Dark Angel

Season 1 Episode 5


Aired Unknown Oct 31, 2000 on FOX

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  • An enjoyable if unremarkable episode...

    What first appears to be an episode with more filling than your average trip to the dentist turns into an outing that's pretty damn fun in parts, and the ending is also a bit of a doozey. It starts off rather sluggishly but soon manages to speed up with a sub-plot involving Sketch that soon becomes a plot that doesn't involve him (and becomes all the better for it). Max and O'Cindy's little sexy escapade is a joy to watch and genuinely funny at times (not to mention sexy as hell!). The denouement involving Logan's mentor ends with a twist I didn't see coming, and while it doesn't grab you emotionally, it's a nice shock – says the sadist – to see the good guys lose out so soon in the season ("Damn. We've been played."), it mixes things up for the time being which can only mean good things!
  • Better than Average Episode.

    In this episode I like the two storylines that eventually lead to one. Logan's search for his former mentor takes to the same location as Max. The way that Max is lead to the same people is by way of coincidences and good or bad luck. Max and Original Cindy poker hustling is amusing is the lines and their actions. I really like the way Max pulls out a royal flush and the line of "More hearts than an organ bank, baby!" is one of the best poker lines I ever heard. Much better than "read em and weep". In all its not one of the best but still worth watching.