Dark Angel

Season 2 Episode 12

Borrowed Time

Aired Unknown Feb 01, 2002 on FOX

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  • For a terrible simile, Borrowed Time is like a cake with meat - two usually great tastes that set your stomach in motion when mixed. To be fair, it's not as bad as you'd think, but the touching moments are interrupted and lessened by pure cheese.

    Much is made of the plot point introduced at the beginning of the second season that results in Max and Logan unable to touch. This is the first episode where it is brought to the forefront, as a temporary cure is found. That the two are not able to put this time to as good use as intended is no surprise - it would be emotionally fulfilling given much that has come before, but not particularly interesting. Thus, we have the actual plot of the episode that involves a bizarre Manticore-bred search-and-retrieve creature that has been abducting people.

    First off, given the distinctive impotence of the creature it is a bit of a stretch that Max and Logan are willing to forsake a chance to consumate their relationship to save a number of people that really are in no rush to be saved - the only danger they're in is of starving to death, since the creature does nothing beyond trapping them at the junkyard.

    Second, much of the emotional impact of this 'chance' the two leads are getting is lost due to the design department and special effects team. Credit should be given where credit is due in stretching a low budget, but this monster is beyond B-grade bad in both design and execution. I'm not sure if it's a kid hunched over in a suit or bad CG or bad stop-motion, but the thing is absolutely terrible. This is not to speak of the poorly articulated mouth that supposedly spits sticky goo at people to immobilize them during close-ups. Wow. Just wow.

    So on one hand you have a touching story element with Max and Logan - at long last - able to touch, but unable to touch because both are selfless enough to assist the general populace. They do share a nice moment near the end of the episode in the back seat of a car (though it's not what it sounds like) that makes up for some of the toying.

    On the other hand, impact could have been had with a more effective villian. Even if it was a person doing the kidnapping instead of a poorly designed toy dinosaur the episode would have had far more resonance and we might actually understand why effort was made to go after him. Slight consolation comes from the fact that the creature is so bad it's funny to watch, especially when it gets in a kick or two while fighting Max. Hooray for cheese!