Dark Angel

Season 2 Episode 12

Borrowed Time

Aired Unknown Feb 01, 2002 on FOX

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  • I would have rated this episode higher had it not been for the ridiculous secondary story!

    Borrowed Time had such great potential! First, there's the excitement that Max finally finds a cure for the virus. After convincing Alec to help her steal in order to get the money she needs, she pays the technician who injects her with immunoglobin that will prevent the virus from replicating. Yeah! One problem though... the virus mutates and begins dissolving the protein coat, so the cure will be temporary. Okay, stop right there! Providing a temporary cure so Max and Logan could be together would have been the perfect solution. It would have given the fans a little bit of Max/Logan romance, but it would have returned them to their agonizing separation for the next episode. Thus, keeping the show's two main characters from hooking up (which we all know is ultimately death to a good show!)

    But, no... the writers had to go and include the stupid storyline involving another Manticore monster (and the most hideous and sci-fi creature revealed so far) to keep Max and Logan from being together during their limited time of virus immunity. So, instead of some cute, romantic interaction, we've got Max traipsing through the sewer with Alec after some creature that throws slime at its victims!

    The funniest part of this episode is when Joshua comes to Logan's to tell Max about the Gossamer. When he sees Max and Logan (who've been slow-dancing), he averts his eyes and yells, "Stop getting busy, please!" But the ending of this episode was heart-breaking! With their time nearly up, Max and Logan sit side-by-side in a junkyard car, where Logan tells Max what it was like for him when he thought she was dead and how he feels the same way now. He wishes they would have done things differently last year when they were too afraid to admit their feelings. As the beeper goes off, he leans in to give Max a passionate kiss, then climbs out of the car. He looks back at her and says, I love you, Max. As he walks away, Max says, I love you, too. The episode ends as a tear falls down her face.

    So disappointing, such great potential, such a good opportunity wasted...
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