Dark Angel

Season 2 Episode 10


Aired Unknown Jan 11, 2002 on FOX

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  • Very entertaining episode!

    I'm re watching all the Dark Angel eps as I recently got the DVDs. Since I first saw it air on Channel 5 in the UK one episode really did stick with me, it was this one.

    Firstly from a sci-fi perspective it's so interesting how complex mathematics can predict the future. That's all Brain did all in his head.

    The actual story was one of the best of the season too because it shows how nice of a woman Max is. Brain had a crush on her growing up and he reveals this to Max when they are looking through photos. Rather than be disgusted by it, or ignoring it, Max just acts cool and sweet about it. The ending especially was poignant, Brain decides to save Max's life going against all his genetic programming and living on emotions. That is the very opposite of cold, hard, mathematical calculations. Logan's showing of Brain on eyes only and Max's reaction topped off a very emotional episode.

    The episode perfectly illustrates how Max, despite her beauty doesn't care about what people look like in order to care for them. It's the same with Joshua. What others may find frightening or repulsive Max is fine with.
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