Dark Angel

Season 1 Episode 12

Art Attack

Aired Unknown Feb 06, 2001 on FOX

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  • She's cooler than the red dress...

    Filler, filler, filler. A weightless episode, sure, but one I found myself enjoying as the minutes trailed on – there are a few parts that make with the funny and it's nice to see the show let its hair down every once in a while. Other than that though, you'd need to tie this episode down in case it floated away it's that featherweight. Alba once again shows off her assets and it's amusing to see her do her thang in a 6000 dollar dress rather than her usual attire. Also, the scene where Max slaps a guy over the head for attempting to kill himself even though he has kids and a wife is strikingly similar to the scene in Angel where Connor finds a man in a similar situation. Although to draw the comparison merely highlights how superior and more adult the latter is when juxtaposed with Dark Angel, as with this episode it's eventually used as a joke, while in Angel it shows an increasingly dark side to the Vampire's son. Ah well.
  • logan asks max to be his date for a family wedding.

    this was a good episode, tho alittle slow. i was very glad to see logan finally ask max out, tho the way he acted at the wedding kinda pissed me off. max grabing the dress was too funny a such a max thing to do. also i was glad to see that max's friends had a bigger part in this one than in the last episode, all though the guys from the last one werent mentioned at all, it was almost like it never happened. oringial cindy was great in this one although i like her in all of them. and last but not least the ending was a great twist, i cant wait to see how they deal with that in future episodes.