Dark Angel

Season 2 Episode 18

Dawg Day Afternoon

Aired Unknown Apr 12, 2002 on FOX



  • Trivia

    • TRIVIA: Kandyse McClure (Annie Fisher) and Jorge Vargas (Bug - one of the three streetboys) starred in the 2000 TV series Higher Ground about a group of troubled & arguably misunderstood teens sent to a boot camp/school.

  • Quotes

    • Attorney (on television): As soon as we find the parties for unleashing these transgenics we'll be seeking damages in the tens of millions.
      Alec: Oh, yeah. I'm sure Manticore's gonna write you a big, fat cheque for that one, buddy.

    • Alec (referring to the Eyes Only broadcast): You know what this is about?
      Max: Logan's just doing what he thinks he right.
      Alec: He's reaching out to someone. I'm pretty sure it ain't me.

    • Asha: What's got people freaked is what he looks like, you know. What he is.
      Logan: I guess I've been living with the idea that transgenics exist for so long I've gotten used to it.

    • Alec: This is gonna hurt, isn't it?
      Max: Lasers tend to, yeah.

    • Annie: Why are you hiding from the police?
      Joshua: I can't tell you.
      Annie: What did you do?
      Joshua: Not what I did. What I am.

    • Alec (emptying the wallets of the cops he's knocked out): Do you have any idea how little the cops in this burg get paid? It's pathetic.

    • Alec: Max, C'maaaawn! Heh... I'm stuck here! An innocent man. Framed for the murder committed by his clone. (He pauses, then brightens) I was thinking about selling the story to Hollywood, make a great TV movie, whaddya think?

    • Logan: I just want you to know...however things may be between us, I always got your back.
      Max: I know. Me too.

    • Max: Sketchy? Idiot.
      White: Idiot.
      Normal: You idiot!

    • White: A hundred thousand years ago, some humpback violates a dolphin, and this is what we get. Makes a pretty good argument for selective breeding, huh?

    • Eyes Only: Not alive? Not human? Who are you to sit in judgment, Mr. Caldwell? Have you seen that tape? Did you see the look in his eyes? He was scared, cornered. And despite what people like you have been saying about them, transgenics aren't that different from you and me. They do feel, they do hurt, they are alive. … Take a moment to talk to those you're condemning. They could tell you what it's like to be afraid, alone in a hostile world. And it might be more convenient to pretend otherwise, but in the end, who does that say more about - them, or us? This has been a streaming freedom video bulletin. Peace. Out.

    • Joshua: Hey, little fella.
      Max: Hey, big fella.
      Alec: I guess that makes me medium fella.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Title: "Dawg Day Afternoon"
      This is a reference to the 1975 film Dog Day Afternoon, starring Al Pacino.

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