Dark Angel

Season 1 Episode 9

Blah Blah Woof Woof

Aired Unknown Dec 12, 2000 on FOX

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  • Great title for the episode.

    Its funny how Max's situation doesn't seem to stop her from really getting on with her life. What she doesn't realize is how much attention she can bring to herself. With her looks and abilities she is noticeable enough but her actions doesn't seem to bring her a lot of trouble. I like in this episode the relationship between Max and Logan is growing to a bit further levels beyond a working relationship. The appearance of more X-5 like Zack is always welcome for me. The ending leaves a little mystery about him. I like how devious Lydecker is when it comes to recapturing the X-5.
  • WANTED...

    Another corker, even better than the last one. Blah Blah Woof Woof (love the title!) raises the game and really aims high (check out the impressive set-piece involving Max evading the soldiers – very cool!). Things on the Max/Logan front also heat up and it's good to acknowledge the sexual tension you could have cut with a +6 sword between them. I also enjoyed the fight between Max and Zack, while painfully short, it's the first sequence on the show to demonstrate the kind of kicks and punches to expect once more of her brothers and sisters enter the scene. It's a jam-packed episode on the whole and once again Lydecker steals the show by proving he's one bad mo-fo! The dream sequence between Max and Logan is corny as hell but Jessica Albs looks stunning in it! Another highly enjoyable episode.
  • max gets hunted

    i really like this episode, it was entertaining and you finally see something happen between logan and max, which unfortunitly at the end max claimes she was just being over emotional, so sad for logan tho but the little 'talk' they had about it was halarious. in this one zack sacrificed him self witch i found kinda suprising. the pivotal part that happened in the episode is that max gave some of her super inhanced blood to logan to save his life, witch worked i'm happy to say, i wonder how that will play a prat in future episodes. sorry i spelled so much wrong. loved this episode!!!!
  • Finally, a glimpse into how Max and Logan really feel about each other...

    This episode definitely tops the list of my favs from the first half of the first season. Being a huge supporter of the Max/Logan relationship, this episode finally begins to put them on the road to discovering and revealing their feelings. I loved how Logan was all cute about losing at chess to Max, loved how he came to rescue her when the authorities had her hemmed in, loved how he found a safe place for her and insisted that she leave Seattle for her safety, even though he was about to go through his own crisis. And the ever-stoic Max finally broke down and revealed her own feelings to Logan in a passionate kiss as she said goodbye.

    Then, Max risks her own safety to come back to Logan after she hears of his surgery and health crisis. She gives him her own blood in a direct transfer, which likely led to a larger donation than what was good for her. The dream she as her blood is flowing from her body into his was especially touching. She and Logan danced together in a dream world where his wheelchair was not required.

    Ultimately, when the danger of her arrest has passed, they both bury their feelings again in a conversation that was humorously awkward. Apparently, they still need some more time to discover how much they mean to each other. If only they knew what awaited them in season 2...
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