Dark Angel

Season 2 Episode 10


Aired Unknown Jan 11, 2002 on FOX



  • Trivia

    • TRIVIA: The Manticore PsyOps Division did more than reprogram transgenics; they also created transgenics with Psychological abilities. Brain is an I.T. Concentrate, a battle processor.

    • When Max and Brain are hiding behind a desk in the 12th precinct, there's a book on the desk. After the flashback sequence with Brain, he reaches over and picks up the book. There are several cuts to close-ups after he picks up the book. The 4th time the camera cuts to Max, the book is back on the desk, even though in the next shot Brain is still holding it.

  • Quotes

    • Brain: Max, I don't mind if no one else ever saw me. I just wanted to be seen by you.

    • Brain: How do I look?
      Max: What do you mean?
      Brain: How do I look?
      Max: Is there something you're not telling me, something that's gonna happen? (pause) Well...I...never actually noticed before but...you're kind of...magnificent.

    • Brain: What's the point of knowing everything, but doing nothing about it?

    • Brain: Maybe people don't see me because there's nothing to see.

    • Normal (about Max): Maybe we got ourselves an S1W type right underneath our noses. Huh? She fits the profile. Zero respect for authority, erratic behavior, lots of unexplained absences. Plus, I think she's got a lot of underlying hostility.

    • Vid Kid: You know, I can't actually remember what he looked like. You kind of don't notice him.
      Alec (holding up huge sweater): You don't notice him?
      Vid Kid: It's hard to explain.

    • Max: We're all clear ahead.
      Alec: Yeah, except for the police cruisers.

    • Max (searching computer records for S1W's informant): On this next one, could you be a little more – what was it – heuristic?
      Brain (about Asha's picture): Oooo! Yeah, she's gonna be a lot heavier than I am when she's 30. Ninety-three percent certainty.

    • Max: What I really need you to do is tell me who the informant is, okay?
      Brain: Oh.
      Max: What?
      Brain: There was a .05% chance that you were gonna lean over and kiss me right then. I was just...hoping.

    • (Logan is on the phone with Asha)
      Asha: I'm off to the frozen north. I don't know who to trust. I'm not happy about this, Logan.
      Logan: Well, I'm not happy about it, either.
      Alec: Well, if she's no happy, and you're not happy, then I'm not happy. Max, are you happy?
      Logan (to Alec): Shut up! (then to Asha) Oh, not you.

    • Max: Watch the hands.
      Brain: I'm just tryin' to hang on here.
      Max: Hang on a little lower. … Not that low.

    • Alec (to Logan): What in the world do they see in you?

    • Max: What are you?
      Brain: What am I?
      Alec: Yeah, she means you don't exactly look like a soldier there, big guy.
      Brain: Oh, and you two do? I'm an I.T. Concentrate. A battle processor. I'm basically a general, his staff, two database groups and five logistical support teams all rolled into one stealth package.
      Alec: Stealth? Yeah.
      Brain: People look away. They don't remember me. There are you happy?
      Alec: Yeah. That still doesn't explain your psychic ability.
      Brain: Psychic? Please. I combine near absolute data knowledge with fast Fourier neural nets for heuristics.
      Alec: Heuristics?
      Brain: Predictions using probability algorithms that are stored in my--Look, are you sure you want to hear this?

    • Alec: Okay, question...have you ever pretended to write down a guy's phone number?

    • (Max is carrying Brain down the hall. She is struggling under his weight)
      Brain: Anyways, that's why I turned myself in.
      Max: You what? I'm dying because you turned yourself in on purpose?
      Brain: Well, I thought you were supposed to be strong.
      Max: I'm not Superwoman!

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