. She sees Marianne in her white dress and anxious look. It reminds her how Johndie looked during live ordnance drills. She doesn't know if it's terror or grim determination. Still, it's her life. As the bride and groom make their vows, Max can't help but be moved by the words and the feelings behind them. She has never in her life experienced such honest devotion and sincerity. Not even her kinship with her fellow Manticore Troopers can compare to this. She feels something in her eyes and realizes she's actually crying. Crying in a wedding! The minister makes the marriage official in the eyes of the Military Command of the State of Washington and Bennett and his love Marianne kiss. Everyone applauds and the nice lady beside Max gives her a tissue. She thanks her kindly and wipes off the tears of joy on her face. Logan looks at her and he finds her even more beautiful than before. The feelings buried deep inside start rise again. Is this love?

The reception impresses Max almost as much as the wedding. She can't believe the spread. Too bad the dress has to be returned and she didn't have a big enough handbag and she had to be on her best behavior anyway. She'd stuff enough hors d'oeuvres to feed the block for a week. She asks Logan how his uncle can afford such buffet. Seems he gets his bread from the misery of others. Every hoverdrone in North America requires a chip to fly and Uncle Jonas makes it in bulk. Never mind the kickbacks and bribes, he makes a pile keeping the civilians paranoid. Then, the awkward moment arrives. It's Uncle Jonas and Aunt Margo. Even some snooty people would have a hard time dealing with these two. They do the pleasantries with their nephew Logan and is introduced to Max…Guevera. Of the Greenwich Gueveras, Logan adds. Uncle Jonas admits not knowing any Gueveras there, but jokes that with the world going to Hell in a handbasket. Forced laughs abound. It never occurred to him that Max got the last name from her admiration of a certain Latin freedom fighter of old that helped sparked her independent streak. He would be proud to have her as a 'daughter'.

Cindy and Sketchy are having a few brews and jonesing about work. Or rather, Sketchy's in a rant about Normal. He actually envies him because he knows who he is. Cindy jokes, "As a constipated, crusty, angry, rhythm-free, Republican White Man?" No, Sketchy likes how Normal knows his identity and self worth. Sketchy's down that he doesn't know what his place is. Down enough to drink himself into a near stupor. Herbal comes to the rescue…sort of. It's a call from Normal for Cindy's ears only. Cindy tells Herbal to have a man to man with the Wigga and no more beer. She's not dealing with the dry cleaning this month. Cindy talks to Normal, wondering if this is the hoped for apology she's overdue. Normal tells her he has a gun to his head. Cindy thinks it's funny. She tells him it's better if he stuck his head in the oven or took a few dozen sleeping pills. It has less melodrama than playing with Daddy's Piece. Normal clarifies himself. He HAS a gun to his gun from a gangbanger. They need a package delivered to them very quickly or the gun goes boom-boom in all the wrong places. He offers his wayward employee a deal. Would ten bucks cover this errand of mercy? How about twenty? Cindy gives him her ultimatum: a written apology to each and every Jam Pony worker for calling them idiots and morons and no more annoying 'Bip, bip, bip' for as long as she's under his employment. Fair enough, the man reasons. His cakehole will not say 'Bip' ever again. Cindy then asks for the 411. If it weren't so tragic, it would be hilarious. But then, there are pissed off gangbangers involved.

The cordial catch-up turns a little ugly when Uncle Jonas finds out his 'favorite' nephew's still writing his 'little' articles. Looks like Logan will still be chowing at the family trough for some time to come. He then tries to ask Max if she could 'persuade' Junior to see 'reason' and get a real job. Max doesn't play that. She supports him completely. Jonas now thinks he's dealing with another one of those annoying freethinkers who think he talks through his hat. Max replies coolly, "Not when you wear your hat on your ass." Touché! Jonas and Margo compose themselves and go off to see the bride and groom. Max apologizes to Logan for what she said, though not regretting saying it. It's okay. Jonas wouldn't even remember the conversation or anything else after his next highball. The talk then turns to Margo's locket. Actually, it used to belong to Logan's mother. You see, Logan's father gave her that locket when he was born and she never took it off. She bequeathed it to her only son when she passed on to remember her by. Only when he searched her jewelry box after she died, the locket was gone…right straight around Margo's greedy shallow neck. Max wants him to confront the bitch and get back his legacy. Logan doesn't want to make a scene and spoil the moment with vocal denials and lies and incriminations and such. Best to let these things slide. Max's respect for him goes south in a heartbeat. The Great Eyes Only who don't take crap from criminals, scumbags, and creeps…letting his own family play him for a chump. Screw that! She decides to have another stiff drink. As Max marches off to the bar and another round of watercress crackers, a ghost from Logan's past shows up. It's Daphne, looking good in her deep blue dress.

Cindy, Herbal, and Sketchy do the Package Dive to find that other tube. Actually, it's more like Cindy and Herbal doing the Dive. Sketchy's too blasted and moody to help. Cindy wonders if she has to smack the boy. She asks him what was the other package's address. He can't recall. He moans about how he's only reliable being unreliable and that Normal was right in calling him an idiot. Herbal tells him off. Normal's the idiot for switching the contents after the little sword fight. Sketchy brightens up. Maybe he's not an idiot. Herbal tries to tell him don't go that far. Normal may have some points about Sketchy's lack of brains. The big question remains: who delivered the other package? Guess who?

Max soon meets up with Logan and his former girlfriend from Yale, Daphne. He gushes about her amazing artwork and how they were old friends. Max is charmed, but more subdued about it. Daphne admires Max's outfit, confessing how she wanted it herself but then getting sticker shock over the price. Looks like her Allegra Versace will have do for another decade. Thankfully, Max's beeper goes off. Nothing like an important message to get one from an awkward situation.

On the phone, Cindy tells Max the whole sorted tale in a phone booth across the street from the building where Max delivered her tube package. After some careful thought, Max has a question. Why are they bothering to help Normal? Cindy tells it straight. She may not like the man, but she wouldn't like herself in the morning if the fool got a bullet in the head over this. Cindy asks for any info about the recipient Angelo Biodello. Max has nothing to give, which is not good. The building's closed and no one's home. Max suggests a quiet break-in into the joint and even slim jimmy the office if it's locked. Cindy vetoes that idea. She won't risk a felony B&E for Normal's subhuman life. Besides, she'd just get lost anyway. Max tells her to stay put. She's coming over. While Logan and Daphne talk about old times, Max tells him she has to leave for a moment to save her boss from being killed by gangsters. Logan doesn't pay much attention. He just says all right and then gets back to talking about how Daphne's Prom date had trouble with her zipper. Max gives up on the boy for now and helps herself to a hot little convertible ride to drive. She hopes it belongs to Uncle Jonas, but that car just doesn't fit him in somewhat.

Max meets up with Cindy at the building. Cindy grooves over the cherry car, admiring her friend's tastes in wheels. Max asks her to keep an eye on the car and her handbag while she does her thing. She hopes not to wrinkle her dress. Cinderella has to have it back to the Fairy Godmother's store in the morn. The B&E is a cakewalk. Security's lax, the windows are open and within good leaping distance from the street, and soon Max is in the office. She looks around for the package and seeing someone sitting on the ledge outside. She finds some goofball chilling on THE LION KING soundtrack one last time before he jumps out of the building. She scares him into a premature leap and she manages to save his sorry ass before he could hit the street or ruin her dress. The man's despondent. That package was supposed to have plans for a meat packing plant. His big break went sour and now the client, his job, and possibly his house and family are gone for good. Max is nonplused. She smacks the oaf on the head, telling him no job is worth a swan drive into a no parking zone. She then asks him where was the painting. It's in the dumpster. Obviously, not everyone's an art critic. As she turns to leave, the guy recognizes her as the messenger to delivered the package. He thanks her for straightening him out and saving his life. Moved by this, Max vows to get the plans back. She doesn't want this guy to stave on the street. She gets back to street level and checks out the dumpster. Knowing the hazards, she first strips off her dress and puts it in a safe place. She then dives in and hopes the trash is dry.

Bennett approaches Logan and frets over the toast he'll give in a few. Logan jokes about how what happened at the bachelor party will stay safe with him. Bennett gives a nervous laugh and goes off to find Marianne. Logan checks his pocket. Suddenly, his confidence takes a bad turn. Where's his toast notes?

Finally! Max discovers the painting, still rolled up. She admires the workmanship for a moment, then gets some paper strips from her hair. She steps out of the dumpster and puts her dress back on. She crosses the street to a waiting Cindy and asks her to zip her up. Cindy does and removes an overlooked paper strip. Max fumbles for the keys and runs into something she didn't expect to find. Logan's toast. Crud! Time to book and fast.

The moment of truth comes and Logan has every eye in the room staring right at him. He tries to remember the words, but for some reason they elude him. Winging it in fear doesn't help matters.

Cindy shows up at Duvalier's crib with the painting. Normal can't believe his own crew would bother to save his ass. Duvalier can understand. He doesn't think too highly of the jerk either. Maybe he can off him anyway as a public service. That thought fades from view as he gushes over his prize. Just a quick check with the laser scanner and everyone's…wait a minute. The painting's a fake! Spineless gets another slap in the head and a chewing out. He tries to reason with the enraged gangster. Either he's been double-crossed by Runyon or the Jam Pony Crew are players on their own. Cindy tells Duvalier she's just the delivery person and Normal couldn't be a player-player if he had instructions. Duvalier believes her. He then asks Spineless if he knows what 'defenestration' means. Spineless stammers about if it meant cutting down all the trees? Duvalier has one of his associates 'enlighten' the chump…by throwing him out the window. Now that's 'defenestration'. If the REAL painting isn't in his hands in two hands, Normal gets to test the theory of gravity the hard and unwilling way. Suddenly, Normal wished he took a sick day. A long sick day.

Logan waivers in the wind as he continues to fumble the toast. Uncle Jonas and Aunt Margo give each other 'I told you.' looks. Then Max shows up and gives Logan some help. She silently words the speech to him and his confidence goes into rebound. He finishes the toast and everyone's impressed…even Jonas. Bennett personally thanks him for the kind words. Logan and Max then have a discussion about the dress and Daphne. He knows the dress was stolen…no, 'borrowed' from the store. Daphne was an old girlfriend to whom Logan was engaged to for all of five minutes. When questions about when the dress will be returned or why Daphne broke off the engagement are pressed, it's the same answer. None of your business. Suddenly, Jonas comes calling and Max's beeper beeps again. Interruptions, always interruptions.

Cindy enlightens Max about the forgery and what defenestration means. Max feels the pain. That word has 'Ouch!' written all over it. Time to take matters into her own hands. She tells Cindy to meet up with her at 7. She overhears Margo mock about Logan's martial status with a friend. She feels he needs a woman to set him straight and Daphne looks like the type to do it. Then she wonders who'll catch the bouquet? Max wants to give this bitch some foul language, but she's pressed for time. At Runyon's apartment, Max asks about the bouquet ceremony. Cindy tells her that it's basically the bride tossing her bouquet and whoever gets it will marry the man of her dreams. Course, this has a serious demented heterosexual bent in her opinion. Knocks on the door go unanswered and a neighbor tells them why. Runyon has moved out. He must've scored big at the track because he hired a limo to the airport with three ladies wearing next to nothing. Oh, ho.

Some fast inquiries lead the pair into a hotel hot tub with Runyon trying to fulfill his group sex fantasy before he leaves for parts unknown. Max gives the creep a little 'Dunk and Talk'. One girl thinks it's a sex game and wonders how much he's paying them. Max refreshes Runyon's memory up to a point. She wants to know where he sold the real painting. He ain't talking. Cindy has a go at 'Dunk and Talk', feeling this nonsense could ruin Max's fine threads. She pulls no punches, her distaste in male stereotypical sex fantasies are on high alert. Suddenly, Runyon has a change of heart. He had sold it to a Korean ship captain, a Kim something or another. The man's an art freak and wants it for the Presidential Palace. Looks like Max needs Logan now.

The reception starts to groove on some old time Disco tunes as Max and Cindy arrive. Cindy likes this better. A 'room full of flat ass white girls' is sweeter than learning about defenestration Street Style. She garbs a glass of champagne and helps herself. Max walks towards Logan and Daphne, briefly complimenting Margo's locket. The shallow woman actually thanks her. Max then asks Logan for some help. On Jonas' computer, Logan searches for the nearest Korean ship leaving Seattle. He's bugged about how American culture is being stolen and sold to the highest bidder. Max has no problem with it. It's just thieves making commerce. Nothing to fret over. Logan doesn't feel the way. He mentions about how the Rockwell was stolen along with a Jackson Pollock and a Nancy Kintisch original The Pollock ended up in Johannesburg and the Kintisch in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Max reminds him that Normal could end up dead if they don't hurry. The search bears fruit. A Korean military transport leaves Elliot Bay in an hour. That could be the ship. Max asks Logan to keep Cindy company. No sense of her knowing about her special abilities and getting killed. Logan has other concerns. He wants to save the painting from Duvalier's greed and wonders…but Max is gone. Dammit! Max tells Cindy she has something important to do and wonders if she can 'entertain' Daphne for awhile. The poor girl is probably getting bored with the partygoers. Cindy lustfully accepts the request and walks towards Daphne. Seems young Daphne approves of Original Cindy too. Ah, the thrill of lesbian courting at a wedding reception.

The Korean transport is heavily guarded, but not enough to keep Max from sneaking in through the crow's nest. No sense in stripping and swim to the boat. The dress could get stolen and she doesn't want to run her make-up. She evades the patrols and sneaks into the only place the painting might be: the Intelligence Room. She ruffles a few papers, checks a few cabinets, cracks the safe, and BINGO! The painting, the real one this time. Suddenly, a sailor shows up and spoils the fun. Max asks, 'Me love you long time?' and then gives him a shift kick in the face. It's now a rumble as his fellow officers gives chase and interference. Max does slip on her dress and falls to the floor, trying to take out one goon. Before he can go for his gun, she jumps back on her feet and gives him a left hook. Alarms sound and now the excrement has hit the A C. Max fights her way to the top, using a monkey wrench to burst a stream pipe at one end and throws it at a few sailors. Once on deck, she grabs a hook and makes a slide to shore on a towline with the painting in hand.

Max shows up at Duvalier's with the painting, asking if Norm was causing any trouble. Duvalier check the painting with his scanner and likes what he sees. They can go now. Max does ask for the other package back. It's their professional rep at stake, you know. Duvalier has no qualms about that. What would he do with building plans for a meat packing plant? He's a vegetarian. Getting the plans, Max thanks him for using Jam Pony and she and Normal make good their escape. She then drives him back to the office. Normal gives the 'heartfelt' speech about how grateful he is with his employees saving his life and all. Max just tells him to get out of the car and get those plans back to where they supposed to have been in the first place. Normal doesn't give any grief. He's had enough excitement for one night.

Max comes back to the reception in time for the bouquet toss. Logan's not happy leaving an original Norman Rockwell in the hands of scum. Max is annoyed, wondering why does he have to make every thing a cause to fight. He then tells her how he personally witness the Baseball Hall of Fame being moved to Kyoto and how the Sultan of Brunei crated away the Statue of Liberty to use as a lawn decoration. As Marianne makes ready with the toss, Logan pleads with Max. He wants something of American culture to be around for generations to come when the Second Depression ends. Marianne makes the toss and Max deflects it into Cindy's hands. Oops! Max tells him the painting's not going anywhere, the airport's closed. Logan proves her wrong. Bennett and Marianne checked on their honeymoon flight and the strip's open. Damn! And Max wanted cake too. She'll go with Logan to the International Terminal after he finishes a little errand. Cindy and Daphne marvel at the moment. Cindy's in no hurry for a husband. Daphne then suggests a few rounds of pool. She just said the Magic Words. With luck, she'll also have the Magic Fingers when things get…hot.

Max meets up with Aunt Margo and thanks her for a lovely time. The vain stupid woman gives her regards and watches her leave. The snooty wrench boasts about Max's alleged high class breeding. She doesn't notice the locket's gone and the other ladies aren't going to say a word. They hate Margo's guts too.

Logan's errand takes him to the morgue and meets up with Spineless' remains. The unofficial report states death by apparent suicide an hour ago. Logan pulls out a silencer and shoots the corpse in the head. The coroner amends the report. It's now murder. She digs the moment, happy to help out Eyes Only and his associates in their quest for justice.

At the airport, Duvalier and his crew are in a hurry. Running into a cripple in a wheelchair just makes his mood all the more fouler. He threatens to break both his arms if he ain't more careful. The gentleman gives his apologies…and relieved Duvalier didn't notice how he, Logan Cale, snuck in the gun into his baggage. Just a quick check at the metal detector and the buyer will be…wait a minute! The sensor found something. Duvalier's now extremely pissed off. He has only 20 minutes to reach his flight and nothing is gonna stop him. Nothing except a hot gun with a silencer. No one notices Max sneak in and snatching the painting right from the X-ray Machine as airport security and the Sector Police show up and read Duvalier the Riot Right. Max meets up with Logan and gushes over his sense of poetic justice. Actually having the nerve to frame someone for a murder he DID commit. Sweeet!

Back at Logan's home, Max and he marvel at Norman Rockwell's artistry. Max is very proud of her mentor. While Uncle Jonas was getting juiced, Logan saved a beloved art treasure and brought a murderer to justice. She figures it's time that fool knew what a good boy he was. Logan's more pragmatic. Even if he was the Messiah and walked on water, the first thing coming out of Jonas' mouth is 'Can't you fly?'. He doesn't mind. Jonas makes for a good object lesson on what he shouldn't become, anyway. They then talk about the dress and Daphne. Daphne broke off the engagement suddenly when Logan popped the question and he wanted to know why. Seeing her get goody with Cindy gave him some idea on the reason. It's a large life, Max muses. She took the dress because she didn't want Logan to feel ashamed about her not fitting in. She did it for his honor and now she'll return it. Logan appreciates the gesture and then tells her to keep it. He will pay for it and besides, she earned it. She was the most beautiful woman in the whole wedding, and not because of the dress. Logan did wanted to confront Margo about stealing his mother's locket, but Max saves him the trouble. She gives him that was his to begin with. The gesture moves him deeply. Max tells him Cinderella has to go home now. Logan then asks her not to make plans for Easter. He wants her to see Uncle Jonas in his bunny outfit. Max laughs and decides that something not to be missed. She leaves Logan alone with his locket and memories. So overcome with joy, he bangs his chair on the table…and feels a pain in his legs. What in…? He does it again, a little harder.

It's not a fluke. He's suddenly beginning to have feeling back to his legs!

In Post Pulse America, you have to make your opportunities…but as Logan will see in the coming weeks, miracles can still happen.

Just what it will mean in the end is anyone's guess.