Dark Angel

Season 2 Episode 16


Aired Unknown Mar 22, 2002 on FOX

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  • I was disappointed with this episode...

    After watching the previous two episodes that did nothing to move the seasonal storyline along, I was looking forward to this episode as it dealt with what I have felt was the best thing to come out of season 2 - the cult of which Agent White is a part of. This was our first real glimpse of the cult in action and I guess I was expecting more than monk robes and snakes. Monk robes and snakes? Could it be any less original or cliche?! And Max getting captured every episode and in need of a rescue is getting a little old.
  • max and logan find whites son.

    this was a pretty good episode. they find whites son. they go tho the small town and i liked it at the hotel when max blew their cover. the whole cult thing was a little freaky, but entertaining, if i was a kid i'd be scared out of my wits. that phyco boy with the powers was weird, i liked how max ditraced him tho. im glad they saved his son, and it was just a very weird episode, but good.
  • This episode has it's place in the grand scheme of things, but all-in-all-- it's just plain weird!

    There are two main storyline in this episode-- the first is described by the episode title. Max is worried about exposure once Sketchy gets a job as a freelance photographer and goes on the hunt for pictures of mutants. The second, and significally more weird, storyline involves Max and Logan's continued hunt for Ray, the son of Ames White. Logan gets a tip about the whereabouts of Ray, who's been missing since Episode #9. It turns out he's at this "boarding school" which is actually a front for this bizarre cult. Max goes into the school to break Ray out and ends up witnessing Ray's involvement in a ceremony involving snake blood and the receiving of a brand on the forearm. The ceremony is actually the beginning of an initiation that Ray may not survive. In the end, Max gets branded as well, but she's able to escape the school with Ray in tow. Logan helps Ray escape the cult into the custody of Ray's aunt; hopefully, Ray will be kept from his father's bizarre lifestyle.

    Meanwhile, Sketchy's on the lookout for mutants to capture on film. He gets a tip that a mutant has been spotted and goes hunting through the sewers. Unfortunately, White's mutant hunters must have received the same tip because they end up capturing the mutant. Sketchy catches the whole thing on film, including the takedown. He's spotted by White's crew and tracked down. He plays dumb while they're interrogating him, so they let him go. His pictures are no good because Original Cindy exposes the film while it's still in the camera.

    Mostly, this episode provides groundwork that will be built on as the end of the season approaches. The mystery surrounding White is becoming more clear, but many questions still remain...