Dark Angel

Season 2 Episode 5


Aired Unknown Nov 02, 2001 on FOX
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On Halloween night, Max finds her "normal" world turned upside down when the creatures she let out of Manticore are able to walk the streets freely without fear of exposure. As she and Joshua, with a crazy band of characters, race against time to find a headless body before it carries out its intended lethal mission, Max is faced with the reality that Asha and Logan are getting closer than ever.moreless

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  • On Halloween, Manticore "freaks" are able to walk on the streets without looking any different than the person next to them...

    This is the required "humor" splash most TV shows have; a silly episode that makes fun as much and as sharply as it can of the defined series facts. In this case, it is Halloween, and the Manticore creations are free to walk the Seattle streets without getting the attention they usually would.

    Add a body that moves on with its mission although its head has fallen behind, a bunch of transgenetics who try to track said body down before it kills someone (if that is its intended plan), and you have 40+ minutes of fun ahead of you.

    Not the best episode the show can offer, but rather well made, since the characters get a lot of sitcom going.moreless
  • worst dark angel episode ever

    worst dark angel episode ever!!!!!!!!!

    i ahte this episode and i always skip it when im goin threw me dvd\'s

    this ep is not like dark angel at all!!!!!!!!!

    bring on da next episode lol


    moan over!!! lol

    i still luv dark angel even tho the series is ova n jensen ackles is soooooo buff!!!
  • Silly, dream sequence, and painful to watch also describe this episode accurately...

    So far, this episode is my least favorite of S2. I realize that it was the Halloween episode and therefore intended to be on the ridiculous side, but, seriously... did they have to waste valuable time by showing this episode?? From Max and Logan fighting their feelings (stupid virus storyline!), to Max's renewed relationship with Rafer, to the introduction of more Manticore "animal" mutants, it was all very strange. But the clincher was the headless Manticore mutant that could still run, strategize, and complete an assassination mission. Max and the rest of the Manticore gang ran around town transporting the talking head (who had only very annoying dialogue), looking for the body.

    In the end, it's all a dream... whew... glad to know they didn't think the audience was that stupid to believe that all that could happen-- even in Max's messed up Manticore-world! OC wakes Max up in the bathtub where she had fallen asleep. My question is-- what the heck did that girl eat to make her have a dream like that?!?!!?!?moreless
  • I sort of enjoyed it, but was this really Dark Angel?

    I suppose as a stand alone episode, a Halloween special it was okay. I was considering rating it higher, like a 7.5, but then at the same time I'm annoyed that this is where we are at in Season 2. Did Season 1 have a silly Halloween episode? I don't remember one! Season 1 had a few episodes that focused on character development, but the prevailing storyline was always there. That is what made season 1 so tight. There is no point to this episode and it doesn't move the storyline along for the season. Was it fun? A little. But there are better shows suited to do this kind of Halloween gag. You wouldn't expect this from Dark Angel.moreless
  • Max falls asleep in tub, hilarity allegedly ensues

    Everytime I see this episode I remember Jessica Alba's commentary on the DVD finale of Season 1, where she basically puts over the first year as the "real vision of the show" and alludes to how the second season stories were awful. She doesn't go into detail, but you get the extreme sense that she hated everything to do with the second season. I can't help but feel this episode is what she was referring to. The humor in the episode is not really that funny, the plot is ridiculous, but since it is all a dream, I guess it can be understood. As I rewatch season 2, I am trying to pick out the exact plotlines, moments and dialogue that she hated so much.

    Safe to say that all of "Boo" is what she is talking about.

    That plus the close up ass shot in "Gill Girl". Just funny how her commentary has me watching Season 2 with a closer eye.

    All Dark Angel episodes are above average...this one gets 2.5 stars out of 4.moreless
Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba

Max Guevara "X5-452"

Michael Weatherly

Michael Weatherly

Logan Cale/Eyes Only

Richard Gunn

Richard Gunn

Calvin 'Sketchy' Theodore

Valarie Rae Miller

Valarie Rae Miller

Cynthia 'Original Cindy' McEachin (Season 1-2)

Martin Cummins

Martin Cummins

Ames White (Season 2)

J.C. MacKenzie

J.C. MacKenzie

Reagan 'Normal' Ronald

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

  • QUOTES (18)

    • Max: Who are the bad guys looking to whack this time?
      Logan: Not sure yet. But you can bet it's one of the good guys.

    • Max (about dressing up for the Halloween party): So, what are you gonna go as tonight?
      Original Cindy: Either Snow Ho and the Seven Little Pimps or Rick James.

    • Sally (with her head on backwards): I'm exactly what they wanted. Designed with cartilage instead of bone. Good news is, I don't fracture on the battlefield. Bad news, I get bent out of shape sometimes.

    • Max: But you'd know what to do, right? I mean, if someone's head was off and needed to be put back on, you could handle it.
      Rafer: Once someone's head comes off, it pretty much stays off, y'know?

    • Logan: That was my informant. According to him, the target is either a priest, a minister or a rabbi.
      Max: Why do I feel like I've heard this joke before?

    • Max: Just another day in a broken world.

    • Normal: You have an ass where your head should be... Now bip! bip! bip!
      Sketchy: It's three o'clock, man!?
      Normal: Yeah, that's the time, you wanna give me the weather?

    • Original Cindy: What the hell was that?!
      Max: Flashback. Happens all the time.

    • Max: We need to fan out and search the place top to bottom. Joshua, you take the basement.
      Joshua: Joshua in basement. Always the plan.

    • Logan: Bingo!
      Max: You found something?
      Logan: No, I got bingo.

    • Sally: Hey, brown sugar, what's cookin'?
      Original Cindy: Sweet baby Jesus!

    • Normal: I hate cats. Vile creatures. They're always sleeping and licking themselves.

    • Waitress: Heart, liver, lung of a sheep, minced with suet, onions, and oatmeal, boiled in the animal's stomach. Comes with French fries or coleslaw.
      Joshua: Haggis. Yum!
      Katarina: I'll have the haggis.
      Dieter: I'll have the haggis.
      Rafer: Just water.
      Max: Nothing for me, thanks.
      Waitress: Haggis, haggis, haggis, one water, one nothing.

    • Sally: Right now I'm in a situation, extreme in nature. Get my drift?
      Kat: Let me guess. The business part of you's run off again.

    • Max: What the hell are you doing? Get your ass back here!
      Sally: What do you want me to do? Body's got a mind of its own. Rover doesn't have a prayer. I run like the wind, baby.

    • Max (smiling): Normal, when it comes to a test of wills, you're gonna win, hands down.
      Original Cindy: 'Cause you the man.
      Max: But at what price? I mean, you're gonna lose half a day tomorrow easy, just getting the toilet paper off the building.

    • Original Cindy: But the worst part wasn't some talking head in a bag, or anomalies eatin' haggis, or even Joshua gettin' hauled off by the po-pos. It was my girl denying who she really is...denying the people that she loves. Sugar, that's the worst thing that you ever coulda done. That's the worst thing that coulda happened.

    • Rafer's Mom: I see secrets...dark secrets... wrapped in mystery... shrouded in illusion... You are not what you seem!
      Max: Guess you busted me on my push-up bra.

  • NOTES (1)


    • While playing some sort of Charades-like game at Logan's, Joshua offers up "Idle Hands!".

      This is a reference to the film Idle Hands, starring Devon Sawa and Jessica Alba.