Dark Angel

Season 1 Episode 8

Cold Comfort

Aired Unknown Nov 28, 2000 on FOX

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  • Ice to see you...

    So the series is shaping up now it seems, dropping the standalone to invest in some good ole fashioned mythology building. It's interesting to see that there are more genetic anomalies within the X-5 series apart from the seizures, and any scene involving Lydecker and one of his kids is a gem. Zack's return is welcomed here because he actually has something to do other than be an ass, although he still makes ya feel like drop-kicking him in the face every now and then. The arc is shaping up nicely and it's quite an emotional scene when Max and Zack realise the only way to save Brynn is to hand them over the very person they're running away from. I remember disliking the show when it first aired because it didn't have the dynamics of Buffy or its wit. I clearly missed something because Dark Angel really is a solid production with a strong cast, clever writing and an intense main storyline. The interrogation scenes with Lydecker were the episode's highlight; with him breaking his own finger to prove how bad-ass he is (although in the next episode there's not even a bandage to be seen, he must heal fast).
  • Nice action sequences.

    In this episode we get to see more of the X-5s in action. Its funny how sometimes a common goal pulls together enemies against a larger threat. In this case Max has to team up with Lydecker to find out who kidnapped one of Max's sisters. I never would have thought that X-5 as a Black Market Weapon to be sold to the highest bidder. Its hard to picture a super soldier for one side but the use of counter intelligence is a smart way to get ahead of the competition. In the end Max has to make a hard decision about her sister. She has to live with the decision that she sent her sister back to the place she is desperately trying to avoid.
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