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    [1]Apr 4, 2008
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    OK, I'm not posting this to be mean or rude or anything, and I know I'm in the overwhelming minority. And I'm all for bring back good shows. Case in point, the NUTS campaign to bring Jericho back for season 2 (and there are petitions to have USA or SciFi pick up Jericho for season 3).

    But, Dark Angel will never come back for a third season. I'm in hopes for a movie, as long as most, if all, of the original supporting actors come back (especially Jensen Ackles! )

    I mentioned Jericho coming back. Family Guy is also a known show that fans saved after it was canceled.

    However, Jericho was renewed for season 2 after being axed for a few months. And only then, it came back for 7 episodes (7 awesome episodes!). There weren't years between seasons. 8 months at most.

    Family Guy is a cartoon. Its characters aren't slaves to time passing. They don't get older, as long as voices remain the same caliber. Plus, it's not a full-time job for the voice actors. They go in, record their lines, do some re-recording, and get out and on to other jobs. They can work around their recording schedules. It's not that big of a deal. Look at all the stuff that Seth Green is involved in.

    Now, onto Dark Angel, season 3.

    There are several reasons Dark Angel, season 3 won't work.

    I mentioned the time passing between bringing Jericho back to illustrate Dark Angel's biggest handicap: too much time has passed between season 2 and now. Dark Angel ended in 2002. It is now 2008. 6 years have passed. All the actors are 6 years older. Dark Angel absolutely cannot pick up where it left off. It can't even explain away the passage of time. For example, Jessica Alba and Jensen Ackles, although still gorgeous--especially Jensen Ackles --, they look like they're 6 years older. Which isn't a put down. They just look 6 years older. And you can't explain that away.

    A movie would do better at explaining the passage of time, as opposed to another season.


    Jessica Alba has gone on to become quite a name in movies. Do we really want to demand that she gives up doing these movies that she obviously loves to do in order to devote 9 months to a character she played 6 years ago?

    Jensen Ackles is kicking a$$ and taking names in Supernatural. Finally getting the recognition he deserves. Although Dark Angel filmed in Vancouver, and Supernatural films in Vancouver, there would be no way he could reprise the role of Alec. Contracts to the CW and to KEI, for one. Time for another. Supernatural films between 12 and 15 hours a day. Except on weekends. A movie would be better, because it would be filmed during Supernatural's hiatus, and he also wouldn't be on set for 12 - 15 hours every day. Personally, I would much rather him stay on Supernatural. He has done his best work as Dean Winchester! And I probably wouldn't watch a 3rd season of Dark Angel if Alec wasn't involved. Because he was my favorite character!

    Michael Weatherly, by all accounts, is kicking a$$ and taking names in NCIS. Along with Jensen, scheduling would be the biggest problem. I don't know enough about NCIS to know where it films or how long the filming days are. But, do we really want him to give up this role, that he apparently fits into very well, to have him devote 9 months to a character he gave up 6 years ago?

    Valerie Rae Miller is on Reaper. I think her biggest handicap would be contracts and legal matters. Josie isn't that major of a character on Reaper, and it might not return anyways. (I do hope it does. I like Reaper.)

    Who else do I know about? John Savage has always had side projects, even in season 1 of Dark Angel (and, no, Lydecker didn't die! He's just hiding!). I would want to see the actor who plays White come back--I don't even really know this actor's name. Although I saw him on the one episode I saw of Kyle XY, and I was freaked out. I would want Normal back--again, I can't remember this actor's name right now.

    Also, on-line petitions seldom work. There needs to be something physical involved. Why do you think CBS brought back Jericho for the last 7 episodes? Because fans drowned the CBS offices in peanuts. And even that didn't save Jericho from getting the axe after the 7 episodes were finished. I'm not sure what happened with Family Guy. I think when it came out on DVD, there was such a rush to buy the DVD set that it was brought back. I'm pretty sure all of us have the 2 seasons of Dark Angel on DVD.

    Also, Dark Angel was a pretty expensive show back in 2000, 2001. The networks have to factor in the cost of bringing it back and how many advertising dollars it can bring. Let's face it: unless it airs on a little channel or a cable channel, the almighty dollar will speak the loudest. Plus, those little channels and cable channels generally don't get the kind of budgets to do all those special effects. I know Supernatural, which has some pretty good effects in spite of it being on the CW, has to fight and cut costs in every single episode. (Which is why that great classic rock has gone by the wayside.)

    Dark Angel pretty much only appeals to a certain kind of person, because it's in a certain kind of genre (and, yes, I'm the certain kind of person). They have to weight those costs. Is it worth the money to get Jessica Alba, to get all those special effects, to get James Cameron attached? What will sponsors say? Will they support us bringing back a show that has been off the air for 6 years? An expensive show that has been off the air for 6 season?

    It's not just a matter of "Fans love this show. OK. We'll bring it back." USUALLY. I emphasize usually, because I am aware that Jericho came back for a second season.

    In short, I would much rather see Dark Angel: The Movie. As long as all the characters can come back. Did we get a satisfying ending? No, not really. But, like it or not, that's probably the ending we're stuck with.

    Unless there's a movie. Which I'm all for.

    So, call me a bad fan. Whatever.


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    [2]Apr 9, 2008
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    Plus there's the fact that we're catching up to the show, when it comes to it being set in the future. The pulse supposedly happened in '09 which is just around nine months away. And 2019 isn't that far away so it might take some major leaps in believablity to get from where we are now to where we are in the show when it comes to genetics and cloning. Although it is a sci-fi show, so I suppose believabilty is relative. My point is, I'm sure that in 2001 these dates seemed so far off and obscure but they aren't today, it's coming to a point where it's not speculation anymore.

    Is there even any rumblings of a movie? Cuz that would be cool. But I agree a season 3 at this point would be unrealistic even though DA did get majorly short-changed on that front.

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    [3]Apr 11, 2008
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    Yeah, that is a problem. Suddenly all the timeline of DA doesn't seem all that far away.

    That is a very good point.


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    [4]Nov 9, 2009
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    U all make valid comments but i like the story for the story and would love it to be brought back i dont care if the characters are played by different actors or its set in our timeline its fantasy and a good story so if can be told i want to see it. But thats my view and you all have yours.
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    [5]Dec 22, 2009
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    I can so get behind what your saying and every once in a while (more offeten then not) I will try and find out if there is any news about a movie becuse I hate, absolutly hate the way it ended.
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    [6]Dec 27, 2009
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    there are 3 books of Dark Angel.
    1 from before the series and 2 after. those last 2 explain it all.
    so if you want the rest of the story, read the books by Max allan collins
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    [7]Jan 20, 2010
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    Bkat23 wrote:
    I can so get behind what your saying and every once in a while (more offeten then not) I will try and find out if there is any news about a movie becuse I hate, absolutly hate the way it ended.

    I don't like the way how it ends too. There really should come a third season. I know that there are 2 books out that play after the last episode. But i want the original. Not a book. There is still a petition active: http://www.petitiononline.com/mod_perl/signed.cgi?save3da (64155 signatures). You should sign it.

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    [8]Aug 9, 2010
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    Dark angel is one of those shows that could come back as a movie to finish it off if they could get the main crew back. Then they bring the coming that they know is going to happen they ended the show to early. it is like you know that Max will some how save them but how, will the coming come and she saves the humans and her kind from the cult. Or will the cult convince the humans to attack them and a lot die and in the end. they all find out just how they are all the same. Plus sandman he is a father to both kinds. He was trying to prove that his kind did not have to just let them die if they did not pass the test. By making this culture he has lots of children. He left max to lead them so that all of humanity would not come to an end. but what is humanity but to show that all life is the same know matter what you are an animal, human a x1-7 or mutant, or a cult reved up by breeding. He made her to show everyone that it is in us to show that we all are the same in one way or another and if they makea movie it should have these things in it. It is not good to leave fans hanging on what could have happened we all need to know. If she saves everyone.

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    [9]Aug 24, 2010
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    Season 1 is good, I liked the dark atmosphere given to the season and desent storyline too. Weaknesses I would say are the unrealistic twists to the story in some of the episodes and poor stunt/fight scenes direction. Max is supposed to be genetically enhanced, not superman (woman in this case..). Still overall the first season was good.

    Season 2 onwards, it just sucks. Some episodes were so bad that it made me wonder wether Dark Angel was supposed to have only one season and they were just milking it for season two. Plus the excess humorous touch given completely ruins the atmosphere of the show. Some old characters just disappear without little or no explanations. Many new characters are poorly sketched out with bad acting, for eg. the character of Alec, most transgenics from manticore are described as cold killing machines with a strong instinct for survival and mission from their grim childhood, twisted experiements, ruthless training etc. But this transgenic is described as a humorous happy go lucky womaniser.. WTH! Some final episodes did turn my head but overall I can understand why the ratings dropped in season 2 leading to the series cancellation.
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    [10]May 11, 2013
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    season 3 wud have been so epic.

    simply b/c the writers had a good plan for season 3.

    each season was suppose to stand own its own.but connected to eachother.

    season 1 was about the x series

    season 2 was about others x series and other creatures manticore made for the war and why

    season 3 was suppose to be why max gene dna make up is so different and explain her marks on her body.she was suppose to be the cure for man kind.and it was awhole lot of stuff the writers said on the commentary for season 3 that they had planned out.season 3 they way they explain it wud have been better than s1 and s2 put together.

    but it should be a movie.i think it would do very well.

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