Dark Angel

Season 2 Episode 2

Bag 'Em

Aired Unknown Oct 05, 2001 on FOX

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  • max saves the kids

    i liked this episode and after a big dissapiontment after the first second season episode this was great! alec is back in this one and it almost seems like max before she started helping logan, i like him tho he is an ass most of the time and hes kinda cute but that has nothing to do with me liking him. the manicore kids were cute i'm glad theydidnt die like the first ones. max and logan cant touch! its killing me!! and every one just accepts that max is back, it just goes to show how much has changed in that future.
  • Max and Alec do it for the kids.

    Bag Em is an action packed episode that sets some important season 2 storyline arcs in motion.
    We see the released transgenics roaming about, unsure what to do with their new freedom when they see what appears to be a Manticore signal, ordering them to report to given co-ordinates. When we see a unit do so, we are introduced to the new bad guy, Ames White, whose mission is to capture and kill all the escaped transgenics.

    It is of course Max to the rescue and she finds herself teamed up with her ex-breeding partner Alec when trying to help a group of X-6s adapt to life outside Manticore with a number of classic comedy moments.

    Alec proves himself as a great new character with his laid-back and self centred attitude and hilarious sarcastic comments. The playful relationship he was developed with Max is great and he even proves himself as a decent guy at the end when he returns to help Max.

    The mystery of what makes Max so special continues when White gets hold of her genetic workup and reveals that she has no junk DNA, however the mystery plans on continuing through the season so no real answers any time soon.

    The episode ends witha poignant moment when Max, Alec and the X-6s pay a moment of tribute to their fellow soldiers who had fallen and with a tune from Bugler and a few flashbacks to Zack and Tinga among others.

    I thought this was a great episode, helping to establish new character Alec and also the guilt that Max feels for letting the transgenics loose into a world that they don't know how to live in.