Dark Angel

Season 1 Episode 15

Female Trouble

Aired Unknown Feb 27, 2001 on FOX

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  • Knocked Up...

    A season highlight, "Female Trouble" is Dark Angel at its best – complicated, intriguing, funny and action packed. Max and Logan have come to a stage where their relationship no longer grates. When a show throws so much tension between two leads only for them to get all luvvy-duvvy, it takes away a certain playful element. Thankfully, their situation, due to Logan's self-loathing, keeps things relatively light-hearted at just the right moments. Jace gets a meaty introduction (a nice change from Zack and Tinga's episodes) and the snippets we get of a harsher Manticore make Lydecker all the more alluring, ya know, in that sociopathic way. Unfortunately, the storyline suggest that this season's big bad answers to a bigger, badder person which really pisses me off on TV shows (Angel season four, I'm looking at you!). So Dark Angel manages another confident outing. I'd love to award this episode a ten, but something is missing, and so we have yet another "almost 10-er" from season one.
  • logan gets help

    this one was a okay episode, you find out what is happening with logans legs, hes starting to lose the ability to walk then the doctor he is seeing is attacked by a x5 who had not exsaped max saves the doctor. it turned out that the x5 is pregant and max convines her that if she wants her baby she will have to go against manicore. i really liked how much faith max put in to her, and im glad the doctor died. logan was very suisidle in this one but i think he learned his leason in the end.
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