Dark Angel

Season 2 Episode 18

Dawg Day Afternoon

Aired Unknown Apr 12, 2002 on FOX

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  • joshua gets chased into the sewers

    man i cant even express how this episode made me feel in words! i just want to stab white! a billion times! i just want to scream! and like i said in my other reveiw any thing that makes you feel this way deserves a 10. max still is avoiding logan!!! ok well any way, joshua goes to see anna and some street thugs start to chase him cuz hes a transginic, then he meets up with anna and those stupid fools think hes kidnapped her! it didnt even look like he was!!! so he tries to tell her to stay but she says no and this would have been the perfect time to tell her about him!! but no! he takes her into the sewers and he gets cornered and he tells her finnally! and shes pissed he lied but he still liked him, so she tells him to leave and get out and that the police will get her out, so he goes and max gets him out. and then white finda anna in the sewers and he kills her!!!!!!! that basterd!!!!! poor joshua!! she was so nice!! and they blamed it on him!!!!!! i just cant beleive it made me so angry`. oh and also people know that the transgeics can look normal too, so that sucks for max and alec so they get their bar codes removed.