Dark Angel

Season 2 Episode 10


Aired Unknown Jan 11, 2002 on FOX

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  • max meets a magnifacent guy

    i loved this episode. brain was so sweet, and his crush on max seemed more based on her personality than her beuty, which on the whole was just nice, i felt so bad for him though cuz no one noticed him, he would just stand out in the middle of the whole thing and they just run right past him. poor guy he was talking to his neabor and she didnt even notice, the begining when he helped the kid was cool, when he was on the moter cycle with max was just halrious. i was happy when she described him as magnifacant cuz he really was, even alec thought so, i was sad whe he died, but im glad he was put on tv at the end. alec's comment about what do they see in logan was just too funny, one of the best lines ever. the rest of the story wasnt to memerable, but it was still good.