Dark Angel

Season 1 Episode 12

Art Attack

Aired Unknown Feb 06, 2001 on FOX



  • Trivia

    • Logan plants the gun and silencer in Duvalier's bag, yet the metal detector goes off. The metal detector only scans the person walking through it, not their bag. The gun would have easily been seen on the x-ray film as the bag was going through, but the metal detector wouldn't have gone off.

    • Max's pickpocketing is a little hard to buy. She may be good, but to undo the clasp and slip the necklace off of bare skin (without the weight of the locket making it slide all the way to the end of the chain and possibly fall off), with two people looking right at her? Highly unlikely.

    • In the first scene, where Logan and his friends are playing wheelchair basketball, Logan goes to make a shot and misses. A friend catches the ball on the rebound and passes it back to him. Watch when he tries to make the shot the second time - the stunt double goes crashing into the pole of the basketball hoop.

  • Quotes

    • Logan (about his uncle): I could be the Messiah and walk on water... and he'd still say "and why can't you fly?"

    • Max: Me love you long time? (She backhands the guy across the face, gives him a knee to the gut and then elbows him in the back)

    • Original Cindy: You sure you brought it back here after you picked it up?
      Sketchy: I don't remember.
      Original Cindy: Don't make me come over there and smack you.

    • Max (slipping a red dress off the mannequin): What a girl has to go through to look good.

    • Max: Logan Cale, protector of all that is good and true, advocating larceny?
      Logan: No. I'll call the store and have them charge it to me.
      Max: Forget it. It's a waste of money.
      Logan: No, it's not. You look beautiful in it. In fact, you were the most beautiful woman there.

    • Duvalier: Know what the word "defenestration" means?
      Man: Isn't that when you cut all the trees down?

    • Normal: I can't believe they actually came through for me.
      Duvalier: What you thought, they just was gonna let you die?
      Normal: Yes, actually. They don't like me too much.

    • Original Cindy: Well, what's in it for me?
      Normal: Money. Lots of it. . . . Ten bucks.

    • Sketchy: One thing you can say about Normal is at least he knows who he is.
      Original Cindy: A constipated, crusty, angry, rhythm-free, Republican white man?

    • Margo: Max...?
      Max: Guevara.
      Margo: Guevara.
      Logan: ...of the Greenwich Guevaras.

    • Max: See, that's what I don't get. How can you promise you're gonna love someone forever?
      Logan: Well, it's a declaration of intent. A vow.
      Max: You took it, and look how that turned out.
      Logan: You and Uncle Jonas are going to get along famously.

    • Max: Can I see the ring? Wow. Good clarity, colorless...I could fence this for ten thou, easy.

    • Max: Are you dehydrated or something? 'Cause you're not making a whole hell of a lot of sense.

    • Jonas: Of course, if you're shacked up with him, you're probably one of those free thinkers, too, and think I'm talking through my hat.
      Max (smiling sweetly): Not unless you wear your hat on your ass.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Max: Me love you long time?

      This is a reference to the movie Full Metal Jacket, in which a Vietnamese hooker with minimal English skills attempts to entice potential customers.