Dark Angel

Season 2 Episode 18

Dawg Day Afternoon

Aired Unknown Apr 12, 2002 on FOX

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  • The tension over the presence of the transgenics continues to mount as the death toll increases.

    Another sad episode...

    With the city of Seattly reeling from the recent exposure of mutants in the city, tensions are high, and the situation precarious for all "mutant" transgenics. Joshua can't move beyond his lying to and forsaking Annie, so he leaves his house in the daylight to go find her. Unfortunately, he's spotted by some neighborhood thugs, who track him through the night and finally catch up with him the next day. Annie also crosses his path the next day, and, after fighting the thugs, Joshua drags her down to the sewers to protect her. With the police and White's mutant hunters on their trail, they move deeper and deeper into the sewers.

    Meanwhile, Max gets word of what's going on and goes to find Joshua. With the help of Logan, she finds him, and they escape, but Annie is left behind in the tunnel. During the search, the media has gathered, along with mutant protesters. Annie's fate is unknown until Max, Joshua, and Alec are safe at home and hear on the news that the girl kidnapped by the mutant was found dead in the tunnel. The three know it must have been White who killed her. Joshua is devasted, as our hatred of White grows.

    Through it all, Max discovers that though she may push Logan away, he'll always be there to fight for her. He knows her and the rest of the mutants just want a life like everyone else. But the insecurity of people will continue to cause them to react, violently if necessary, to that which is different.