Dark Angel

Season 1 Episode 4


Aired Unknown Oct 17, 2000 on FOX

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  • Max has a problem...

    One of the stronger episodes to this first season, "Flushed" utilises the secondary characters quite well here, adding a bit more colour to this dim utopia Max aims to survive in – heck, even Kendra gets her own little subplot! Original Cindy is easily the most likeable character so far, at least from a comedic standpoint – the Anya of Dark Angel with more bite – and Alba is settling in nicely as Max, her acting capabilities being stretched with this particular storyline (as to where her acting cred went after the series is anyone's guess...). More character orientated action fans may find this outing a wee bit dull, but as a means of showing the audience Max's "Kryptonite" it works extremely well. The comedy moments are ably balanced by some admittedly dark material involving child abuse which could have easily become jarring television but is handled delicately enough to enjoy both the light and dark aspects of the story. Abraham BenRubi is great in his guest stint ("I'm her home girl, too!") and really helps add that bit extra to the overall proceedings. All in all, one of the best episodes of season one.
  • Decent, I would say average to the show standards.

    Its neat in a way how one so superior makeup can be rendered useless when designed to obey their creators. For every superman type power there will always be Krytonite to keep the hero’s feet on the ground. Max’s friends seem to think its an addiction not medication that would help Max. The intervention is somewhat basic but effective. The close calls with Lydecker is always thrilling. The writing with the one line comments are always amusing. I really like the conversation with Max and one of the guards. The ask your wife or twenty to life is somewhat funny. Good episode not one of the best but still worth watching.