Dark Angel

Season 2 Episode 1

Designate This

Aired Unknown Sep 28, 2001 on FOX



  • Trivia

    • TRIVIA: Mike Mitchell, the stunt coordinator for Dark Angel, plays the Manticore guard that shoots and kills Dr. Renfro in this episode.

    • Beginning with this episode, the episode title/name now appears before the guest credits after the title montage.

    • With this episode, the intro features a new voiceover at the very beginning of the titles, describing the show's scenario (and Max) as follows:

      They designed her to be the perfect soldier. A human weapon. Then she escaped. In a future, not far from now, in a broken world, she is haunted by her past... She cannot run.... She must fight... to discover -- her Destiny.

  • Quotes

    • Alec: Kinda makes you wonder what else is down here. I mean, seriously, did you get a look at that thing?
      Max: He's not a thing. His name is Joshua.
      Joshua: X7s in the forest. Pretty... pretty wack.
      Alec: Yeah, yeah, Sasquatch. Hey, why don't you make yourself useful, and, uh...quit mumbling and come over here and help us out with these bars?
      Joshua: Okay.
      (Joshua goes to the window and pulls the bar right off. He hands them to Alec and growls. Alec gulps.)

    • Alec: You're in no shape to be tanging with those X7s. If you're lucky, you'll make it to the yard and they'll take you alive.
      Max: Then help me.
      Alec: I told you. I'm not looking for trouble.
      Max: This is your chance to get me out of your life for good.
      Alec: I guess if you escape, I'll get a new breeding partner.
      Max: Now we're talking.

    • (Max climbs back through the hole in her cell and finds X5-494 sitting on her bunk)
      X5-494: Forgot we had a date?
      Max: So when did the stormtroopers bust in?
      X5-494: (Chuckling) Don't worry. I didn't set off the alarm. Not yet.

    • Renfro: You're nothing but meat to me.

    • X5-494: Well, let's get this over with, huh? (starts to take off shirt)
      Max: What are you doing?
      X5-494: We've been paired off. I'm your breeding partner.
      Max: My what?
      X5-494: We're suppose to copulate every night until you get pregnant.
      Max: That's sick.

    • Max: Max. My name is Max.

    • Max: I think I'm going to call you Alec.
      X5-494/Alec: Alec?
      Max: As in smart aleck.
      Alec: I can live with that.
      Max: Good, cause my second choice was Dick.

    • Alec: Yeah, I'd stop touching him if I were you. You're just gonna make it worse.
      Max: What the hell are you talking about?
      Alec: A genetically targeted retrovirus. You're the carrier. Any intimate contact between you activates the agent. Now, you didn't kiss him or anything, did you?

    • Lydecker: You all right?
      Logan: You shot me!
      Lydecker: I told you to duck.

    • X5-494: Fine. Don't "freak out" on me. (Max gives him a weird look) I took Common Verbal Usage when I got cleared for my solo missions.

    • X5-494: What the hell was that?!
      Max: The only kind of physical contact you and I are gonna have.

    • Original Cindy: Sector four? I ain't goin' all the way out there. It's raining.
      Normal: Is it raining, in Seattle? Stop the presses.

    • X5-494: Successful copulation between myself and X5-452, ma'am...twice.

    • Renfro: State your designation.
      Max: Kiss my transgenic ass!

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Max: I think I'm going to call you Alec.
      X5494/Alec: Alec?
      Max: As in smart aleck.

      A person regarded as obnoxiously self-assertive. An impudent person.
      The phrase smart alec(k) arose from the exploits of one Alec Hoag. A celebrated pimp, thief, and confidence man operating out of New York City in the 1840's, Mr. Hoag operated a con by which prostitutes and their pimps robbed foolish customers.

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