Dark Angel

Season 1 Episode 5


Aired Unknown Oct 31, 2000 on FOX



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  • Quotes

    • Max (showing her Royal Flush in a poker game): More hearts than an organ bank, baby!

    • Original Cindy: Okay, so I guess we're going to throw down out here. (Rafe goes for the money in Original Cindy's top and she shoves him back) Nobody touches the ta-tas.
      Max: Come on, Sasquatch. Bring it on, big boy.(Backing up) Oh, oh, there are two of you.
      Original Cindy: Don't make me get ghetto with you. (picking up a metal pipe)

    • Rafe: You girls like poker?
      Max: Is that the game where you take your clothes off when you lose?

    • Max: Voice-activated parabolic mike with a high-gain noise filter...lithium-powered RF transmitter... broadcasting at what, 400 meg? I excelled in telecommunications as a child.
      Logan: 450 meg, actually.
      Max: Really? I stand corrected.

    • Original Cindy (talking to Max after finding Sketchy hanging upside-down naked): Now that is my idea of the perfect man!

    • (Max is flipping through photos of Alina and her father)
      Max: Sounds like a story right up your alley. It's so depressing.

    • Sketchy (after being handed all the winning money in a poker game): Your parents must have been terrorists 'cause you guys are the bomb!

    • Max: Oh, sorry! Is it okay if we help each other? I'm just remembering now this is that really confusing game with all those different cards. Which is probably why I always end up with no clothes on.

    • Max: You know, somebody's been eating french fries, cause these cards are greasy kinda like my ex - but we won't get into that.

    • Max: Funny guy Logan - lotta rules. But maybe he's right about one thing. Maybe I should pick a birthday. Just to have something to celebrate in this short brutal life. How about April Fools Day? Maybe not. My life's enough of a joke. Yesterday, yeah. Born yesterday. And the best part is I have a whole year not to think about it.

    • Rafe: Don't rush off.
      Max: We live with our parents.
      Original Cindy: They worry.

    • Max: Can you believe him? We bail his ass out and now he's lookin' for another pay day!
      Original Cindy: Cream, baby, cream.
      Max: Huh?
      Original Cindy (as she signs the letters while saying them): Cash Rules Everything Around Me.

    • Logan: When is your birthday, by the way?
      Max: I have no clue.
      Logan: What do you mean?
      Max: Manticore wasn't big on that type of thing.

    • Logan: You should pick one. A birthday.
      Max: What for?
      Logan: In this short brutal life you gotta seize any opportunity you can to celebrate.

    • Logan: A genetically engineered killing machine, squeamish about guns.

    • Logan: It's a kicked or be kicked in the ass world out there.
      Max: Now kickin' ass, I got no issues with.

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  • Allusions

    • Max: Next time you need a favor and call a friend...remember one thing: You're out of lifelines, sweetheart.
      This is a reference to Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?

    • Title: C.R.E.A.M.

      This is an acronym that means Cash Rules Everything Around Me.